21 October, 2014

Speaking of Concentration Camps…

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Wolf Blitzer, the CNN news anchorman, has traveled to Auschwitz (*yawn*). In 300 years, will Americans still be hearing about Auschwitz? Yes! The Jews have made “Holocaust” remembrance a religion in the West. WWII is now only a footnote to the Holocaust story. As if the Nazis had any choice in sending Jews to Auschwitz. Jews were a big security risk for Germany (and for all White countries, and they still are today). Most of them were communists, and the ones who weren’t communists were nonetheless subversive in other ways. Of course Jews were shipped off to concentration camps. Logic demanded it. By the way, it was Jews (i.e., the Soviets) who perfected the concentration-camp system via the “Gulag.” Germany merely copied parts of it from them [1]. As for “human gassings” at Auschwitz: that’s pure baloney. Most dead inmates at Auschwitz died from either disease, malnutrition/starvation or perhaps hanging if they were hard-core criminals. However, many Jews survived Auschwitz, which tells you that it wasn’t a “death camp” per se.


[1] a Jew, Naftaly Frenkel, was considered to be the godfather of the perfected Soviet concentration-camp system, which was run by the government agency called the “Gulag,” an acronym for “Main Administration of Corrective Labor Camps and Labor Settlements.” It figures that an instrument of terror was perfected by Jews and blamed on gentiles

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Another boring Holohoax tale of how our Jewish masters died for the sins of the goyim in the gas chambers and cremation ovens of Auschwitz. That’s nice.

      So Wolf Blitzer explored his “roots”? Jews have no roots, they’re found all over the place, like weeds and bugs.

    2. Doug Says:

      How can there be Ouchwitch holocaust survivors? If they are/were survivors they were not gassed at Ouchwitch.

    3. John Says:

      You think that fox is better? Megan Kelly thinks that there’s not enough blacks… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDqaSwatd8I

    4. Nichols Says:

      Starvation at Auschwitz? Hardly.

      The complex produced much of its own food, and was evacuated before the general catastrophe about to strike the Reich made positive hell-holes of certain of the camps on present-day German soil (Dachau, Belsen…). It’s largely to the photos the liberators then took in those places — and not at all at Auschwitz! — that we owe the still so prevalent belief in the extermination lie, hence in the need to reject “racism”.

      Congratulations, though, on having grasped the fact that the Holo-myth is what’s led the white world astray, made it go, in fact, suicidally mad. With quite a big payback for the barbaric Jewnited states, chief annihilator of Germany, among the consequences.

    5. Cliff Says:

      I’ve got no reason to doubt the Jews’ own version of history. I am not a Jew, but what’s wrong with being a Jew? I am not a Communist, but what’s wrong with being a Communist? I share my DNA and my humanity with Jews and Communists and people of color. The only thing that hurts and embarrasses me is sharing my DNA with bigotted, hate-filled ignorant whites who think they are some sort of pinnacle of evolutionary achievement when our white skin (yes, I am white) is nothing more than a genetic mutation that persisted because it proved advantageous to the climate in the northern latitudes of Europe. Incidentally, if white people stay in the warmest, most sun-drenched parts of the USA for long enough, evolution will do its work all over again. Surely that could never happen, could it?

    6. Cliff Says:

      And the reason there are survivors of the holocaust is mostly due to forced labour. The staggering workload of keeping the camps running meant utilising the strongest prisoners. Those best able to work stayed alive. Work makes us free – indeed.