9 October, 2014

America, the Sitcom, Part 12

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Jewish federal government official: “We can’t ban travelers from West Africa. America is part of the global community!”

Black federal government official: “Yes, the global community!”

Mexican federal government official: “Besides, banning Blacks from West Africa would be racist.”

Liberal federal government official: “Yes, racist! It’s better to risk an Ebola outbreak than to be racist!”


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  7. One Response to “America, the Sitcom, Part 12”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      So let me see if I understand the Jewsmedia…….On one hand, ebola may turn out to be another Bubonic Plague, a pandemic that kills off tens of millions around the world. Run for your lives! But on the other hand ebola is nothing to worry about. The Federal Empire is ready to deal with any outbreaks in this country, so we can keep the borders wide open and non-Whites from the Third World can continue to flow in here unchecked.

      Now you know why I no longer listen to, read or watch anything that the Jewsmedia has to say about any issue whatsoever.