20 September, 2014

Black Writer Walter Williams on Multiculturalism

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There are a couple of things wrong with this article:

“At the heart of multiculturalism is an attack on Western and Christian values.”

People need to get it out of their heads that Christianity is somehow a Western religion. It’s not. It’s a Levantine (i.e., Middle Eastern), egalitarian religion created by Jews which was foolishly adopted by White people [1].

“The U.S. is a nation of many races, ethnicities, religions and cultures.”

The U.S. is no longer a nation. It’s a country. A nation is one people related by race and culture, e.g., the Swedes.


[1] Jews wrote the Old Testament. The messages in Christianity are not compatible with White nationalism

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Walter Williams is the official house Negro of the right wing, an Uncle Tom if ever there was one. I also believe he is a homosexual but you’d have to ask George Will about that.

      The best kind of Black is the one who is an angry, Jew-wise militant, a Panther or NOI type, like the late Khalid Mohammed. But forget about the right wing, they have nothing of value to say or contribute to the White Resistance. They were never a friend of the White working man. But those old-school American S*i*lists like Eugene V. Debbs were. And of course there were the populists like Huey “Kingfish” Long (whom the FDR gang rubbed out in 1935 so that Rosenfeld wouldn’t have to run against him in 1936) and “isolationists” like Col. Lindbergh and Henry Ford. Where are their kind today? Pat Buchanan is a good guy but he’s too deeply involved with The System.

    2. fd Says:

      Another social science, multi-culture, multiracial, essay. But I’m not going to criticize it. If White people in America have a problem with Asians, it’s because the Federals have been bombing Arabia and nearby countries non-stop for about 30 years.

      Whites are getting close to the point that we declare ourselves sovereign individuals and defend ourselves as best we may. We have to escape amalgamation.

    3. fd Says:

      To be clear: I didn’t bother to criticize the article because Tim McGreen covered it. Besides, much of the article read like a school paper written by Girl Friday.

    4. Mel Brooks Says:

      This one had me hunting down the old N.A. Big Red Book, which in spite of it’s age, has content that (precisely) predicted the present dilemma we find ourselves in. If you go over the content that covers “Western Christianity”, you’ll see that more than one scribe basically says what my evil ole’ Grandpa used to say-that Xianity is Judaism with the teeth pulled out. Ex. “Love They Neighbor” in Jesusspeak really meant “Love Your Own Kind” to the Ewes.

      Christianity, like it’s secular cousin Marxism, is Judaism for the (m)asses. I’d love to see the bemused expression on the faces of the lumpen if some politician played the devil’s advocate and simply started referring to “Western Values” and left the Christian baggage off his comments. How long would it be before the Cohnservatives were howling for his (or her) blood? Anti-Chersen Pipple! Anti-Religion of Peace! Anti-Family Values Natural-Born Republican Border Hoppers!

      Feh..it’ll nevah happen.

      BTW, whatever happened to my Olde Protestant nemesis Olde Dutch?

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Christianity is the export version of Judaism. If you read the Mold Testament you’ll see that virtually everything Jesus supposedly said was taken directly from it…the sayings, the parables, prophecies…there’s nothing much that is original in the New Jew Testament except the Book of Acts, which actually is a rather entertaining story. It could definitely stand some good editing but if you can discard all the nonsensical Christian sentimentality that has accumulated on top of it and just read it as a work of fiction from the ancient world, like Virgil or Petronius, it’s not too bad.

      Olde Dutch, New America, Gerald Patrick Morris, ZOG, Blackshirt, Ein, Apollonian…where did they all go? Is there a rest home for retired WN commentators?

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Western values”? Let’s cut to the chase and simply call them what they really are…..WHITE VALUES. They would include a strong sense of individuality, creativity, hard work, bravery, personal responsibility, a love of nature, a love of freedom, a love for adventure and discovery, love for one’s family and tribe, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge and truth.

      No other race possesses all of these qualities. For example, the African Negro lived for countless thousands of years along the beaches of West Africa, yet at NO TIME did it occur to him, not once, to build a raft, boat or canoe large enough to explore the vast ocean that was directly in front of him!

      The Jews lived in Judea, a shabby little kingdom of sorts located along the shores of the eastern Mediterranean, yet unlike their neighbors the Greeks, Egyptians, Minoans and Phoenicians they never became a seafaring people. They never built any great ships, nor did they produce any great navigators, sailors, map-makers or sea-captains.

      The New World Indian never learned to ride the prehistoric wild horses that roamed the American plains, they just hunted them all into extinction. And they never had any interest in developing a written language or inventing the wheel. Lazy asses.

      The Chinaman supposedly explored parts of the Indian and Pacific Oceans centuries before the Europeans did but had no real, lasting interest in exploration, discovery or colonization. After a few hundred years they lost interest altogether and withdrew back into their natural state of isolation, stagnation and submission to authority.

      Yes sir, the White Race has ’em all beat. And they know it.

    7. Mel Brooks Says:

      Dunno Tim, maybe they’re waiting for a spark..like when I nod out in front of my wood stove, and suddenly the embers, finding some small source of combustion, noisily burst into flame, and rouse me from my dreams.

      In other news, what a lucky old Yiddeleh this guy is. I am NEVER going to have one of these damned things. Fifty years after first seeing a snowberry white one in the pouring-down rain in San Francisco in front of the Geary Theater..(sigh). If the insurance company paid off, isn’t it theirs?


    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Why would you want a Jaguar, Mel? British cars are no friggin’ good. Get yourself a good old-fashioned American car, you know, one that was built in Mexico, Canada and South Korea.

      So you were living in SF during the 60s, eh? Was it as great as “they” all say it was? Did you see the Dead or the Airplane perform at the Filmore? Did you run into Charles Manson? Were you a disciple of Dr. Leary? Did you participate in the Human Be-In? Tell us, Mel, do.

    9. Mel Brooks Says:

      Yer’ keepin’ late hours there, T.McG.

      Your last post said it all..one of my little iggies is the Great Wall of China. If you have a good look at the thing, it’s clearly obvious that Western (oh alright! WHITE) minds conceived of the thing. Stone is a medium that only whitey ever really mastered, and even the look of it is redolent of ancient castles in Europe or the UK, not the amusing but ultimately flimsy concoctions the Asians came up with on their own. As a native Kali-fornian I have a well-developed appreciation and fascination with the power of earthquakes. And Asia has loads of them-the wall remains with every China earthquake, when every other scene is of Pagoda piles in pieces on the ground. There’s no flipping way that the gewks conceived of that wall.

      My name? Mr. Polo. I’d like the Kungpowder Noodles delivered, thanks

    10. Mel Brooks Says:

      I’d be happy just to gaze upon the incredibly shapely, mechanically monstrous E-Type for all of my daze. It is, and not arguably so, the most beautiful car ever made. Nothing else even comes close. Well, OK, maybe the 2+2 was a mite bulky. Still…

      I wasn’t a “Child of the 60s”, a declaration that turns my stomach when I’m unfortunate enough to hear it, I was a child IN the 60s. Unlike the older Boomers, I have no nostalgic longings for that period. Frankly, most of the Sixties were just plain scary. Manson and his followers were far away, thankfully, though the Zodiac Killer was too close for comfort, and shooed in the 70s in a terrifying fashion. I never was much for the San Francisco Sound, tho’ I did love the Airplane when I got to be old enough to appreciate them. Timothy Leary was just a peculiar man that wore funny jackets. To this day I’ve never done LSD. My organic hallucinations were sufficient, thanks.

      What was this thread about?

    11. fd Says:

      As a baby boomer, I recall the 1960s as a time of great courage and revolutionaries who illustrated that courage. The two most persecuted, insulted groups of that decade are hippies and mean ol’ racists who fought for White separation down South.

      The body bags were coming home 100 a week, compliments of Federal scum. That tells me the most self-conscious, saturated hippie and/or racist of the meanest nature was a thousand times better than any creature on the Potomac.

      Hippie culture was leaderless. They were too intelligent to pervert their culture by locking it down with hardcopy doctrine. And the South wanted to be let alone.

      So the hippies who were not on a natural high ate acid, the boys in Vietnam smoked heroin through a gun barrel and the cosmic cowboys out of Texas rode across the Milky Way Galaxy. Hopefully they found some banks to rob.

    12. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      If fidelity in marriage is a White value, then why don’t we see it? We are becoming like the Negro. Young people today think nothing of fornication.
      Love of one’s family and race? Aborted White children would make a huge army . Individual responsibility? All have sold out to money and “success.”
      Individuality? White people always follow Negro trends.

      We must return to the Scriptures.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Miss Jill and Big Jim make some good points, it’s true. I’ve been complaining about stupid White sports-fans and mindless middle-class conformity/materialism for years. We’ve also lost tens of millions of healthy but aborted White babies in Europe and North America over the last few decades. And yes, many fat, lazy, stupid, immature Whites resort to needless lawsuits because someone at work or school called them a name or their McDonald’s coffee was too hot and they scalded themselves, entitling them to millions in compensation.

      But those useless eaters and race-traitors could be weeded out easily enough if we really wanted to get rid of them. It’s all about quality, not quantity.

      Now please tell me, how would reading old Jewish fairy-tales about Ham seeing his dad Noah passed out drunk and naked or Lot pimping out his daughters to an angry mob make us a better race of people?

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      FYI, Miss Jill and Big Jim, stormfart.org is very fond of conservative White Christians. Of course they do ask for money a lot, even more than PBS. So if that’s not a problem you MAY wish to consider signing up with them as well as continuing to post your comments here. Just a suggestion.

    15. fd Says:

      There’s something devious about Stormfront. Creepy outfit.

    16. Sean Gruber Says:

      You know you’re in the Kwa when…nogs do our thinking for us.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      Never mind young White brain rinsed empty heads with ear plugs and tat’s, you can see older men in grocery stores with nig shorts, or sweats.

      The tat’s on older women especially sweat hogs is disgusting.

      Nothing is worse that an actual good looking young White cashier with tongue piercing’s speaking to you.

      As I say media has half of our people fully brain rinsed, if we don’t wake up we will be Holdomared!

    18. CW-2 Says:

      The evidence is fairly clear that almost all of the major branches of Christianity have either passively or with enthusiasm taken on their assigned role to get Whitey on board the NWO express train. We know where the train is headed and we’re not going along for the ride.
      That is present situation, but historically perhaps Christianity was a good thing!? The ‘first’ Christian was St Paul, he was a Roman citizen and appears to be quite a clever guy. He starts out as Jew but changes and seems to develop an affection for non-Jews. Really remarkable. Perhaps he, as a supporter of the Roman Empire, saw that without a moral framework based on individual responsibility the Empire wouldn’t survive. Just a thought.

    19. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Now please tell me, how would reading old Jewish fairy-tales about Ham seeing his dad Noah passed out drunk and naked or Lot pimping out his daughters to an angry mob make us a better race of people?–Tim McGreen

      Noah had just accomplished a tremendous thing—surviving the Flood. Whether the Flood was world-wide or local does not matter. He brought his family through it. Then he does something really stupid, and Ham sees him and makes fun of him.

      Lot offering his daughters to the Sodomites–that one is really difficult for me. They say that he was showing hospitality. I would say that he went way over the top if that is so. No, I think that he was somehow afraid for his own life, and showed cowardice.

      Both stories show that men (women) have something wrong with them, something that throws sand in the gears. The Bible calls it sin.

    20. Sean Gruber Says:

      Jeboos jebooing jebooily. They are caught young. My 2 year old nephew’s first word was practically “Jeeesus!” His parents taught him that “Jeeesus!” is behind everything good, even ice cream. “What do you say?” his parents sing when the kid swallows a mouthful of Rocky Road. “Thank you, Jeeesus!” chirps the tyke. Thus will he keep repeating “Jeeesus!” until the coffin closes. No thought will intervene, and should it do so, it will be suppressed by his earliest and deepest emotional wiring. “Jeeesus!”

      There are more people (?) out there like that than you think.

    21. Sean Gruber Says:

      (*6 years old now, and on his way to becoming a youth minister or a serial killer)

    22. CW-2 Says:

      W G Simpson in his book ‘Which Way Western Man’, (every serious WN should have a copy), asks the question; why can’t Homer be our Moses, or other great writers of our people be treated with the same reverence as that accorded to writings produced during the Levant Bronze Age.

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m afraid I don’t understand Mr. Simpson’s complaint. Plato, Virgil and Homer are still highly revered in the West, as are Shakespeare, Dickens and Tolstoy. And unlike the Bible, people have actually read those other authors.