26 July, 2014

Holoswindle Drama in California

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(This article is from May, but I first saw it today)
There’s a historical event that’s illegal to question/doubt in many countries. And here in America, belief in this historical event is like a religion – it’s taboo to question any part of it. Why is that? If the Holocaust happened just as they say it did, why would it be illegal or taboo to ask questions about it? It makes no sense. None. Unless it didn’t happen like they say it did. (Let’s talk about the real holocaust, the one committed by the Jewish Bolsheviks, in which 20 million White Christians were murdered in Russia from 1917-onward) [1].


[1] “It should be recognized that the mass murder that occurred in Russia from 1917 onward was carried out almost exclusively by Jews, including Lazar Kaganovich, Leon Trotsky, Yakov Sverdlov, Yakov Yurovsky and Genrikh Yagoda. The few top Soviet officials who were not Jewish were married to Jews…”

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  7. 8 Responses to “Holoswindle Drama in California”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Let me guess where those death threats against the towel-head school superintendent came from….hmmm, was it someone from the JDL, by any chance?

      The Holohoax scam is, I think, starting to run out of steam. People may not be openly questioning it like they should but they’re just not interested in hearing about it anymore. And not even the almighty Jews can force anyone to be interested in something they just don’t care about. There may be laws in White countries like Germany and Canada about questioning the historical evidence for the Holocaust but there are NO laws against saying “I don’t care, that subject bores me.”

    2. fd Says:

      The holohoax and Hitler are the 2 main pillars of the Jewish establishment. Jews also want to pass laws making anti-Jew a mental disease.

    3. fd Says:

      Tim, I agree that the holohoax might be running out of steam. The holohoax trail is running cold, like dying religion.

    4. Mel Brooks Says:

      The Holocost (tm, c, u, k, marca registrada) is slowing being picked apart-I’m astonished that here in Kwalifornia, a classroom was asked to actually question the Big H. Maybe WYT nationalists are finally taking ole’ Terrible Tommy’s advice and have begun to “swim in the sea of the people”. Academia may be a good gig for those with teaching degrees, but maybe, just maybe, some of them are growing increasingly disgusted with the whoppers the chosen people are shoving down their throats.

      It’s going to fall apart..the US is going to fall apart. The USA is dead, long live the USA!

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Every bomb that lands on Gaza reduces the holohoax credibility. Most people know what shits jews are and are tired of their arrogance. Once a credibility gap develops it becomes almost impossible to bridge as people start questioning the talking heads. Big religion is going the same way.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      I have noticed that the Jews are not playing their Holocaust sympathy card as an excuse for bombing the Gaza Strip Ghetto. I guess they sense that it wouldn’t work this time if they tried. So instead they’re blaming all the nightmarish carnage on Hamas. Hamas is the group that is forcing the Zionist pigs to deliberately bomb hospitals, schools and churches in the Palestinian ghetto. Hamas is responsible for all the Arab children who are being singled out for killing by the Kikes. “Hey, don’t blame us Israeli Jews, we’re never responsible for doing anything bad. Ethnic cleansing? Racism? Apartheid? Genocide? State-sponsored terrorism? Only gentiles are guilty of such things!”

      I thought the Jews were a little more clever than that. Blame it all on Hamas? Do those hook-nosed swine really think us goyim are that stupid? And I guess before Hamas came along everything was the PLO’s fault. And before them it was the Muslim Brotherhood that was to blame. Or the British. Or the Ottoman Empire. The Jews never stop lying.

      There have been a lot of pro-Palestinian demonstrations in various cities around the world, but unfortunately not many of the protesters are White. All the other racial and ethnic groups see no problem with openly condemning Zionist atrocities but us White folks have been emotionally castrated by decades of Jew brainwashing. Well, not us personally, but far too many of our fellow Whites.

      That’s going to be a problem when it comes time to deal with the Jews once and for all. A lot of brainwashed White idiots are going to stand in the way. Fine, let them get mowed down with their Jew masters.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:


      Will Whites wake up in mass ?

      The dentist and ohter’s better down the golf clubs, and TV sports and what is left of upper class Whites better tell the Rotarian’s, Elks, the Chamber of commerce, to phuck off.

      Since 1945, retired people have been told to gulf and be nice, as they were bought off for a monthly check and played gulf and voted for more whore nut cases.

      Now their grand children will suffer big time.

    8. Sean Gruber Says:

      Auschwitz: Why The Gas Chambers Are A Myth