25 October, 2014

“The Suicide of a Great Nation”

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A good article, but “suicide” isn’t the correct word. More like “genocide” (i.e., White genocide committed by Jews, and to a lesser extent, by leftists and globalists)[1].


[1] granted, Jews built the political Left in America

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  7. 15 Responses to ““The Suicide of a Great Nation””

    1. Sean Gruber Says:

      Jews murdered America.

      I hate all this “suicide” horseshit. “Poor little us! For some reason, we fucked up and slit our own wrists. No one is at fault except ourselves. We take all the blame. It’s our fault. No one else is responsible…no one. Especially not jews. Heaven forfend! No, it’s all our fault… We don’t deserve to live. We deserve to go extinct. The wonderful jews have meritoriously won, and it’s our job to concede the fight gracefully and drop dead, as fast as possible.” Hmmmm… who would be pushing that line, d’you think?

    2. Sean Gruber Says:

      The problem with Whites, if there is one, is the tendency to introspect, to self-examine, to be full of guilt, and conversely (and perversely) to assert that we are the captains of our fate, that if we were stabbed in the back, then, well, we simply have *chosen* to die at this time, as if we are all-powerful aristocrats and our enemies are ineffectual buffoons. Inwardness, narcissism, blaming ourselves first — if any White wants to navel-gaze about his faults, he should start there.

    3. fd Says:

      Sean Gruber, good point about the ‘suicide/ poor little us’ routine. I’m not buying it either.

      The author wrote quite a rambling essay. He talked about domestic policy, political policy, elections and all the mistakes made in the past and present. The text highlighted globalists, one worlders and the terrorist group ISIS. Anybody who has the audacity to roll back what the Federals do is a terrorist.

      Philip Giraldi never mentioned Federal tyranny and Federal terrorism made possible by the military government on the Potomac.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      But the fact is there are still several hundred million White people in the world and less than 20 million Jews. We outnumber them by something like 40 to 1, god dammit. The Jews control the central banks, the mass media, the elite schools, the national assemblies and the legal system only because we fucking allow it.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Good points raised by Sean.
      Nations don’t commit suicide, they are murdered in a stealthy sneaky and cowardly manner by jews.
      They have almost finished placing us in fetters and instructing the muds to wield the final blow, so their attention is now starting to shift to their next victim. Who will that be? How do they figure they can destroy China?

    6. fd Says:

      Keep in mind that the approximate 20 million Jews receive an artificial lift by several hundred million Christians who worship the Jew god.

    7. Sean Gruber Says:

      Tim, how does one shooter intimidate an entire school? After all, they outnumber him 1000 to 1.

      The jew is the aggressor and he knocked our dick in the dirt. Not every head shot can be foreseen. Anyway, job #1 is not to agonize over our lack of impossible perfection. Job #1 is to fight back and kill that fucker.

    8. John Says:

      Jews always pushed great nations to become empires in order to better go unnoticed. Contact with outside races (war, subjugation, collaboration, end of euro-centrism), competition with other whites (end of race solidarity) is better for them.
      Charles Krauthammer woudn’t have his privileged place in white nation.
      Pamella Geller wouldn’t be cheered by joe-six-pack and sally-soccer-mum when she recommanded Israel to nuke Europe is it was to be wiped out by Iran.
      Napoleon who was not a big fan of the jews granted them high positions in order to have bankers and the rest of international jewry sympathy.
      The “suicide” of the empire will let a white nationalist republic to take its stead (after some unpleasant adjusting of course).

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      America reached the summit, the pinnacle of its greatness during the years 1945-1970. After that it started going downhill really fast. The Vietnam War, Snivel Rights, the transition of the American economy from one based on heavy industry and manufacturing to one based on consumerism and debt, the implosion of long-held social beliefs and values……..all of those poisonous events happened more or less simultaneously.

      And so we now live in a soul-less, mindless, third world infested, corporate-controlled, Jew-directed Federal surveillance state. It all happened so quickly! The Jews really outdid themselves, using their mass-media as effectively as they did to bring it all about. I must give credit where it is due. But that same mass-media will eventually be used to relentlessly portray them as the most fiendish, diabolical monsters who ever crept out of the caverns of Hell. It’s the least we can do.

    10. fd Says:

      American literature is at an all time low. The Jewish pseudo English is watered down and cultureless. And from what I can tell, Hollywood is in decline. The various award shows honoring those in the fine arts each year are reduced to a room full of Jews and their lackeys. Everything is a slow perish, compliments of the Jew.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      “And from what I can tell, Hollywood is in decline. The various award shows honoring those in the fine arts each year are reduced to a room full of Jews and their lackeys. Everything is a slow perish, compliments of the Jew.”

      I’ll go along with that. Yes, even Hebrewood itself, the very place where all the culture-rot came from, is in decline, thanks to….culture-rot. When was the last time a really great movie like The Godfather, Sunset Boulevard or Taxi Driver came out of Talmud-Town? A movie that didn’t heavily rely on cartoonish, computer-generated visual effects, recycled plots taken from old TV shows and movies, smart-ass (half-Jew) kid actors, thumping hip-hop soundtracks and token spade actors ruining the believability of the whole story? Where is the new Richard Burton or Sir Lawrence Olivier? Where is today’s equivalent of a Cecil B. DeMille or Stanley Kubrick? Everything’s been trivialized and vulgarized.

    12. CW-2 Says:

      Hollywood is almost finished, and good riddance to it, because the new breed of jew executives are more arrogant and cocky than their grandfathers were. The old bosses had the smarts to employ White actors and technical people where it mattered, but with the new breed everything has to be kikey.
      Cecil B DeMille, (where did he get that phony name?), was a half-hebe who pretended to be Episcopalian. When he croaked a swarm of rabbis appeared to officiate his funeral.

    13. fd Says:

      Jew Hollywood Generated Electronic Talent:

      Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus are excellent entertainers, but weak singers. None of the above could stand on a quiet stage with guitar in hand singing to a quiet audience. Without background sounds, lights, backup singers and dancers, they would embarrass themselves and the audience.

      Joni Mitchell singing and playing a song she wrote:


    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, what do you think of that movie Nashville? It starred Robert Carradine, Karen Black, Shelley Duvall and Henry Gibson and was directed by one of Slick Willie’s favorite Hollywood Jews, the partially-talented Robert Altman.


    15. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen, I didn’t watch the movie “Nashville” in its entirety. It did seem to be an involved film with lots of characters. Should I watch it all the way through? What was the gist of the movie other than the Nashville music scene and politics?

      Outlaw country which originated in Texas was running full throttle in the 1970s: Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Guy Clark, Billy Joe Shaver, Chris Kristofferson, D.A.C. Emmylou Harris……