4 July, 2014

Jews Come Full Circle on Russia, or, the New Cold War

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The Jews used to hate Russia. It was full of “anti-Semites” who committed “pogroms” against the Jews. But then, the Jews, known as “Bolsheviks,” took over Russia in 1917. They loved it then. They renamed it the USSR/Soviet Union. It became the Jews’ “mother ship.” They used the Soviet Union to spread communism around the world via the “Comintern,” which was run by a Jew named Zinoviev. But later, Stalin turned on the Jews and purged them (except for one: his buddy, Lazar Kaganovich). Then, some Jews hated the Soviet Union but some remained loyal enough to it to spy on America for it, e.g., the Rosenbergs. Now, the Jews hate Russia again because it does too many things that are bad for the Jews, e.g., selling missiles to Syria and not cooperating with NWO plans.


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Isn’t it funny how the liberal Jew-run media bitches and moans about Senator Joe McCarthy and the HUAC “blacklisting” all those commie Jews and pinkos who infested New York publishing houses and Hollywood movie studios in the 1950s, YET that same liberal Jew-run media does its own blacklisting ALL THE TIME? Isn’t that funny?

      Case in point: Paul Craig Roberts. His syndicated columns were once carried by dozens of Jewspapers across the country, until his opinions ran afoul of the Jew establishment. So they conspired to silence him by dropping his column from every one of those Jewpapers, thus depriving him of his livelihood. In other words, the Jew-liberal media did the exact same thing to Mr. Roberts that the Jew-liberal media claims Joe McCarthy did to them.

      Liberals and Jews are children of the Devil.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      In a way all that reckless war-mongering coming out of Washingcoon is a good thing, because it means that the Evil Empire is about to fall. That’s how every despotic regime in history ended its reign of terror, by trying to conquer the world while imposing a police state at home. I only hope that once the Empire falls the criminals who were responsible for all the death and destruction can be dragged out of their hiding-places, tortured for a while and then either crucified or burned at the stake. I friggin’ mean it.

    3. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Ol’ Pauly Craig pulls punches when it comes to naming the children of Israhell and often times cowardly blames the “military-industrial complex” as being the primary driving force behind our reckless and murderous foreign policy. And he never reveals that neo-conservatism is jewish through and through and bears many similarities to communism with its hubris and desire for world conquest. In the case of neo-conism, it desires to impose democracy via mass murder. It was Ezra Pound who rightly said democracy is a government run by jews.

      The kikocracy has its tentacles in the so called kwan military-industrial complex and gentiles working within it and in positions of influence are christian Ziotards who worship the state of israhell.

      PCR likes to fancy himself an intrepid truth teller and risk taker, but he observes most of the restrictions and taboos and resorts to euphemisms when criticizing the chosen people/spawn of Satan.

    4. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      In defense of Roberts, though, he is infinitely better than any of the self-styled “experts” on the mainstream media. He has a decent chance at actually reaching segments of the population previously reserved exclusively for Jewish lies. Unfortunately, the White masses have fallen to the level of degenerate, ultraliberal, self-destructive, illiterate trained monkeys that alternate media sources like Roberts, RT and the rest have to tread carefully in how they reintroduce Truth into the steady diet of bullshit the over-indoctrinated, under-intellectual White masses have been fed their entire lives.

      If any alternate media source with a halfway decent sized following openly published complete and uncensored truth about the parasitic racial group called Jews, they would lose a majority of their audiences, and practically all of their White audience, because the instinctual “gasp, these guys sound just like evil Nazis” reaction would kick in. And the mainstream media would have a field day ridiculing any such truth-telling public figure with any notable number of followers. The same White lowlifes protesting hysterically against good men like Ernst Zundel, David Irving, William Pierce or prostrating themselves over slavery, colonialism, hate crimes and White privilege would sudden find a new raison d’etre in harassing these “new Hitlers”. Case in point: look at how marginalized most WN websites are despite the fact that Whites are a still a majority.

      Not that Roberts is an angel or savior, no politician or journalist is, but there are limits in the system in which they operate. It’s generally a good idea to never blindly trust any public figure, but everything which chips away at the domination the current establishment has should be welcomed. If the powers that be want to censor someone, that person must be disseminating some hidden truth. And from what I recall, Roberts often tells the truth about, inter alia, Israeli war crimes, the Jew lobby, the unnecessary wars and unimaginable corruption.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      That’s a good point about Roberts being so damn silent when it comes to naming the Jews as the prime movers behind many of our misfortunes. But if he were to do that, you know what would happen. PayPal would cancel his account (it’s Jew-run, after all), there would be the usual Jew-leftie campaign to jam up his website with Denial of Service attacks, his former colleagues would openly denounce him as a monstrous anti Semite, etc, etc. So it’s better at this point for Roberts to just hint at the source of the problem rather than to come right out and name it. Unless he really isn’t as Jew-wise as he ought to be.

    6. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I won’t deny that Pauly Craig does very good work skewering the U.S., its totalitarian police state and reckless foreign policy and occasionally mentions jewish influence in the process. But as we all know this is exclusively due to the political power of the the jews and they use this power coupled with tales of the holohoax to shape U.S. policy into a blunt instrument against its regional enemies while they and their gentile toadies convince the drooling kwans it’s in the national interest. Whoever is on israhell’s shit list is suddenly made into a mortal threat to the kwans and their exceptionalism. Pauly either can’t or won’t connect these dots.

      How much more evidence does a man need? Yet, Pauly mostly resorts to patriotardese like “military-industrial complex” and other euphemisms to explain this phenomenon. We can’t defeat the kikocracy with word games.