27 September, 2014

Jewish Mass-Murderers: Never Punished

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(I previously talked about how the Jewish, communist thug Lazar Kaganovich was never charged with any crime. Above are the Jewish, communist thugs Hilary Minc and Boleslaw Bierut, who terrorized Poland. Neither man was jailed for any crime)

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  7. One Response to “Jewish Mass-Murderers: Never Punished”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      If it’s any consolation a lot of wartime Axis officials were never prosecuted for their alleged crimes either. Hundreds of thousands Japs, Krauts and Guineas would have to have been put on trial and punished. And that would have meant no postwar reconstruction for Europe and Asia.

      If the Pollacks were to have engaged in a vigorous post-Communist prosecution of their former Red tyrants a lot of embarrassing information about snitches and secret files would have to be made public. They probably figured it was easier to just move forward instead of “getting even” or exacting revenge. Only Jews are obsessed with things like hate and revenge, because they thrive on everything that’s negative.