24 May, 2014

Golden Dawn in EU Elections This Weekend

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(Above: Golden Dawn’s insignia)

The “Western” (read: Jewish/leftist) media has been severely critical of Golden Dawn, a party which is probably the only hope for a bright future for Europe. In other words, if Golden Dawn’s (and Jobbik’s) ideas spread and take root, Europe could return to greatness. If not, then Europe will probably collapse under internationalism and Cultural Marxism.


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      That Guardian article was full of the arrogance and serene sense of superiority that one expects from the British. Stupid twits.

    2. Topkea Says:

      Not much to celebrate here. The Ancient Greeks were all High Aryan, who conquered the Hamitic-Semite Helots, who were the original inhabitants of Greece and genetically similar to North Africans and sand niggers. When old Greece fell, the High Aryans died out and were exterminated by their jealous Helot slaves.

      Modern greeks are, at best, borderline White and certainly not Aryan. They are mainly Turko-Slavic, with some Hamitic-Semite admixture from the original Helot stock.

      I personally don’t consider modern greeks to be White. They are squat, hairy, dark, brachycephalic, oily Levantines who have more in common with jews than real White Men.

      Would you let a greek marry your daughter?

      All these Golden Dawn types are motivated, but are they as White as a Nordic? Give me a fucking break.

    3. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      Golden Dawn have no chance. They will be infiltrated, and their more “dangerous” (at least to the EuroZOG) members will be arrested or killed. The reason is simple geopolitics: the west sees the most important country in that region as Turkey because Turkey is large and populous enough to serve as a pawn against Russia, but its population is too stupid and backwards and Islamic to ever pose a threat to the Anglo-Zionist rules of the west. That’s the reason why Turkey is supported by the west over the claims of the local Greeks, Cypriots, and Armenians. Back in the day the British and French started the Crimean War to salvage their Turkish pawn against Russian advances into Christian/European territory which Russia had liberated from the Turks, because western leaders do no value Europeans or Christians, western leaders only value their ability to exploit the resources of Muslim-occupied lands and to set up a favorable regional power balance for the Jews. Thus, there is absolutely no way that Greeks will be allowed to carve an exception for themselves and install a nationalist government. That would set a bad precedent for the EuroZOG, and resurrect unpunished crimes by the Turks against the Greeks that the west had long ago buried (the rape of Smyrna; the Genocides of Pontiac Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians and other Christians; the 1955 Istanbul pogroms against Greeks and Armenians; current disputes over some smaller islands between Greece and Turkey; the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus; issues relating to confiscated Greek and Armenian Churches and property in Turkey; etc.)

      As we have seen in recent times with Turkey’s role as a proxy base against Syria and earlier as a bridge to Georgia before Russia kicked the west out of Georgia in 2008, Turkey will remain the west’s regional minion. Unless the Turks cross the line, as they did with the “Hood Incident” in 2003, they will be given free reign and immunity against Greek and others.

      The fact that Greece has been robbed blind by the bankers, has had its culture defiled by Euro homosexuality, muslim immigration, multiculturalism, holocaust worship and ultraliberal degeneracy is just icing on the cake for the neo-bolshevik EU. They are not about to let a bunch of Greek upstarts get in their way. And so long as Greece is a slave of the EU and NATO, its population will continue to live as slaves, and resisters will be punished mercilessly as disobediant slaves have always been punished by their masters.

      The west only tolerates pro-jew “conservatives” and “nationalists” like Geert Wilders (lived in israel for a while!) and Nigel Farage.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Euro homosexuality”, “ultraliberal degeneracy”, “Holocaust worship”….That’s exactly the kind of garbage that the Culture Commies are pushing down Europe’s throat. Very well said, sir.

      Topkea, for all his many faults, is right about the present-day Greeks, they are not quite the same as the Greeks of classical times. They were, after all, ruled over by the Turks for hundreds of years, and what with all their seafaring around the Levant for all those centuries they no doubt picked up some Moorish/Arab blood along the way as well. The Greeks originally came down from the Balkans about 4 or 5 thousand years ago, but the best of their race was eventually carried off by the Romans and the Persians, leaving the less desirable elements behind to breed more of their own kind. But the same could be said about the Romans, Egyptians, Spaniards and other conquered peoples as well. The best and the brightest are taken away into captivity by the conquerors or they just emigrate after the fall of their civilization.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Good analysis V_C.

      Today’s Greeks aren’t the same as those of the high classical era, but they are generally ok and retain many of the honorable qualities of the older Med stock.
      In many ways the White race was better off before the Berlin Wall came down. When the Kremlin commies said the wall was there to forestall ‘American aggression’, they were almost prophetically correct. While the wall stood euro-jew was confined to Western Europe, the mud hordes had no access beyond the Elbe, and Turkey feared Russian power. The recent ‘return / annexation’ of Crimea has certainly dented big jew’s ambitions to use Turkey against us. Putin, either wittingly or unwittingly, has gained us some breathing space.

    6. Topkea Says:

      CW-2, I disagree.

      Modern greeks are not “OK”, they are squat, hairy, oily, big-nosed, thick-lipped monsters who are more Turko-Slavic and Hamitic than they are White or Nordic. No real Classical Greeks, who were all exclusively High Aryan, survived. Modern greeks are the descendants of their most debased slaves of the lowest stock and this shows in the terrible level of civilization in modern greece.

      Do you think Albanians are White? Me neither. Turks? Nope. I have never been able to tell a modern greek reliably apart from an Albanian or a shitskin Turk, so why do greeks get a free pass? They are, at the very best, a borderline case. But as far as I’m concerned, they’re muds.

    7. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      Thank you Tim and CW2.

      This map of Islamic penetration demonstrates pretty well one of the positive legacies of the later Soviet era in eastern Europe, as CW2 pointed out. As you can see the former Central Pact nations have mostly been spared Muslim and other third world immigration. Western European/NATO states are on their way to becoming as Islamic as the Middle East and North Africa. In southern Europe, the EU and NATO have used their military machines to help seed Muslim statelets in occupied Serbian territory.


      And for all the negative things that can be said about Greeks (corrupt, unproductive, clannish, some Semetic/Mongoloid admixture), most Greeks are nationalistic and inherently xenophobic. You won’t see Greek women proudly whoring themselves with Africans and Arabs on the streets of Athens like you see Nordic and Germanic women doing. And Greek men haven’t degenerated to the unmasculine levels seen in the west. I dare say the average Greek is in much better shape regarding racial realities than the average western European and North American.

    8. Topkea Says:

      V_C, I don’t think modern greeks have much Mongoloid (no Mongol invasion and the Slavs who went were before the Slave gene pool became partially Mongolized/Turkicized). But they do have a massive Semitic, Hamitic, and Turkic admixture, in addition to the aforementioned Slav. The vast majority are genetically identical or near-identical to Albanians and Turks.

      I agree with a lot of what you said, but all the purported ‘virtues’ of modern greeks are also found in scum like Albanians and Turks. Are they White? Why do you give greeks an easy pass?

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Too bad Topkea is not putting forward a serious argument here, because he is making a little sense. But his goal, like that of his imaginary friends Antagonistes and McQueen, is just to be obnoxious and to discourage anyone from engaging in the legitimate discussion of anything.

      VC is absolutely right, you would never see any olive-skinned Greek, Italian, Spanish or Portugese woman strutting around in public with a Black or an Arab pimp-boyfriend like the fair-skinned Germanic and Scandanavian women of the North are so fond of doing. The Mediterranean Whites are located right on the front lines of the non-White world and so they know from centuries of warfare against the Muds what’s at stake.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      The same can be said about eastern Europeans. Czech women, for example, are exceptionally beautiful Slavic-Aryan females but, as far as I can tell, will not degrade themselves by sleeping with Jews, Turks, Mongols or Gypsies, even though eastern Europe has more than its fair share of such detestable riff-raff.

    11. Topkea Says:

      Tim, I’d love to agree with you for once, but it’s still not clear to me why we should give Greeks are free pass. Do you think Albanians are White? If so, just say so and I’ll understand your argument. But if not, why are they not White and the Greeks are? The two are physically indistinguishable.

    12. Susan Says:

      Paul Krugman, New York jew, wrote an article for the AJC a day or two ago, about how terrible the elections in Europe are because the far right was actually gaining momentum. He was praising the EU, etc., and he ended by saying how everyone should be alarmed at what is happening in Europe, because of “who is waiting in the wings”, i.e. awakened White people who are beginning to realize just what is at stake here.

      Yeah, there is nothing jews hate more than Whites who will stand up for themselves. Most of us here know that jews are a self loathing bunch of critters, and they know that if Whites are given the real option of excluding them Whites would do exactly that…EXCLUDE THEM. Just like what happened back right after WW2 here in America, when jews were excluded from most White clubs, etc. THAT IS WHY JEWS HATE WHITES.

      Because just as when the nigger looks at Whitey and then at himself and sees nothing but a savage, so does the jew see the same thing. We are NOT all alike, never have been, and no amount of wishful thinking will ever make it so. And the evidence is mounting every single day in support of this.

      I listened this morning to the radio of all the violent crimes that have occurred both locally and nationally, and as far as I could tell, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WAS COMMITTED BY A NON WHITE. There was one after another and another and another, ad nauseum, violent shooting, vehicular homicide, rape, assault, etc. It was absolutely stunning. I can’t remember when there have been so many incidents in one morning.

      And don’t kid yourselves for one moment that jews won’t mount a vicious fight in the end against Whitey. Because just like when you scratch a grinning black, you get a violent, ill tempered nigger, scratch a seemingly smiling jew, and you get an ill tempered White hater who would just as soon stick a knife in your eye as look at you.

      The racial truth, White America, is that we White people are ALONE in our fight in this world. We don’t have one single ally in our fight against our enemies–those who seek to destroy our way of life, our culture, our language, our art, our literature, our sons and daughters, our past, our present, and our future.


    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Japs might rally to our racial cause, but like us White folks, they’re also getting older and having fewer offspring.

      All of ZOG’s cities, especially those in the South, are very dangerous for Whites, even in broad daylight. The niggers bitch and moan about how they are tired of being discriminated against an’ shit by us White folks, YET they will not move back to Africa. No, they will never voluntarily leave because like the cockroaches, rats and raccoons they are vermin. And vermin cannot thrive in the natural wilderness, they need garbage dumps to eat from and bombed-out buildings where they can nest and breed. We can live in the woods, we can live in small towns, villages and on farms, they can only live in dirty, noisy urban jungles.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      The same goes for the Spics and the Heebs. They would starve to death if forced to live on a farm, even if that farm was surrounded by a million acres of corn and wheat and had a billion cows, pigs and chickens. They’d wind up trashing the farm, turning it into an uninhabitable wasteland, and then they’d start eating each other. Then they would blame Whitey for everything and die.

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      ussa jap’s stapped us in the back hard with totally out right lie’s, and alignment to ignore and help big joo sic savages against White’s for 50 years.

      ussa jap’s are a bunch of ungrateful bastards who have joined the force’s to genocide us long ago.

      the japs sold their filthy souls for regime job’s, hawaii and cash along with get Whitey.

      they live a life of lies, like their masters.

      one of the best articles to come out of AR was where the jap reparations and lies were totally exposed.