21 August, 2014

Black “Brits”

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(Above: This man lives in North Yorkshire, England, but he is not English. He is a negro. Not the same thing)

Seen on the TV: a Black man with a British accent. This is totally creepy and just plain wrong. Negroes should not have British accents. Only British people should have British accents.

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  7. 33 Responses to “Black “Brits””

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      They also should not have English names.

      Let them stick with their made up fantasy names–Mo’neekwa, Kanteesha; the Islamic-sounding names–Jamal, Rishad; and the ridiculuous–Yomajesty, Vagina.

      And I am also glad that they came up with Ebonics; any degree of separation between us and them has got to be good.

      But on another note: Has anyone noticed how the Money Power is niggerizing the UFC? It is amazing to behold.

    2. fd Says:

      Made-up Negro names: My name is Lateesha and my name is Kashondra.

    3. Sean Gruber Says:

      A few years back “Doctor Who” had a female sidekick whose boyfriend was a nigger Brit. I reduced my TV watching from a hour per month to zero around that time.

    4. Zerstoerer Says:

      This is pay back for Britain’s role for lying down with Marxist jew dogs. Britain was clearly on the wrong side of history and is now paying big time for it’s part during the second world war. If anything that was a game changer for Britain, this was it. Bringing non whites into it’s country which was all part of the compromise of paying back it’s war debt, the kikes truly run Britain inside and out.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Would any prince, president or prime minister who possessed a paternal love and respect for his people let a negro or mudslim within a million miles of his country? Of course not. Therefore the only reasonable conclusion is that our rulers and representatives really hate and despise us ‘common’ White folk.

      All our governments have no legitimacy and we owe them absolutely no allegiance.

    6. Mighty Whitey Says:

      I remember when he was enthroned, the heeBBC’s newsreader, Huw Edwards, delighted in telling us “A thousand years of (English) tradition was swept aside today as John Sentamu was enthroned as Archbishop of York” and I thought to myself, who the fuck are these people to sweep aside a thousand years of my Nations traditions.

      And as for him having a “British accent,” he doesn’t, to English ears he sounds like what he is, and always will be, an African.

    7. fd Says:

      Off subject: California law makers ban DIXIE Battle Flag and all Confederate paraphernalia from government offices and property.

      Law makers compare Battle flag to Holocaust: “”Its symbolism in history is directly linked to the enslavement, torture and murder of millions of Americans,” Hall said of the Confederate flag. “The state of California should not be in the business of promoting hate toward others.” WTF

      California had a magnificent opportunity to secede from the Potomac in 1861. Such a courageous state of that era may have got out.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Law makers compare Battle flag to Holocaust: “”Its symbolism in history is directly linked to the enslavement, torture and murder of millions of Americans,” Hall said of the Confederate flag. “The state of California should not be in the business of promoting hate toward others.” ”

      But it’s always OK to hate Southern White people or anything connected to their history. Those White liberal faggot politicians. Come the Day of the Rope they will be the first to find their carcasses dangling off the San Pedro bridge.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      After the British Empire collapsed it should have been expected that its coloured subjects would want to swarm into the former imperial capital and nest there. This is what happens when a great country decides to become an empire. It covers vast parts of the earth with its net, then when its empire recedes that net drags all the subhuman debris back with it towards the mother country.

    10. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen wrote: “It covers vast parts of the earth with its net, then when its empire recedes that net drags all the subhuman debris back with it towards the mother country.” That’s exactly what the Roman Empire did.

    11. fd Says:

      California Negro and Jew unite to declare war on the Southern country.


    12. Simon Sheppard Says:

      I met this character while working in the Print Shop in Armley Prison, Leeds. He was on a visit, being followed around by a photographer. I was being shown off to him as their star worker. When I turned from the typesetting job I was immersed in I recognised the black face and gappy teeth and said “You’re that media junkie.” I nearly got into serious trouble for this, but got out of it by saying that if I’d really told him what I thought there would have been sparks flying, and the officers should have known better than to allow him within range of me.

    13. Simon Sheppard Says:

      PS. Since no one else seems to have pointed it out, he is John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York and “Primate of England” (Ha!). The Archbishop of York is second only to the Archbishop of Canterbury in Church of England hierarchy.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Primate” of England…you got that right! I wonder at this point if England can be saved. Or if it’s even worth trying to save.

    15. fd Says:

      Can England be saved? That’s a good question. Its only hope is to be saved by outside forces.

      The royal family draws a straight line back to William the Conqueror. The Norman-French connection. Angle Land–England. The English are German who want to be French :)

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, I thought the “House of Windsor” were not Normans but Germans from Goth-Saxe-Colburg, or something like that. I know that Queen Victoria was the Kaiser’s grandmother. They changed their name to Windsor during the Great War so as to HIDE their German ancestry, the dirty sneaks.

      What’s even weirder than hearing a Negro talk with a proper British accent is an Aboriginie who talks like that. To look at those primitive people you’d think they were incapable of human speech.

    17. fd Says:

      Tim, I should have been more clear. The power structure put in place by William the Conqueror after his victory in 1066 started a new hereditary succession that has gone uninterrupted from that day to this day. The royal family married all over the place, but it is stilled traced back to William the Bastard.

    18. fd Says:

      I think William the Conqueror was the last person to conquer England. That allowed the royal families to fight over the crown from within.

      Had the Anglo/Saxon army not been setup by two simultaneous invasions from Normandy and Norway. victory may have been secured. Many historians agree that the Norman victory was a major influence on world history.

    19. Antagonistes Says:

      When the Normans (who were really Vikings who had been in France for two-hundred years) invaded England, people from all over northern France went with them.

      Most of the non-Normans were Celts from Brittany, some men came from Flanders.

      After William prevailed, the Norwegians came back to claim England. William merely paid them to go away.

      (From “1096” by Prof. Jennifer Paxton, the Teaching Company.)

      It is interesting that Margaret Thatcher had some sort of disease of the finger ligaments that is known to occur among Norwegian/Viking-type people.

      It is also interesting that the people of northern France (presumably with Viking blood) are perceived as more dour and serious than the people in southern France, who are reputed to be more Latin/carefree. I am not sure where those with Celtic blood would fit on this spectrum.

    20. fd Says:

      The French are Latin celtics. The French language is a Latin dialect.

    21. Antagonistes Says:

      That’s why I liked them when I went there—they FEEL.

    22. Antagonistes Says:

      PS—back to the subject of Black Brits.

      One day I was at my brother’s house and he had this book of rather beautiful paintings of fairies that he got for a couple of bucks. He asked me if I wanted it. I thumbed through it and saw . . . believe it or not . . .
      BLACK FAIRIES. “No, thanks,” I said. “There are NO black fairies.”

      I felt the same as I do when seeing homos arm in arm, black bishops with Brit accents, White girls with black bucks, etc.—This is totally creepy and just plain wrong.

    23. CW-2 Says:

      Re Simon Sheppard, great to see you posting on this site! Keep fighting.

      Your run-in with the ‘esteemed’ Archbishop made me laugh. Free speech especially of the humorous sort is a weapon that scares the hell out of the system.

      PS what’s happened to ‘Luke O’Farrell’?

    24. Sean Gruber Says:

      “It covers vast parts of the earth with its net, then when its empire recedes that net drags all the subhuman debris back with it towards the mother country.”

      Well said indeed.

      Every time the US starts a war, plenty of the refugees end up in US neighborhoods. Dropped into a pedicure palace lately? You can meet more Vietcong tomorrow in California than you ever saw as a soldier in ‘Nam. Iranians, Iraqis–look around. It’s called “Loser’s Revenge.” Someone else once described this US policy as: “Invade the World, Invite the World.”

      Mr. Sheppard, thank you and keep fighting the sods!

    25. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Well I’ll be a jolly wog, Archbishop indeed! Talk about a Black Ass, or is that a Black Mass, would you need a consecrated Watermelon for that?

    26. Tim McGreen Says:

      So the Anglican Church would rather have a gap-toothed coon serving as an Archbishop instead of a decent White English woman?

    27. Sean Gruber Says:

      Jesus came for the scum, Tim. Not for the good people. He said so in the Bible. A gap-toothed coon is more appropriate Christian “outreach” than a clean-cut White anything.

      I seem to recall a study saying that most people who profess the Christian faith aren’t White.

    28. CW-2 Says:

      The Anglican Church has taken an anti-White position since the 1930 Lambeth Conference. The bishop of Birmingham, Montifiore, was a jew and fairly anti-Christian. Recently, the bishop of Rochester (England), Michael Nazir-Ali, while appearing to be fairly orthodox, is probably some sort of ex-Muslim.
      There are probably lots of others that we’re not aware of. Is it any wonder the churches are empty.

    29. Thom McQueen Says:

      Here are your gods, oh white men! http://www.hildebrandt-art.com/art/gods/index.htm

    30. Howdy Doody Says:

      English men with any power must not be straight 100% with out any kike genes as it is time for another round of 1683.

    31. Howdy Doody Says:

      The future is filled now with old nuke subs, and weapon’s, if not used they will be a mess to clean up and store in a safe area on the Earth.

      Only a suicidal sociopathic bunch of criminals who have engineered all wars of the last 100 years, with rewarding us for murdering their enemy with fast breeding hostile races along with brain rinsing our people for 50 years to stand down and not have any children at the same time, plus hate our selves BASED on lies and projections of what they are. etc.

      The Congoids of Africa will die off as surely as the wild animals they are making instinct.

      There no environmentalist om North America not controlled by kikes/foundations etc.

      The chinks will get all the bear parts and other animal parts they lust for too.

      The numbers of chinks invading the regime since pappy bush hog got the 1986 amnasty 1 going is a horror.

      Patriotards always send emails about islamoslime as being the the problem endlessly, but back in 2000 it was cheered on when the NWO bombed the shit out Belgrade, sewer treatment plants, plastics, bridges with civilian trains passengers with TV Radios stations because they fought back islamo invaders!

      Islamos !


    32. fd Says:

      Howdy Doody, you’re right about the phony environmentalists.

      A significant portion of so – called environmentalists in America are criminals. They go around the country shooting animals with ammunition that heavily sedates their prize. The anti-naturalists run test, log information and finally place a large collar around the animal’s neck with detection devices which probably includes radio waves to monitor what side of the mountain the moose, mule deer, etc., will be on at any given time. There are entire herds of the deer family in parks, wildlife refuges and private property (if there is such a thing) that are under heavy surveillance. Each and everyone has its own collar. We’re next ! !

      I’m not a freaky animal lover. If a dog attacks me, he’s going down if I have gun on me. I just don’t like militant environmentalists who want to control nature.

    33. Sean Gruber Says:

      A number of environmentalists, especially the old radical ELF types, are jews. It isn’t surprising that some jews might want to tag and track everything that flies through the air, crawls on the ground, or just hoofs it. Gotta know where EVERYTHING is at ALL TIMES. jews are the most paranoid animal on earth. Updated your Facebook page lately, ya cattle?