9 June, 2014

Look North, White Man

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by Alex Linder.


“Because WN has been led by intellectually limited religious conservatives, or, more accurately, by those appealing to them, it has never been able to get beyond the bugbear of respectability. But appealing to selfish bourgeois, no matter how smart or rich they are, doesn’t work. It’s not me saying this either, it’s men who’ve actually done it – Hitler and Michaloliakos, to name two. It’s not just Southerners who don’t understand this. MacDonald and Johnson don’t either.

The character traits of the men we need for our cause to win are the same in all times and places: they must be tough, mentally and physically, they must be fanatical and determined. Their respectability doesn’t matter, their loyalty does. Their being christian doesn’t matter (on the upside), their fanatical determination does.

All the South will ever do is take abuse while hoping and praying its enemies ease up or crack up. The South is congenitally incapable of initiating effective action. Hell, I’ve even lost interest in bashing it. The South just doesn’t figure in anything, except as a small pond. We should worry much more about the big pond.

We need to fish where the fish are, and they’re not in Southern Baptist pools. The only serious political effort we need re the South is a campaign to get Southern white men to stay out of the military. It is so classically Southern to complain about ZOG and damnyankees yet serve in their army. And it is equally classically Southern — anti-intellectual — to be bewildered when this contradiction is raised. I really believe the concept of living intentionally, and acting in line with chosen principles, is simply beyond Southerners. It’s all about manners and appearances, down there. Say the right thing in public, do the dirty thing in private. Ninety percent of Southerners are like that, compared with only about 80% of northerners.

Anyway, these are my thoughts. There I go again South-bashing, right? Maybe so. But just tell me where I’m wrong junior, cuz I don’t give a flying fuck about anything else.”

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  7. 36 Responses to “Look North, White Man”

    1. fd Says:

      Revilo P. Oliver and William Pierce were both Southerners.

      Mr. Linder, where were Northern men when Southern down-homers were fighting for White separation in the 1960s? Let me then tell you. They were watching Southern men on TV–The North never lifted a finger.

      The North is largely a parade of strangers. When Yankees get together, the only thing they have in common is hating the Southern nation and promiscuously worshiping Abraham Lincoln.

      If it wasn’t for the South, this country would operate near identical to Canada.

      The United States hates the Southern nation and it hates White people.

    2. Shane Says:

      The only strong communities, be it north or south, will be ones with strong racial qualities. Germanic people are most desirable. The north is superior to the south in terms of geography. The colder climate will provide more protection from brown hordes.

      In the U.S., the north is intellectually superior to the south. In Germany, the north is more industrious, but Bavaria is culturally superior.

    3. fd Says:

      The Southern school of novelists led the way up to the 1950s when the alien tribe pushed them aside. The strong folkish communitiies are the ones who conquered the universe with music. The North is traditionally a dead zone for music because its people are not coalesced. They are scattered to the winds. The best test of a healthy White gene pool is the beautiful women it produces. The South has a lock on that. The Anglo/Saxon – Celtic gene pool in the South is superior in health. That is where intellectual superiority comes from. The fact that the Northern people are seemingly repulsed by statehood explains why its people are not folkish.

      The people of the Sister states, the blood and soil kinfolks state,s don’t know what Northern racism is.

      When the Federals slaughtered the unarmed students at Kent State, Southerners were appalled. But the Northern people did nothing. When Kennedy assaulted Ole Miss, the people drove in from the surrounding states to defend the university.

      The Germans and the Confederates have something in common: They fought against the Yankee Anglo/ nigger armies.


      Having said all this, the North is filled with some of the best people in North America. And the people of the Southern country are aware of that.

    4. Shane Says:

      There are more germans in the northern U.S. than the south. Celts are inferior to germans.

      The confederacy had a good cause but the south of today is a little pond.

      The only free lands left in the U.S. are to the north, and this is due to the cold climate and higher concentration of european peoples.

    5. fd Says:

      Spare me the German lecture. I am from Texas, but I was born out of the Jaxon / Zorn clans of Georgia. Zorn means wrath – anger in German. It is one of the most fearless names in the German language. The heads of my cousins look like Nazi helmets. I would never say that Germans are superior to the Celts unless I had strict proof. The Germans have been locked down for 69 years and they suffer from the terrible Jew infection.

      The Yankees own the United States. And they own that creature on the Potomac styled Federal government. The Northern people own common citizenship styled the 14th amendment. To the Yankees state citizenship is anathema. The North also owns all the civil rights laws beginning in the 19th century: 1866, 1870, 1871, 1875. Freedom in the North is called federal supremacy. Freedom in the Southern country is called absolute state sovereignty.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      There are obviously still a lot of hard feelings between the Union and Dixie. Still, up here in the North I almost never encounter anyone who would say idiotic things like “I’m glad the South lost the War” or “General Lee was a traitor”. While I certainly have some problems with the former CSA and with Southern Whites I always supported their right to secede from the Northern-dominated Union.

      Just remember that the courtly Virginia land-owning aristocrat Jefferson was good friends with the practical, hard-headed and plainspoken Massachusetts lawyer Adams. If they could get along then why can’t y’all?

    7. Shane Says:

      fd, I am sympathetic to the confederacy and states’ rights. I also know the cancers that grow in the north. William Pierce and Patrick Henry were heroes from the south, but the north will always be intellectually superior. If there is any real resistance to the Jew, it will happen in the north. Alex recognizes this.

      Germans are superior to Celts, and more Germans are in the north. Yankees and Jews are scum but the north will always be the big pond because we have more snow and Germans up here.

      You should read the Anglo-Saxon by Mencken.

    8. fd Says:

      Shane, I am Anglo/Saxon

      North/South Germans are cut from the same bolt of cloth.

      This subject is not about the Confederacy. It’s about opposite civilizations. There are more Germans in the North. But to say the civilization in the North is superior because of a higher German population is simple vanity. What would Dixie Land Germans say to you?

      The Big Pond you speak of is inert, whereas the Southern country continues to thrive with its energy, deep rooted culture and music that pours out like an endless gusher. I would be gleeful to see the obese North make a move against centralized authority which is the same as attacking Jewry. But no one ever comes forward. In the not to distant future some undesirables will be hanged in the piney woods of East Texas or Georgia and the Northern people will talk about how terrible the racism is down there in that Little Pond. Same old S**T

      I agree with Linder. The boys in the South shouldn’t join the service.

      Tim McGreen is Celtic and he’s smarter than 3 yard dogs lol

    9. Thom McQueen Says:

      I have body-painted many naked women with Southern accents. They are really nervous until I start talking about “the Lord.” Then they say somethingl like “Oh, so you have been born again? So have I!”

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Besides Jefferson, another one of our greatest presidents came from the South…Andrew Jackson, born in South Carolina. But he was not sympathetic with his home state’s desire to secede from the Union in 1834. I think he actually threatened to call in Federal troops to prevent that from happening.

      Hey Cap’n, your home state of Missouri was a “border state” during the Civil War, was it not? There was a lot of pro-Southern support there, which was most famously demonstrated by the brothers Frank and Jessie James.

    11. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen, Jackson was not sympathetic about secession because he was first chair in Washington. Had he been at home sitting on one of his plantations, he would have lined up with his people to secede. Jefferson was also guilty of hypocrisy. He complained about slavery but refused to free his slaves.

      I am quite capable of criticizing the South. Everybody in the North and South who made money from the slave industry said one thing and did another.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      You’re right, fd, Jackson and Jefferson were giants but since they lived at a time when Negro slavery was only just becoming an issue they could not be expected to step out of their era and look at the issue clearly. They were very much men of their time, not ours.

      And the only reason that states like Massachusetts and Ohio were so anti-slavery is not because they were “morally superior” to the Southern states, it was because they had no giant cotton, sugar or tobacco plantations that required slave labor. So they had the luxury to decry it. But Southern Whites should never have allowed Negroes to live on sacred Southern soil in the first place. Of course most Southern Negroes were tame and docile, but they became riled up easily enough by Jews and abolitionists.

    13. Shane Says:

      It’s not vanity to think that where more Germans are, the better the place.

      There are some German areas in the south and west, but most are in the north. These places offer the greatest chance of resistance.

      The Celts are in fact inferior to Germans, according to Mencken. He writes that so-called Anglo-Saxons in the south are more often than not Celts.

      Germans from the north and south of Germany are the same kin, but many northern Germans don’t even consider southern Germany to be ‘part’ of Germany. Ironically, most German nationalism after the Prussian ascendancy was from Bavaria. This dichotomy between the north and south is perhaps superfluous because we are all brothers by blood.

      But it is also a regional question based on kultur and civilization. While the old south in the USA had great elements of culture, the south of the last 50 years is becoming more pathetic by the day. The real struggle in the future will be in the north. It’s likely Canada and the Northern USA will unite and the south will fall to Mexican immigration.

    14. fd Says:

      The Germans and Irish were used as cannon fodder during the 4 years war. They suffered terrible slaughter owing to a great weakness of martial skill by their officers. An Ohio officer wrote: “The Rangers kill my men faster than ships bring them over from Europe.” The terrible Stonewall earned the same reputation as the Texas Rangers.

      The Prussians were all a-glow about uniting the German states in the 2d half of the 19th century. This ultimately led to the destruction of Germany. The government the Germans fought to preserve, i.e., the Federal government, destroyed Germany twice in the following century. And Germany continues to suffer from perpetual occupation. When you pick up a gun to fight for a mass of people, think about the future.

      It’s most interesting that the Germans marched with the Irish in New York City destroying everything that was a symbol of the Black Republican administration.

      The Texas hill country is covered with Germans. Because of the original 13 colonies, the South has a heavy English.

      A member of Lincoln’s international army makes a feeble attempt to insult a Confederate General:

      In his elegant memoir, Destruction and Reconstruction, General Richard Taylor recalled the occasion in 1865 when the duty fell to him to surrender the last Confederate army east of the Mississippi River. At Union headquarters, a German, wearing the uniform of a Yankee general and speaking in heavily accented English, lectured General Taylor that now that the war was over, Southerners would be taught “the true American principles.” To which General Taylor — the son of Zachary Taylor — replied that he regretted that his grandfather, an officer in the Revolution, and his father, President of the United States, had not passed on to him these “true American principles.”

    15. fd Says:

      “heavy English population” typo above

      I’m the first one to say the South is full of it when the need arises. Nashville is a good barometer. It went from outlaw country and classic country to this new s**t infusing god in their songs. It’s f**kin’ gospel or something. But the South has the ability to bounce back at any given time.

      I also grew up listening to acid rock and hard rock.

    16. Mary O Says:

      NYC-Boston is hipper than the South, and you can find hipness in NH, Vermont, rural NE/NY areas. The “racist” label isn’t feared because of laws, but because it’s not cool. Cool means either having money, or being obviously on the way to having money.

      The Whites who suffer the most in our society are also the least wealthy; since similarly to the Civil War, you can buy your way out of racially diverse situations. Therefore, the people most highly motivated to lead are not cool enough in the eyes of the media. Hence, the constant ridicule we see if we bother to watch TV.

      In the 60s, the Jewish college students who went into the SDS & Communist Party were very wealthy, or could pretend; definitely had a cool image. Jerry Rubin, Mark Rudd, Abby Hoffman … And in the pop culture: figures like Bob Dylan, Elliot Gould, Dustin Hoffman, Goldie Hawn, Woody Allen reinforced that grim, intense, hyper-intellectual but also glamorous, and sometimes charming, Radical Chic. The Hoax was not as overblown then, but it also played a role in making the Jewish student movement seem sympathetic.

      To push forward we need leaders whom people like and want to be like. Maybe NY or New England “Anglo-Protestant” Whites would be excellent candidates, because the “Preppy” image (which is actually quite practical) is cool enough to trounce Radical Chic: summering at the Cape; sailing, gardening, cultivating good but simple taste; valuing tact, hard work and serious academics. Plus, nonwhites can never understand or absorb it, and look like fools if they try.

      Not sure how to recruit them, many are Liberals, but they hate having their forebears insulted. Maybe the “White Privilege” narrative, accusations of White moral inferiority for killing Indians, the Opium Wars, slavery etc., and the accusations of “micro-agression” just might trigger some mega-agression. Let’s hope so.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, I’ll bet you’re a Johnny Winter fan. And Johnny Cash. Am I correct?

    18. fd Says:

      Yes, I am a fan of Johnny and Edgar too.

      In 1969, Dylan released Nashville Skyline on music row. The single hit on the album is Lay Lady Lay, including duets with Johnny Cash. Dylan’s rad-lib fans in the Northeast were horrified at his turn to country music. Very interesting and funny too. A real shocker is Cash singer Cocaine Blues. It’s a rough song.

      The Allman Bros Band was jokingly referred to as the house band at Fillmore East because they played there so often.

    19. Shane Says:

      I’ve only been impressed with two Irish people my entire life. The south will always be inferior to north because the south is swamped with imbecile Celts while the north has more English and Germans. Celts are lazy, illiterate, drunken shepherds who loved poetry, song, fighting, hunting, gambling, etc. Fuck the Irish, and fuck the south. These southern imbeciles are more likely to be Jew appeasers than members of the NSDAP.

      I still think Lincoln was scum.

    20. fd Says:

      Malignant rage of Northern Vanity.

      “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
      It is the green-ey’d monster, which doth mock
      The meat it feeds on.”

      The English continue to be the largest White subgroup in the South. In fact, Elizabethan English is spoken from East Texas to the Carolinas, including portions of Kentucky and Missouri.

      An example of Elizabethan Shakespearean English: A Southern girl might say of her boyfriend — He’s shinin’ me on.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      Wow, I’ve never read anything that was so insulting towards the Celts! Their women are beautiful. (Remember Christina Applegate?) That fact alone should be reason enough to like them. I heard somewhere (might have been on a PBS documentary) that all the great Country singers from the South were of Scots-Irish descent, including the wonderful June/Mother Maybelle Carter Family, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams and Dolly Parton. Jeff Davis, J.E.B. Stuart and Sam Houston were also Scots-Irish.

      The Scots-Irish are a Celtic people, are they not? Shane…tsk, tsk…..you should be ashamed of yerself. Fd, since you worked on an oil rig you must be a pretty big, strong guy. Why don’t you give him an ass-whupping?

    22. fd Says:

      You nailed, Tim McGreen,

      The music in the South was born out of the Scots – Irish clans (ballads from the old country). All the music coming out of the South is folk music by default because it derives from a common culture. The Southern country conquered the universe with its music. In all the pages of history, there is no distinct group of people that have accomplished more with their music. Tennessee and Kentucky sipping whiskey is also a Southern thing.

      Get a load of the album covers released by Southern hard rock band, Molly Hatchet — Scary Nordic thunder – Super racist art. The name of the band was taken from a prostitute:


    23. fd Says:

      The Jews followed the Germans into the Midwest. It is a creepy alliance. The Jewish stronghold is not Israel; it is the American North beginning with New York City and Cincinnati.

      By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes –Shakespeare

    24. Howdy Doody Says:

      Since FDR there is no longer any regional pockets of courage and brains as these traits are now where you find them.

      For now we are reduced to polite, thoughtful hard working women speaking for sanity and sending out the Clarion call.


      For Mary O

    25. Howdy Doody Says:

      fd Says:
      13 June, 2014 at 12:47 pm

      The Jews followed the Germans into the Midwest. It is a creepy alliance. The Jewish stronghold is not Israel; it is the American North beginning with New York City and Cincinnati.

      By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes –Shakespeare

    26. fd Says:

      Nicely written, Mary O. A 2d round of the New Englandization of America might be too much.

      Hippie culture is still around. The true hippies were teenagers and twenty – something White youth that could be found in every town across America, just as much in the Midwest and South as New England and California. Celebrity hippies were in it for the exposure and profit.

      The classic longhaired redneck in the South really isn’t redneck at all.

      Charlie Daniels: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs4y5si8DGs

    27. Howdy Doody Says:



      Linder stated many times Hollywood kike first interest has never been about making just money, but about brain washing US since 1920 at least.

      This movie made no money was shown in every college in the N.E, to the P.N.W. the privilege White’s laughed at it and worked like the B-17 young fool pilots to destroy their own people forever, not knowing thanks thanks to media/kikes what was going to happen.

      Look around.

      Nig cops are now mugging Whites today.

    28. Howdy Doody Says:

      As for Charlie Daniels and all the hollywood/NYC cuntry music business that is on XM radio etc. they should hand as they are whore’s working against their race for a BUCK and are stupid SOB’S one and all.

    29. Mary O Says:

      In response to Shane, “The south will always be inferior to north because the south is swamped with imbecile Celts while the north has more English and Germans. Celts are lazy, illiterate, drunken shepherds who loved poetry, song, fighting, hunting, gambling, etc.”

      The Britons, the Welsh and the Scots, also the Scot-Irish, were all Celts. The Normans were also Celts. How could a modern-day man be “English” but not Celtic?

      Also, the Celts lived anciently on sites in Bavaria. So isn’t it likely that Germans are Celtic?

      How exactly do you define the difference between Celtic & Germanic?

      Analysis of language development suggests that Aryans traveled in waves from an ancient homeland on the Indus River. Much speculation on what caused this massive series of migrations. Horrific natural disasters are often suggested. The same factors which caused the language differences may also have caused cultural differences; but your comments are self-contradictory.

      The Celts are “illiterate,” but love poetry ? Shepherds who love hunting? Lazy, but they love both fighting and hunting? Fighting and hunting aren’t hard work?

      And, gambling was never a Celtic preoccupation. When a culture is agriculturally-oriented, the people don’t enjoy risk.

      The South’s real problem is that hazy, hot and humid weather.

      But, more importantly, you are not examining the Scot-Irish history. They were victims of the horrific 18th & 19th century Land Clearances. They were literally thrown off the land that their ancestors had farmed for centuries. The landlords were often their own distant cousins.

      The people knew that eventually they might be asked to leave these properties, but they assumed that the landlords would be fair and give them time to establish themselves elsewhere. Instead the landlords acted swiftly to prevent any political organization, even sending out bands of men to burn villages to the ground, without warning.

      The landlords would also assign the families to a new “farm” which would be nothing but barren rock. According to family tradition, my own great-great-grandmother’s family was granted such a farm.

      The Protestant clergy (of course) sided with the wealthy landlords, and exhorted the people to blame themselves for their plight.

      The media at the time was controlled by the wealthy, and the rest of the nation, and the world, knew nothing about what was going on in the northern highlands of England and Scotland, and did nothing to help.

      The result? A huge group of Americans and esp. Canadians who fall easy prey to the left.

      And, it’s worse because no one ever talks of this history. The schools are too obsessed with “White privilege.” What a joke.

    30. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mary O

      Thank you for that concise well written historical capsule and perspective of history.


    31. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good stuff, Mary O, but the Normans were more of a Viking people, not Celtic.

      Remember the good old days, when you could say things like “The Irish are known for the three F’s: fighting, fucking and funerals”? In Boston, they used to end every TV and radio news broadcast with that saying. Either that or they would make jokes about “The Irish Curse” or say “Now, go out there and vote for Jack Kennedy!” And then a fistfight would break out in the studio and Mike Sullivan, Tom O’ Reilly, Sean McGinty and Pat Kerrigan would laugh and drink Guinness Beer………….

    32. fd Says:

      I concede that the Irish can be loud, unruly and uncouth. If I went to an Irish gathering, I probably wouldn’t stay long.

      ‘Ireland’ is a corruption of Aryanland. By the way, the French are Latin Celtics which explains their Latin dialect.

      Bedford Forrest and the terrible Stonewall were Scots-Irish.

    33. Mary O Says:

      To Tim McGreen,

      Surprised that the Normans are not considered Celts.

      But the question remains, how are these labels being assigned? Seems like people on these boards use the terms “Celtic,” “Germanic,” and “Viking” or “Nordic.” What are criteria they are using to classify these different cultures?

      Don’t remember any 3 “F’s.” If anything, the Irishmen of my own childhood community did not use f-word in public, or at least not in front of women and kids.

      No Gentiles used crude language publicly until the movie in “Love Story” in the early 70s. That one movie also started the whole “WASP” meme. The plot is sentimental: a young Harvard grad dies having contracted that illness that romantic heroines get when the author can’t think of any way to resolve the plot. Before she goes, she manages to teach her “stiff upper lip” wealthy English Protestant husband to experience emotions.

      The “Irish Curse” is drinking? You don’t find that Irish-Americans drink any more than anyone else these days.

      The Irish who came into Boston harbor after the Great Famine (1845) were very young. The average age was like 15yo. Desperate families would give a 10 yo boy like $10, and put him on a boat to the US alone. They would send groups of children with no one but a 15yo girl to take care of them. And, of course, when they got to America, the teenagers would work very hard. When young people work hard, they also party hard. So the reputation of the Irish being wild party types may have been due to the fact that they were so much younger than the so-called “Boston Brahmin.”

      Also, the Catholic Church has this emphasis on celebrating all the time, which in my opinion is disruptive, emotionally draining and counter-productive to achievement. One phrase from the Church which I actually find comforting: “ordinary time.”

      By the way, “Iran” is also “Aryanland.”

    34. Shane Says:

      The Irish drink and so do the Germans, but the Irish can’t handle alcohol. It is a genetic defect the Irish have just like Indians and Russians.

      Celts are certainly not Germanic. They are both white but that is about it. Germans speak another language and have an entirely different culture.

      Celts and Germans originated in different lands. Genetic research will support this but it’s really not necessary. Just like how genetic research isn’t needed to tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese, the same goes for Germans and Celts. It is really just a matter of observation and common sense.

      I can tell the difference between and Celt and German as easily as knowing the difference between a Chinaman and a Jap. Celts are far inferior to Germans, just like a Chinaman is inferior to a Jap.

    35. Mary O Says:

      What were the two different lands that Germanic people and Celts separately originated from?

    36. Ted Says:

      I to think the Germans r the master race, but the Celts did form the mighty Aryan Brotherhood. Either ethnicity would b good w me.