27 May, 2014

If I Deconstruct Your Construct, Will You Call Me a Sexist? Social Constructionism and Other “ism”s

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“Social construction(ism)” is the idea that things which seem natural are really not natural but are instead created by humans within a society – for example, “race” and “sex/gender” aren’t biological, but are really just products of a White-male-dominated society. White males created “race” and “gender.” They are just “social constructs.” Lots of leftists believe that. By the way, social constructionism came from a 1966 book written by a Jewish sociologist, Peter Berger [1]. Sociology itself came from another Jew, Émile Durkheim. (Social constructionism shouldn’t be confused with Deconstructionism, which came from still another Jew, Jacques Derrida).


[1] i.e., Jewish by ethnicity, as opposed to Jewish by religion

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      This speech took place in Portland, Oregon. What a surprise. The Pacific Northwest is the fruitiest part of the Evil Empire. There were kids in the audience? I feel sorry for them, since they must have been bored out of their minds listening to that ugly, man-hating dyke drone on and on about a subject that kids don’t understand anyway. A hundred years ago Mizzzz Lierre Keith (a weird, asexual name for a weird, asexual broad) would have been locked up in an insane asylum. Now she’ll probably be Hilary Clinton’s campaign strategist for 2016.

      Like the late, great Bob Grant used to say…..It’s sick out there and getting sicker.

    2. fd Says:

      I’m baaack.

      This reminds me of General Taylor’s book, Destruction and Reconstruction which he wrote after the war. These so called social science experts want to complete their campaign of social destruction and then begin New-construction.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, I was getting ready to sit shiva for you! A lot of fine commentators have departed this site over the past few years, never to return. Perhaps it’s because of repulsive online organisms like the one that calls itself McQueen/Antagonistes/Topkea. But don’t worry, I let him have it real good. Are you referring to the great Zachary Taylor? Didn’t the great Jeff Davis elope with the General’s daughter?

    4. Topkea Says:

      I’ll deconstruct uppity cunts. With my White fist.

    5. fd Says:

      General Richard Taylor was the son of Zachary Taylor. Yes, Jeff Davis married Zachary’s daughter.

      And you’re correct. Some people who come here have a tendency to write perverted text that drive people away.

      “In his elegant memoir, Destruction and Reconstruction, General Richard Taylor recalled the occasion in 1865 when the duty fell to him to surrender the last Confederate army east of the Mississippi River. At Union headquarters, a German, wearing the uniform of a Yankee general and speaking in heavily accented English, lectured General Taylor that now that the war was over, Southerners would be taught “the true American principles.” To which General Taylor — the son of Zachary Taylor — replied that he regretted that his grandfather, an officer in the Revolution, and his father, President of the United States, had not passed on to him these “true American principles.”

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Flame away, you homo. The more worthless garbage you post the more excuses I have to humiliate you.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sorry, fd, I was referring to that cretin who intruded at 4:42 pm, not you, sir.

    8. Topkea Says:

      Tim remains as crypto-feminist as ever. How sad that he resorts to calling a real man a ‘homo’.

    9. CW-2 Says:

      Jews really love all the BS ‘isms’ they create. Unfortunately they don’t apply any of these isms to where they are urgently needed, namely themselves.
      Crazy fag Jacques Derrida if he had half a brain should have applied ‘deconstructionism’ to the hairsplitting and weird rantings contained in their beloved Talmud.

    10. fd Says:

      The Slippery Jew

      A.H. wrote: “The Jew himself never describes himself as a Jewish German, a Jewish Pole or a Jewish American, but always as a German, Polish or American Jew. Jews have never adopted more than the language of the foreign nations in whose midst they live. A German who is forced to make use of the French language in France, Italian in Italy, Chinese in China does not thereby become a Frenchman, Italian, or Chinaman, nor can we call a Jew who happens to live amongst us and who is therefore forced to use the German language, a German.”

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think it’s safe to say that us White folks have become victims of our own success. All of those plagues, migrations, wars, fires and famines, all of the natural and economic catastrophes we’ve endured for thousands of years steeled us, disciplined us, weeded out the lazy, the worthless and the weak from our ranks.

      Now all the degenerate and subversive elements that we were so good at controlling in the past are overtaking us. The queers, the Reds, the muds, the moochers…they were always there lurking in the background, smoldering with resentment, scheming and dreaming of the day when they could launch their revolution against us. And now that day is here. We’ve become too comfortable, over-civilized and permissive to fight back. Enter “Lierre Keith” and her/its army of freaks and losers.

      What we need is another Ice Age. Massive glacial sheets two miles thick scraping up and burying every damn thing in their path, including Jew York City, Londonistan, Shitcago and Washingcoon. Imagine a world without lesbian activists, without lobbyists, without lawyers, without bankers, without uppity niggers and without scheming Jews. It could happen. It eventually will happen. Nature shall have the last laugh.

    12. fd Says:

      “Over-civilized” and the wrath of nature is dead on, Tim McGreen. Naturally Selection decides who stays and who goes. If not for White technology, the Negro population would be a 3d of what it is.

      A few months back, cabbage-head nigger Kanye West claimed he was Shakespeare in the flesh. WTF? If his ancestors were not slaves, he’d be banging on a hollow log in the Congo singing grunt noises. Maya Angelou died: Bow your head for prayer.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Oh yes, that reminds me, fd, I wanted to say a few worlds about the recently departed Maya Angelou.

      Lawdy, how dem Jews an’ White liberals loved ol’ Miss Maya! Why, she was deir fav-o-rite house nigga, yes she was! She always be writin’ and recitin’ dem poems of hers, ‘stead of bakin’ bread and cookin’ chitluns in de kitchen wid de rest of us niggas. Sho’ nuff beat workin’ all day!

      Dem Jews an White liberals, dey be spell-boun’ for hours and hours listnen’ to ol’ Miss Maya an’ her poetry. But she be laffin’ behind deir backs wit de rest of us niggas when dey warn’t around! Heh-heh, an’ dat ain’t no lie!

      I knows why de caged bird sing, ’cause it can’t recite no poetry! Yessuh!

    14. fd Says:

      You got that down as good as the author who wrote Brr Rabbit

      Ol’ Maya — she be writin n shit — it wernt long she be knockin on the front doe of the white house all bold n shit — res us niggas be knockin on dat back doe with hat n hand