17 August, 2014

International Marxists are Investigating America’s “Racism”

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If Trotsky, Lenin and Mao were alive, they’d love the “UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.”


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  7. 4 Responses to “International Marxists are Investigating America’s “Racism””

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      You know, those famous Red leaders didn’t especially like the Negroes. They simply used the issue of race as a way to make the decadent bourgeois societies of the West look bad. But I don’t fault them for that. After all, the CIA and Western media were always portraying life behind the “Iron Curtain” as bleak and oppressive. It was all part of the propaganda war being waged between Washingcoon and Moscow. Of course it goes without saying that the propaganda war has resumed, thanks to the bloodthirsty Jew and his willing goy accomplices.

    2. Vive_Caucasia Says:


      Quick somebody alert abe “ratface” foxman

    3. Mel Brooks Says:

      I’ve known a lot of Russian immigrants, and Jew or Gentile they all denied the “oppressive” Soviet tag. They did admit to the authorities not molly-coddling criminals and trouble-makers. But with cop beat-downs never out of the news and our Fearless Leaders new-found ability to make us stateless, or guilty-until-proven innocent, how different from the USSR can this home of Freedumb & Dimorcrazy be?

      Haha.. I don’t know who actually runs RT, but they DO come up with some odd and funny stories. Just look at the gravy boats on that broad! And the tattoo-she looks like one of the renegade Jewish girls I grew up with, the kind that hung out with the badgoys in our school to piss off Mom & Dad.


    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I highly recommend rt.com for its excellent news, commentary and documentaries. “Breaking the Set” with Abby Martin and “The Max Kaiser Report” are two of my favorite segments. RT is paid for courtesy of the Russian government but it is not a state propaganda organ.

      Obviously the animosity between Jews and Arabs goes back a long way, since before that fable about Jacob giving his brother Esau a bowl of oatmeal in exchange for the “birthright” to rule Canaan was first dreamed up. But Jews and Arabs are closely related, like Pollacks and Russians. You’d think that kind ethnic kinsmanship would bond them together but it has the opposite effect. Still, the Jews lived quietly and peacefully, more or less, in Arab lands for many centuries before those Zionist invaders from central and eastern Europe showed up in Palestine to cause trouble.