13 August, 2014

The Morality of the Immigration Problem

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“When I point out that the immigrants who built America were immigrants from Europe, and that the immigrants who are destroying America now are from everywhere but Europe, the host asks me incredulously whether or not I really believe that it makes any difference where the immigrants come from. He pretends to believe that immigrants from Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, or Mexico have the same effect on American life that immigrants from Sweden, Poland, England, Ireland, or Germany have had. He pretends to believe this, because otherwise he would be charged with being a racist, and then he would no longer have a job as a radio or TV host. And I am afraid that there are idiots out there who really do believe that, because that’s what they’re being taught in their schools and their churches, as well as by their TV.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to “The Morality of Immigration” (a slightly different title than the text version has).

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