6 May, 2014

Beautiful Places

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South Tyrol, Northern Italy. I’m guessing that not many negroes live there? [Larger image].

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  7. 4 Responses to “Beautiful Places”

    1. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Nig nogs may not live there yet, but once big jew finds out about this place it will slated for cultural enrichment to the tune of several dozen Somali nigger mudslims.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      The fine city of Salzburg has already been “enriched”.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Niggers, like the cockroach and the rat, cannot thrive in rural areas. They need to be in dirty, congested urban environments, where there are plenty of places to hide and breed, where there are piles of garbage to feed from.

    4. archer Says:

      This picture is missing something, I can’t put my finger on it, wait now I get it , I don’t see any trash along the road, this picture is “picture perfect”.