1 May, 2014

WN Graphics

Posted by Socrates in brown culture, Brown Man, dispossession & destruction, Diversity, diversity is hate, EU, Europe, graphics/toons, immigration, Socrates, Turd-World people, white nationalism at 1:29 pm | Permanent Link

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  7. 2 Responses to “WN Graphics”

    1. Topkea Says:

      High Aryan supermen need to strike hard against these invading whoreds of jews, muds, spics, niggers, slavs, gooks, airbs and other undesirables. STRIKE HARD. We need to resurrect the warrior spirit of our Germanic ancestors and unleash it without pity on the invaders. There needs to be an all out war, with the enemy destroyed on sight.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      None of those Mud invaders ever expresses any gratitude whatsoever to the White country that allows him and his spawn to enter and start freeloading off the system. Not one. Unless raping and murdering White girls is considered a way of saying thank you.