21 August, 2014

Western Art Then vs. Western Art Now

Posted by Socrates in art, General Decline, Socrates, Western civilization, Western culture, Western decline, White art/architecture at 9:37 pm | Permanent Link

Then: Nicolas Poussin:

Now: Cy Twombly:

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  7. 6 Responses to “Western Art Then vs. Western Art Now”

    1. Joe Says:

      No comment is necessary. The pictures speak for themselves.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      No one has the right to call himself a true artist unless he can first paint like Nicolas Poussin or Jaques-Louis David. Then, and only then, can he dribble off a silly finger-painting like Twombly and call it art. But as far as I know Twombly never had the artistic ability of a Poussin or a David.

      We are clearly living in yet another period of decline for Western civilization. Who knows if or when there will be another Renaissance.

    3. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      When a person of a certain mindset sees an achievement that he cannot equal, he tries to degrade it. His jealousy causes him to deny the existence of value, and he becomes, in effect, a nihilist.

      Many people consider this to be a mark of the Left, but I have seen it on the Right, and everywhere in between. It is possible, however, that it is a part of the politics of the Left. A person on the Right will degrade the opposition, but seek to elevate his own work, which is usually of the same kind.

      Some people, however, hate what they contemptibly call the bourgeoisie world, and seek to destroy it. They do not seek to present another offering of the same kind; instead they want to destroy that kind.

      From Wikipedia:

      Twombly was also survived by Nicola Del Roscio, “his longtime companion.”

      I think that explains much of Twombly’s motivations, and the motivations of those who support him.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Thanks for the research and the insight, Holy One.

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      Where . . . is . . . Topkea?

    6. Antagonistes Says:

      I don’t see the Brothers Hildebrandt.