14 May, 2014

Baltimore Curfew Is All About Blacks

Posted by Socrates in America, America-the-sitcom, AmeriKwa, black behavior, black behavior vs. white behavior, Black Cities, black crime, black culture, General Decline, media, media control, Socrates at 2:17 pm | Permanent Link

Negroes are a severe problem in America, but few people have the balls to say so. The media is painting this as merely a “wild youth” issue, not a Black issue.


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  7. 5 Responses to “Baltimore Curfew Is All About Blacks”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      The good ol’ reliably liberal Establishment press….They employ euphemisms like “troubled teenagers” and “inner city youths” when everyone knows they are referring to wild, savage Blacks. The curfew patrols should consist of tanks and APCs rumbling through the streets from sundown to sun-up. If the Army doesn’t need those armored vehicles anymore they should be donated to Baltimore, Oakland and Detroit.

      Another trick the Jewsmedia plays is to report that Blacks constitute the majority of victims in urban crime (which is true) but to overlook the fact that the majority of those inflicting the violence are also Black. Little Jew mind games…they don’t work with me.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      The Negro has been seen in the land,

      Everyone—take a pistol to hand.

      A slow poison—niggerization.

      In time it will ruin a White nation.

      No, your baby Jesus won’t save us,

      While the niggers and Jews enslave us.

      Take a pistol to hand, you White Man

      Defend your woman, children and land.

    3. Mark Says:

      First, by referencing the evil forces that seek the destruction of our race as “liberal” we use the language of our enemy. The use of the word liberal only humanizes evil. John Locke (1632-1704) best expressed the principles of Liberalism that government exists to serve the people and community; to protect the common good and private rights. Everything that today’s liberals disdain and want to destroy. How about using the term “Lukácion” in its stead named for the People’s Commissar for Education and Culture in communist Hungary (March-August of 1919), Georg Lukács.

      Second, the Lukácions and their fellow travelers never blame Blacks for any of our problems because you cannot produce white guilt and the ultimate destruction of our race by blaming blacks. The lack of testosterone or “balls” only applies to the whites already suffering from white guilt, not the Lukácions and their fellow travelers active in the campaign of destruction.

    4. - Says:

      Too true. Remember back in August, 2013, when the Australian exchange student, here in the U.S. on an athletic scholarship, was murdered?

      —–Australian athlete Christopher Lane shot by ‘bored’ Oklahoma teens felled by single bullet: autopsy; the state’s medical examiner found that Christopher Lane, 22, of Melbourne, was killed by a bullet that collapsed both his lungs, fractured two ribs and pierced his aorta and pulmonary artery. Lane was shot in the back while jogging near his girlfriend’s home.

      The “mainstream media” TRIPPED over itself to hide the black-on-white violence aspect of the story:

      —–Oh, it was “bored” teens who “randomly” shot somebody with no “intent” to murder, it just kind of … uhh … happened by accident; actually, it was the … GUN’S fault.

      —–No, race could not have played a part, since there was a white teen-ager accompanying the black teen shooter (never mind that that “white teen-ager” was a wannabe black, a “rap-artist” thug who had grown up in the taxpayer-funded “projects” under a, uhh, White Mama who couldn’t get enough of dark meat).

      And so now, Baltimore. Just about the blackest of the black cities next to Detroit (only reason Baltimore is not bankrupt like Detroit is because all Baltimore’s blacks suck up taxpayer moneys via salaries as low-level “civil servants” in the Big Black Jobs Program known as Washington, D.C.).

      The mainstream media wants everybody to know that … the curfew is simply for over-active juveniles. Nothing to see here, just move along please. Nothing to do with murderous black males, teen-aged or otherwise.

      ” Blacks around? Never let your guard down ” —– The phrase is not just for blacks from the projects who have no idea who their father might be, but also for …

      … politicians in high places, or have you forgotten that Obama is Your President? Remember, Obama’s not too sure who his father is, either … …


    5. Antagonistes Says:

      Quite good, Thom. Quite good.

      But don’t sell your airbrush.

      The women will pay you to paint them. Poets get paid by receiving praise.