15 April, 2014

New Stuff From Alex Linder

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Alex is getting back into writing mode. Look for lots more things to come:

The Political Uses of ‘Pegboy’


“Yes, I must emphasize that: Always white nationalists aggressively should go after their enemies when it comes to matters verbal. This will distinguish us and elevate us from the weak conservatives, which is essential. We are the ones who call jews what they are. There is no epithet for jews save the name alone, although we can throw in a kike or hebe for variety’s sake. Jews made a rare mistake in not insisting they be called by some multisyllabic moniker. Jew sounds like a dirty little thing (…ewwww); is a dirty little thing, and white nationalists absolutely must use it to describe the species, as they hate that, and it distinguishes WN who won’t call a jew a jew to save their life. If they’re critical of jews, they will wimputize their points, always, by calling the jews nazis. This is weakness masquerading in their artless, cowardly minds as cleverness, and I have called them on it for a decade. You should too.

It’s particularly good to insult older effeminate or spiritually servile whiteskin conservatives as boys because it emphasizes the pain-point – their lack of masculine independence. A man is not someone’s dog, but a conservative is. Always use boy, in some combo or alone, because it gets them where they live. It strikes to the heart of their pretension of being dignified elderly statesmen, who’ve seen it all, and in their august brains encompass worlds. Calling them boys belays this conceit.

No white man who has sold his independence to jews is worthy of respect, and the disrespect he has earned through his craven if profitable servility must be brought home to him as painfully as possible verbally. Whichever term is most cutting, is most abusive – that’s the one to use. And never stop searching for worse.

The way you hurt people with words is to figure out where their ego lies, their vanity, and then hit that target directly and repeatedly, using the most painful formulations you can come up with. Sticking a knife in and twisting it is the cliche. Conservatives are human equivalents of little dogs lapping at the mouth and anus of bigger dogs to placate them and reassure themselves they have a place in the pack’s pecking order, even if it’s way down the list. It is the job of white nationalism to make these underdogs feel how weak and pathetic they are by continually insulting them for giving up their manliness in exchange for emoluments. The conserviles, to coin a millionth term for them, must be made to feel their lack of manlieness, their servility, their treason to their own kind, their disloyalty to their own country. Use words to damage them, damage their feelings and ideas of themselves. Make them feel what they are, because most of the rest of the world will be praising them, or simply disagreeing with them and abusing them in superficial ways that don’t get to the heart of what’s wrong: their psychological and character weakness that leads them to transform themselves into servile tools of a stronger party.”

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  7. 10 Responses to “New Stuff From Alex Linder”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Nice to read your online commentaries again, Cap’n. I noticed on the Forum that you are looking to catch up on watching all the good movies from the 1970s. Here are some suggestions, if you haven’t seen them already:

      The Seven-Ups (1973)
      Last Tango in Paris (1972)
      The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973)
      Charlie Verrick (1973)
      Joe (1970)
      Zabriski Point (1970)
      Two Lane Blacktop (1971)
      Burn! (1970)
      Cinderella Liberty (1973)
      Atlantic City (1973)
      The Last Detail (1973)
      Scarecrow (1974)
      The Molly McGuires (1970)

      I know, they’re all from the early 70s, but that was a pretty good era for gritty, low-budget, socially relevant films. Then “Jaws” and “Star Wars” came along and messed everything up.

    2. fd Says:

      I certainly agree with Alex’s description of conservatives. They operate by seeking approval from their elders who did the same. It’s hereditary succession. The conservative is destitute of novelty. They’re stuck in the mud.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Conversation (1974)
      The Onion Field (1979)

      Anything directed by Jim Jarmusch is good, too.

    4. fd Says:

      1971. The Last Picture Show

      1973. Pat Garret and Billy the Kid

    5. Jan L Says:

      Alex Linder is a brilliant writer. I hope he will begin writing specific articles again. He writes a lot of comments on VNN Forum, but they soon disappear among the posts. One have to be on 24 hours a day to read them all.

    6. Zerstoerer Says:

      I find it funny how the comments are bagging conservatives, and I’m not saying the conservatives are perfect. But progressives had done far more damage in western countries with their nihilistic liberal policies.

    7. J├╝rgen Says:

      Excellent, excellent article.
      So awesome to read and listen to Alex as his brings back his “A” game.
      My favourite line was:

      It is the job of white nationalism to make these underdogs feel how weak and pathetic they are by continually insulting them for giving up their manliness in exchange for emoluments.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      Alex in top form. That is exactly the verbal aggression we need in driving our message home. Conservatives = “conserviles”, precisely!

    9. Luke Says:

      I’ve been waiting for Alex to offer some of his analysis on the Glenn Miller shooting incident.

      There is a lot of speculation on other pro-White websites that the whole thing sure did seem to be “conveniently” timed and orchestrated.

      I have a feeling that the feds will be dropping by to interview Alex, if they haven’t already. It is a foregone conclusion, at least in my mind, that they are going to try to find a way to connect Miller to Alex and to VNN and then try to use that to shut down VNN.

    10. fd Says:

      Don Black jumped at the chance to discuss Glenn Miller with the media. What a lap dog. Black insults Miller as though he was desperate for his 15 minutes of fame. Whatever Miller is–he’s still better than the pc Black.

      The media is under the impression that Black is a leading White nationalist. Where did they get that idea…?