25 July, 2014

“Is Putin Evil?”

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What a question. Ever since newspapers were invented, the media has been deciding who’s “good” and who’s “bad.” FDR? Good. Hitler? Bad. Kennedy? Good. McCarthy? Bad. Now, the Jewish-controlled media has decided that Putin is the next Hitler, or at least the next Saddam. Why? A couple of reasons. One reason is this: the Jews want to turn Russia into “America East.” They want to nation-wreck Russia – again. But they can’t do that as long as “anti-democrats” (autocrats) like Putin are in charge. So they’ll keep the pressure up until Putin, and those like him, are replaced by Westernized “democrats.”


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  7. 14 Responses to ““Is Putin Evil?””

    1. Sean Gruber Says:

      The jews are trumping up a war with Russia. No doubt about it.


      These aggressive little lying fuckers ought to be exterminated down to the last one. DEATH TO THE JEWS.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m glad CNN has lost most of its viewers. What a bunch of ZOG propaganda pimps they are. Boring, stale hacks churning out the same old Washingcoon/Kosher-approved bullshit over and over again. To hell with them. MSNBC likewise has a small audience….very small, if I’m not mistaken. And although FOX Jews does have a much larger number of viewers, perhaps more than CNN and MSNBC combined, that viewership is age 65 and over, not exactly the most sought-after demographic. Can you imagine anyone under the age of 65 being a fan of Bill O’Reilly?

      Dig how that cranky old Jew in the CNN opinion article waxes philosophical, as if he was some kind of arbiter of good vs. evil. Only Jews get to decide such things, you see, because they’re so much wiser than us stupid, unthinking goyim. Get lost, you old Kike. No one cares what you think.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      “France’s continued determination to supply the Putin war machine with two Mistral-class assault ships is no less of a moral outrage.”

      Vive la France! La belle France! Je t’aime!

      And this, from a book about the rise of Hitler: “When the conversation turned to Germany’s persecution of Jews, Colonel House urged Dodd to do all he could ‘to ameliorate Jewish sufferings’ but added a caveat: ‘THE JEWS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO DOMINATE ECONOMIC OR INTELLECTUAL LIFE IN BERLIN AS THEY HAVE DONE FOR A LONG TIME.'” (In the Garden of Beasts, Eric Larson, 2011, p. 38, emphasis mine)

      As Tim McG. says, those cocksuckers think that they are the final arbiters of what is good, and what is evil; what is intellectual and what is debased; what is fine art and what is vulgar. The arrogant, condescending bastards have met their match in Putin. All their money will not buy him. He is wise to them; so they call him “evil.”

      Poor Adolf was way beyond his time. An artist, with a vision of what his people could be. Mistakes were made, as in any human enterprise. But he was in the spiritual lineage of Jean d’Arc and Charles Martel.

      He is vindicated by the rivers of blood being shed in Gaza, by the strange way the Jews have of shouting that they are being savagely persecuted while they cut the hearts out of their opponents, even burning alive little children. They proclaim to the world that they are being persecuted while they lose 35 soldiers, and they kill thousand of men, women and children.

      A new paradigm is coming, and is already here. The edge-shapes of it can be seen dimly, as it comes into focus at an ever-accelerating rate, but it has something to do with the incredible arrogance of claiming to be called “chosen” of God, the mental images that manipulate people, and the bedrock of ancestry, genetics, and the traditions of European peoples.

      The full realisation of it will involve the “redemption” of Adolf Hitler, the revitalisation of European “paganism” (and, indeed, the recognition of it as the wellspring of all that was chivalrous and virtuous in Christianity) and the shame and devaluation of the bare-bones Christian religion, as recorded in the letters of Paul and the later gospels, unadorned by Aryan convictions. It will be seen as a semitc communistic scheme, a two-thousand-year-old intellectual virus, let loose amongst the decadent descendants of solid, reality-centered Romans.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      IN THE SUMMER OF 1918, USA MEDIA essentially NEWSPAPER’s and the Wilson PUPPET was quiet on the theft and MURDER OF RUSSIA and the entire ROMANOV family.

      Today most White’s have down bred IMO, sadly. As evanjellyculls do not want and will not look at or read any history has they chant for the end of the World and to smite any who think they are NUTZ and traitors to the Bill Of Rights.


      Maybe one percent of White’s have read this, but be sure that joos know about this one.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Can you imagine anyone under the age of 65 being a fan of Bill O’Reilly?


      IMO Mr. O can only be listened to by unread fools and naves, or kikes.

      This invasion with paid FLIGHTS FROM CENTRAL toilet amerika is too much.

      Millions to traitors to help do it to US too.

    6. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Putin, though of a different denomination than I, is a fine Christian man.
      He is a godly monarch, attending to the needs of his people, as the Lord hast commanded.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jill, given your Christian beliefs I should have thought you’d see Putin more as Gog, of the land of Magog, the prince, leader of Meshech and Tubal. Don’t you watch Jack van Impe and his lovely wife Rexella on TV every Sunday morning?

    8. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      The Scholfield Bible is a con. Hal Lindsey is a deceiver.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      As for Christians my guess is that no more than 5% in the Kwa are pro “White” joo awake, and closed the phucking borders and deport now.

      Point is White simpletons just can not help themselves as a certain mentality just loves the big circus feel, and drama of the pervert traitors called evanjellycultist with TV studios and bs galoers.

      People are feeling afraid and alone, and this joo dominate cult has FM radios all over NORTH AMERICA, I mean every where too. NO other radio on the dial in the most remote parts of the kwa but evanjellycultists are on air.

      Always crying for support of the bandit state and please send money.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Speaking of political leaders July 29th is the 131st anniversary of the birth of Il Duce, Italy’s greatest ruler since Marcus Aurelius.


      Another great Italian ruler, Julius Caesar, was also born in July, the month named in his honor.

      Alexander of Macedonia? Born in July. Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 and Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863. Every month is White History Month, but July especially so.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      Tim, that is excellent news/history to be reminded of !

      Yes, imagine if Charles A. Lindbergh and Henry had won the 1940 election!

      The investigations the treason aliens in Hollywood would have been jailed number one.

      Then like the the bomb throwers would have caused a massive hunt for commies and thousands deported and Hollywood broken up.

      Bottom line is Hollywood was not taken over fair square, cheating, murder, and yes out right buying 51% and then driving the goy out happened.

      Edison was screwed out his patent royalties by knock off made in Europe after the war.

      They were so rich from the and with the treason of Wilson they were buying pols and judges faster than you can say kike gawdfahterrs.

      By the late 1920’s the kikes were screaming for open borders then.

      Eternally at war with the World.

    12. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Jesus Himself spit the Laodicean church (the lukewarm Church of the Last Days) out of His mouth.

    13. Sadaustralian Says:

      It is sad to see the rest of the world standing back and not doing anything,the jew said hitler was the bad man in the world and committed war crimes,well israel you have committed more than hitler,you should be a shamed of your self,.the world should charge you with war crimes as well like you did to the Germans hay,hang a few of you for what you have done,sad to see that you have do the same as hitler so what do you think people think of you now,i have never ever hated any one ever,but after seeing what you are doing to the people of gaza it make me sick to the core,and now i don’t think i will ever see you in good light ever i hope the god lets you jhave it and blows you away for what you have done to chidren and the other people that did nothing to any one,but you kill because you can and you don’t care,well to all other people in the world that reads this stand up and say some thing to other people and get the people to stand up to thing like and don’t let them happen,on day they might be your kids that they are shooting a bit late then, so get up and say some thing now,don’t sit and whatch kids die,i am one person you are many, many hands make light work so lets all start to work to stop this now befor it is our kids that will be next in line look and you will see and what they are saying all of israel thinks it is right to kill all those people and want the war in gaza,so sad to be part off the human race when it is like this,at my age i don’t have long on earth but the rest of you have so for god’s sack stand up to israel now for it is to late, and the war move to you god help us all i will pray for the lose souls so sad to die for nothing when they are so young sad Australian

    14. Sadaustralian Says:

      here on TV again tonight the tanks are going full on at Gaza look at what they are ndoing to help less people and children sad to think that they beleave in god and do thing like that,now i no why so many people hate jew’s it make me sick,ti think that USA stands back and is whatching chidren being kill you are as sick as the jew,wake up people it is time for you all to stand up and stop this mudering ways of the israelies ,you no i have never ever hate any one in my life but now all i see is children being kill the old and the people that are there to help are all so been kill at the cost of the israel the want to take over the world ,well you can have the blood world you pack killer ,hitler was a saint compeard to you lot sad to have to sad thing like this but come on world stop the killing ways of the jew charge them with war crimes,like they did to the german,and the world beleaved them well i think they are the trouble now the out cast of the human race may the lord take the water from you and you will dry up. sadaustralian,help the childer people come on stand up now tell the world you don’t like it thank you Sadaustralian