8 August, 2014

Australia: Just When You Thought…

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…that there was a White politician who would stand up to the Jews and their unconstitutional “hate speech” laws, guess what? There isn’t one. No White politician will oppose the Jews.


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Every year in the USA fewer people bother to show up at the polls and vote. They’re starting to realize what an insulting waste of their time it is to perpetuate the lie of demonocracy. But at the same time the politicians are spending more and more to buy those dwindling number of votes. I wonder how many Jews with “dual citizenship” fly from Israel to the US on Election day just so they can vote for their favorite goy front-man? Doesn’t matter which one they select, ’cause they’re all rotten sell-outs. But the peasants are starting to feel very disconnected from “their” government. Maybe it will go somewhere.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Another good sign is Whites are leaving the Churches. The ‘disconnection’ of White folks from their jew ass-kissing overlords is accelerating.

    3. fd Says:

      I’m thinking Australia is locked-down more than England.

      I’d like to see a trio similar to Rockwell, Revilo P Oliver and Sam Houston rise up. The latter had no problem leading men to the battlefield.

      BTW, Houston Intercontinental airport–named from Sam Houston was renamed George Bush Intercontinental Airport. How is it possible that George H. could replace a real hero like the noble Sam Houston.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      fd a billion dollar plus flat top was named after big daddy/bushhog.

      While he was still kicking too, is that a first ?

      We must protected open borders and anti White b.s. at all cost, per our regime sociopath lunatics.

    5. Kim Says:

      Just a day after this fake antisemitism story was aired.

      A GROUP of drunken teenagers who allegedly shouted anti-Semitic abuse at a busload of Jewish schoolchildren in Sydney were themselves wearing school uniforms and used their bus passes to get on board, police have said.

      The incident, in which the teenagers reportedly shouted insults such as “kill the Jews” and “Heil Hitler”, is not thought to have been targeted but has provoked outrage among Sydney’s Jewish community and politicians.

      The teenagers, who have been described as caucasian, are believed to have got onto the public bus at about 3.50pm on Wednesday afternoon. Five youths, aged between 15 and 17, were subsequently arrested in the early hours of yesterday morning, after NSW Police responded to an “unrelated incident” around 3.30am.


      Does the public not see how fake this all is?