28 June, 2014

Still More Championing ‘The Other’

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Sorry, White man, you’re not “The Other” so you’re not invited to the party. (Newbies, the celebration or championing of The Other is the most important part of leftism. Since White men built the West, such championing is anti-Western and anti-White-male by default; such championing exists only because White men allow it to exist. Jews have been the primary champions of The Other in the media, academia and the popular culture).


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    1. -jc Says:


    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Most women by nature just aren’t interested in hi-tech careers, in the same way that, by their nature, most men aren’t interested in becoming nurses, kindergarten teachers or librarians. Why don’t liberals understand and accept that? Why must they always insist on trying to impose their un-natural, alien mentality on the rest of society?

      Because liberals (and their Jew bosses at Harvard and the NY Times) are natural-born nation-wreckers, that’s why. They are the subversive, degenerate element that eats away at society from within.

      And as for encouraging “minorities” to pursue some kind of career in IT? Well, what about all the Orientals and Hindoos who work in that field? Aren’t THEY a minority group? Sneaky liberal pinkos….what they really mean is they want to hire more token Blacks and Spics in their IT departments in order to fulfill a quota and make their companies look politically correct. The more politically correct they look, the more lucrative government contracts they can snag. Eh? EH?

      And get a load of that grinning, effeminate Heeb in the little box at the top of the page. That’s the face of our race’s Enemy. We could easily beat his brains in, we could easily step on him like the little bug that he is. Yet he and his Tribe wield so much power over us! Only because we allow it. They use our Aryan sense of toleration and fairness against us.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      By the bye, yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the assassination of the Archduke and Archduchess of Austria in Sarajevo, an event that triggered WWI and all the calamities that came afterwards. It was such an important centennial that even the normally bland, uninformative network newscasts devoted a few minutes of their airtime to mention it. I thought I should do likewise here. Thank you.

    4. Don Says:

      Toss the heeb into a crowd of the rioting blacks he loves so much. That would be poetic.