10 June, 2014

Article About Immigration

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“America seems to be the rare country with the misfortune of having politicians who won’t stand up for citizens.” America has a few things going against it regarding immigration: 1) a media controlled by Jews and leftists; 2) America is located right next to Mexico; 3) America is huge, which makes many White citizens indifferent about immigration control. They don’t realize how quickly the immigrants will displace/outbreed them. (Re: the article, I wouldn’t call Israel a “Western” country. By the way, newbies, when I say “Western,” I don’t mean “Western Hemisphere.” I mean the Western world, i.e., all the White countries from roughly Poland moving westward, but including Australia. In other words, roughly, the Western bloc countries during the Cold War: the blue countries on this map. Granted, the world has changed somewhat since the Cold War. Poland might be a Western country now).


  • 5 Responses to “Article About Immigration”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      We should be angry as hell that Mexico and the Central American states are dumping their surplus populations on our doorstep. It’s an act of war, a de facto invasion of our sovereign territory. Our southern border is largely unpatrolled, with only a shitty chain link fence separating us from complete racial and cultural annihilation. There are about 250 million White Americans, so even if just 1% of them showed up at the border to defend it from the greasers that’s still an army of 2.5 million, way more than enough people to chase away not only the wetbacks, but the Social Marxist troublemakers and those traitorous ZOG agents, whose M-16s and .50 caliber machine guns would be pointed at us, not at the wetbacks.

    2. Tuscon Says:

      There should be two types of man. Those who have the Aryan riktus and those who are subhuman niggerized mud turds. My White fists pound the homo faces of sub shits. We of the purest Aryan lineage will annihilate muds who have not the ritual. With my White fist and my White cock I will build us a new future.

    3. fd Says:

      The censorship commissars are now editing and blocking my words. That Northern vanity has decided it is the superior civilization doesn’t pass the laugh test. If a neighboring state has more German citizens than your state, well, your state is automatically dumber. I suppose the North/South Germans are laughing up their sleeves at such nonsense

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I guess there are still enough White voters who care about the non-White hoardes taking over our country, because the Jew Eric Cantor has just lost his bid for re-election to Congress to a tea-bagger named Brat. Cantor, like most establishment Republicunts, thought it was a great idea to abandon the GOP’s White middle class base and start sucking up to the colored invaders instead, the way that Democrats have done for years. But that strategy blew up in his vulture-like face, didn’t it? Tee-hee.

      But please, don’t worry! The gentile Professor Brat will out-Jew Cantor in his efforts to please Jewish voters in Virginia. He’ll attend every Holocaust Memorial® and pro-Israel parade the Jews can throw at him. Just you wait and see.

    5. Mark Says:

      Tuscon you meant to write, “With my White fist and my little White cock I will build us a new future.”