28 July, 2014

Anti-Feminism Online?

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Is it really anti-feminism? A big problem with feminism is that it has so saturated Western culture that it’s hard for many people to tell what is, and isn’t, feminism. Things that would have been called “feminism” in 1970 are called “normal” today.


  • 5 Responses to “Anti-Feminism Online?”

    1. fd Says:

      Feminism unsexed women.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Feminism is extremely un-feminine. But it IS Jewish. Funny how only White gentile girls need to become man-hating, child-hating “feminists”, eh, Jews?

    3. Mary O Says:

      I oppose women being used in combat. Does that make me feminist or anti-feminist?

      Technically “femina” [woman] + “ism” [belief in] should mean belief in women. But what do they believe about women?

      Women certainly are not equal in physical strength to men. That much should be obvious to all but the most fanatic leftists.

      But by forcing women to prove themselves in all these other fields, isn’t society in general saying that motherhood isn’t much?

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      “I oppose women being used in combat. Does that make me feminist or anti-feminist?”

      It makes you a rational person. Any country (like the Jewnited Snakes) that allows its women-folk to become combat soldiers is disgraceful and cowardly. And that’s how the rest of the world will view that country too. It also means that the all-volunteer military is not attracting enough mentally competent, able-bodied White males.

      ZOG won’t admit that it needs to reinstate the Draft if it wants to keep on fighting endless wars of imperialist aggression. They don’t have the stones to do it because of what happened during the Vietnam War. I personally oppose the Draft but any right-wing tough guy who says we need to “support our troops” every time they’re deployed to invade some country that did nothing to us is a guy who should put his money where his big, stupid mouth is and ENLIST.

    5. archer Says:

      Using women in combat is just plain stupid, it used to be you went to war to protect your women and children. The army has had to down grade it’s physical requirements to enable most women to pass, it’s a lose, lose situation.