28 August, 2014

Roots of American Communism

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(Above: Jay Lovestone, true name Liebstein)

Just like in Europe, Jews led the communist movement in America. (I mention socialists with communists here because they were all influenced by Karl Marx).

Jewish founders/leaders of the Socialist party: Daniel De Leon, Morris Hillquit and Victor Berger.

Jewish founders/leaders of the Communist party (founded in 1919): Benjamin Gitlow, Jay Lovestone, Louis Shapiro, Israel Amter, Julius Hammer (founder of the Communist Labor Party, which became part of the CPUSA), William Weinstone, Martin Abern (a Trotskyist), Alexander Bittelman, John Pepper, Isaac E. Ferguson, Bertram Wolfe, Nicholas Hourwich, Maximilian Cohen.

Major, non-founder Jews in the Communist party include: Victor Perlo, Herbert Aptheker.

(Admittedly, a few founders/leaders of the American communist movement weren’t Jews, e.g., Charles Ruthenberg, Louis Fraina and the socialist Eugene Debs)[1].


[1] it’s important to note, however, that the gentile radicals were nonetheless influenced by Jews, e.g., the socialist leader Debs was given a copy of Marx’s book “Das Capital” by the Jew, Victor Berger, a book which influenced Debs greatly. By the way, I’ve seen a mention of the American communist party being “only” 33% Jewish. If you’re talking about the top 33%, i.e., the highest-ranking people, from the very beginning of the movement, then, yes, that’s probably an accurate percentage

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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Wow, “only” 33% jewish! They are only over-represented by at least 10 times. Incidentally, jew Lovestone doesn’t look particularly kikey, but the eyes are a give away, the same hostile predatory stare they share with criminals and mudslims.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      There is nothing un-American about s&#$%lism per se, just like there is nothing particularly American about capitalism. But when the Jew sticks his big crooked beak into the picture it’s all but certain there will be trouble.