19 May, 2014

New Hampshire Police Commissioner Resigns Over a Word

Posted by Socrates in 'hate', Obama, race, racism accusations, Socrates, The 'N-word', thought crime, Western civilization, Western culture, Western decline at 3:52 pm | Permanent Link

How are White men ever going to reclaim the West if they keep apologizing or resigning (thereby telling our enemies that we don’t really believe in what we say)?


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  7. 22 Responses to “New Hampshire Police Commissioner Resigns Over a Word”

    1. Topkea Says:

      He was a brave man and he will be avenged. Helter skelter’s coming and there can only be one victor. But we have the power. It dwells within us. Think of the great High Aryan heroes of yore fleeing the sunken lands of Old Lemuria in their ultralight aircraft, finding new homes in Scandinavia, the Andes (where they conquered and enslaved the savage red injins), and Greece (where they conquered and enslaved the helots).

      Note that the ancient Greeks were High Aryan. The modern greeks are the exclusive descendants of helots, a bastard mixed levantine-hamitic (and therefore borderline White/nonwhite) race enslaved by the brave High Aryans of Sparta and Athens.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      They must threaten his family.

      Like the MOB they are if can’t make you cry uncle, they get to your family.

      Jimmy Carter, cried and apologized for ONE paragraph the kikes were unhappy about. What really is crazy the sheeple don’t read !

      If the kikes and their media had ignored Carter’s ONE paragraph NO one would have said shit about it.

      Really over play their insane hand all the time.

      Oh we are so pussycuted, we have power etc.

    3. Arminius Says:

      How can anybody dare …to threaten the family of a police Commissioner??? Such a man has the power to stop anybody dead in his tracks, his cops would carry any order, protect his family, or anybody elese’s, if HE ordered…
      But the fact is that he did nothing, but to throw the towel for what..? a word? How absurd! He did not fight for law and order, nor for himself. He just ran away. Which proves, that he was totally unfit for the job. The people can count their luck, that it happened now. One wonders, where such a coward would hide, when bullets are flying, which becomes an increasing probabilitiy.

      Readers note: Only Topkea talks his usual nonsense:
      “He was a brave man and he will be avenged.”

    4. morky dorky Says:

      He’s top dog in the donut squad in New Hampshire . All those cops must make the pilgramage to israel to climb the promotion ladder, they get paid cheques while there for living expenses . From questioable sources , like nightclub owners etc .witch may put . their nce retirement in jeprody. yea this is a kike speciality .

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Readers note: Only Topkea talks his usual nonsense:
      “He was a brave man and he will be avenged.”

      Good point, General. Beware of characters like Topkea who are always posting the same junk over and over again.

      I like how the niggers and their Marxist Jew masters threatened to “boycott” that little NH town if the commissioner didn’t apologize. Well, go ahead and boycott the town, they don’t want your kind around there anyway. Damn Pinko troublemakers and their “boycotts”. Why don’t White people threaten to boycott THEM for a change?

    6. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Exactly Tim. You think that most of the folks in New Hampshire give a shite about the kaffirs not wanting to come to their town? Unfortunately, JEW Hampshire in the last 20-25 years has become overrun with kikes from JEW York and MassachJEWsetts.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s true, Robert, the yuppie liberals and Jews from those big cities don’t want to live with all the spics and niggers anymore, so they move out to the country.

      But they bring their urban, liberal mentality with them. The next thing you know the small towns they move into are taken over by Starbuck’s, sushi bars, new-age boutiques and all that other sissified, big-city CRAP. Then they want to impose gun-control laws, abolish the death penalty, invite a bunch of Somali “immigrants” to live there and clog up the main street with their fruity European scooters and prissy little Priuses.

      Then they force the old-timers to sell their farms so that greedy developers can come in and start building luxury condominiums and fancy-ass ski resorts. And of course with all that new sophistication there’ll have to be lots of “independent film festivals”, “gay pride” parades and “cultural diversity fairs”. Ugh.

      So, in 10 or 20 years the small towns they invaded start to look like the urban jungles they wanted to get away from in the first place. Assholes.

    8. Topkea Says:

      How can you call this man a coward? If he didn’t resign, he would be subject to death threats from niggers and liberal ‘antifascist’ groups, who would be able to beat him with impunity. I’ve seen the police step aside and allow anarchist race-traitors beat up old men defending their farms from nigger and spic colonization. He did the only thing he could do to minimize the damage.

      If he had not apologized, he would have been ‘dealt with’, run over by a bus or ‘committed suicide’.

    9. Antagonistes Says:

      Topkea, ignore the viscious and senile mumblings of TimElisha Strom McGreen.

      I guess (s)he has not received an emotional rescue.

      My friend Thom will paint her nude body and give her something to be proud of. Perhaps that is the crux of her visciousness: she hates her flesh and its functions. Her newly painted flesh will be acceptable and approved in the affirming domains of a FaerieFest. It will transform her, if (s)he can only take THAT FIRST STEP.

    10. Topkea Says:

      Ant, don’t worry. Tim’s mom, Mrs McGreen, is doing a sterling service between my asscheeks.

      All women should learn to suck cock, lick balls, tongue taint, and eat ass (when Der Tag comes, they will be no more women in college or High School: they will learn domestic service and how to pleasure men and nothing else), and she’s pretty good on all c(o)unts.

    11. Antagonistes Says:

      That’s quite a catalog of skills!

      Like Mother, like son.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      joo trolls by their own foulness expose themselves for all to easily see.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Howdy, fortunately it’s just one troll we’re dealing with here, not an army of them. No, it’s just one pathetic lil’ non-entity that likes to amuse itself by pretending to be three or four different non-entities having a lil’ conversation amongst themselves. It would be almost too easy to get rid of that pest, yet it isn’t being done. The question is why not?

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      The M.O. of these trolls has been the same since the net got started.

      These subversive post’s reflect who they are.

    15. Susan Says:

      Linder: If you know or suspect that Topkea is a jew, anti, nigger, or just a general all around shit stirrer, why not just threaten to expose him if he won’t leave voluntarily? His presence degrades this website.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well said, Miss Susan, very well said.

    17. Socrates Says:

      Topkea, please keep your comments civil and reasonable.

    18. Topkea Says:

      I admit some of my comments may be a little graphic, but I can’t understand the hostility from some members of this site. We should all be on the same page here.

      My stance, and Linder’s stance, on women is very well known. I can only speak for myself and my stance isn’t going to change. I do not take ‘Susan’s’ comments seriously because she is obviously being irrational/hormonal, and confirms everything I have said about women.

      I don’t want to antagonize anyone, but none of my critics has ever rebutted or discussed my points. If you disagree with me, please explain why.

    19. Arminius Says:

      TOPKEA: “I admit some of my comments may be a little graphic, but I can’t understand the hostility from some members of this site.”

      That’s easy to explain. The problem is, you never got the message. If there were just one single spirited remark in any of your contributions, you would be respected.
      It’s your primitive, vulgar, offensive, obnoxious, tactless language which every healthy mind in this forum rejects as repugnant.
      To drive home this point: You have no cause to attack SUSAN the way you did:
      “I do not take ‘Susan’s’ comments seriously because she is obviously being irrational/hormonal, and confirms everything I have said about women.”

      With such absolutely unfounded fantasies of a sick brain you do not deserve the privilege to write anywhere.

    20. Topkea Says:

      Arminius – predictable white knighting. That’s pretty pathetic.

      Instead of calling my view repugnant, when we should all be on the same page, please explain what it is that you disagree with and why.

    21. Susan Says:

      Topkea, your language is so over the top and outlandish as to be laughable. A little well placed vulgarity can be useful as well as highly effective. Yours is just sick and annoying. Plus you just come off as phony and shit stirring. Like the posters who constantly talk of certain females being used as “comfort women” at the front. Can we please keep it in the real world?
      And nobody is trying to flatter me here. I’m too old. But I am neither irrational nor hormonal. I’m sensible, stable, and know exactly what I believe and WHY.
      Get a grip or get out. ‘Kay?

    22. Susan Says:

      Niggers rape, murder, etc., and the AJC bends over backwards to run a good pic and get quotes from everyone about what a “goot boy” he was. High school “affleet”, was horribly abused at home. Ran with the wrong crowd, not his fault. Blahblahblah

      No matter how horrible the crime against Whitey was that the nigger commits, the AJC will prop the nigger up. Every damn time. No matter what.

      Even when the little niggers executed a little baby boy point blank with a gun. The AJC jews ran a story about how there is still a social/class problem in the town where the baby was murdered, as if that excuses niggers executing a little baby.

      And Whites STILL don’t get it.

      One little word and the AJC runs an article with a pic of this guy looking as if he just crawled out of the backwoods of Tennessee. Made him look like a toothless, illiterate moonshine runner.

      We are being held hostage by one freaking word.

      Goddamn jews.