21 October, 2014

Gaza: World’s Largest Concentration Camp

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      That one cartoon says it all, not even a caption underneath it is required. Unlike their Jew tormentors the Palestinians are victims of a REAL Holocaust. Something tells me this editorial cartoon will probably not appear in TIME or The New York Daily News. Just a guess.

    2. kevin Says:

      Shouldn’t that cartoon have a dumb-fuck amerikan behind the fence?

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Vladimir Putin Is The Leader Of the Moral World

      By Paul Craig Roberts


      October 27, 2014

      Read this one above


      V. Putin

      At the same time, total control of the global mass media has made it possible when desired to portray white as black and black as white.


      Putin speaks of Gaza near the end of his talk.