30 October, 2014

What Will the New National Alliance Be Like?

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Let’s hope that the new NA leader, Will Williams, follows the “William Pierce model” of the NA as closely as possible.


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  7. 18 Responses to “What Will the New National Alliance Be Like?”

    1. Thom McQueen Says:

      Dude sounds good. Mud on his boots. But is he a “starving artist.” I would like to see some of his artwork, as an artist myself. What is his canvas, the naked flesh of the beautiful airbrushed women who Tim McGreen is so afraid of? or is it ordinary canvas, or masonite, or wood.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Do we need a new revitalized National Alliance? Not really. Individual WN are now spreading Dr Pierce’s vision and message far and wide and the bastion he envisaged and built in the hills of West Virginia is no longer necessary.

    3. torrence Says:

      Is not everyone yet familiar who appeared in court in unison with Gliebe and Will Williams? Who sat beside them in court on ‘their side’? Who bantered outside in jovial conversation following court proceedings?
      ….The SPLC! Did you get that?…..Representatives of The Southern Poverty Law Center supporting two traitor-turncoats.

      And anyone dare ask ‘What will the New National Alliance be Like?”

    4. Thom McQueen Says:

      need some references for that, torrence

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s probably true, McQueen. Besides, like CW says who needs the NA anymore? Let the bad guys infiltrate it and carve it up among themselves all they want. They are simply kicking a dead horse; We move onwards and upwards.

    6. Thom McQueen Says:

      Tim, that kind of serious charge must be backed up! I don’t believe it.

    7. fd Says:

      I believe the NA was compromised by informants/criminals the day Pierce died. For the most part, organizations don’t turn down monthly donations even if the member is suspect. Pierce was a good man, but placing Gleebay in charge raises questions about his skillful management.

      Strom writes rerun, boring, backward essays. Will he write for the old NA that is billed as the new NA?

    8. torrence Says:

      For direct and accurate information on this latest development, please read the following report by the National Alliance Reform and Restoration Group’s legal liaison representative Brian Wilson: http://www.narrg.com/2014/10/initial-report-and-commentary-on-narrgs-october-24-2014-second-court-hearing/

      Pierce never chose Gliebe to be his successor; he specifically said that was up to the NA itself to decide. That is a story in itself. Threats, intimidation, gunshots in the night, principled resignations by former board members and self-serving cronyism by the Gliebster is how that schweinhund positioned himself to destroy the NA – an organization recognized by our enemies to have been the most potent and viable Racial Nationalist organization ever.

      But its really not over by any means. The Alliance will yet be regained and restored and this cheap maneuver is most useful for a laugh or two. Efforts are successfully proceeding.

    9. torrence Says:

      Evisceration of the capable and competent:

    10. torrence Says:

      Robert Ransdell’s comment deserves a read:

      “As a member of the group I guess it could be said I am a bit biased, but truly I am confident that the “out of left field” turn of events that took place on Friday will be something that brings all those who care about WLP and the future of the NA to a clear understanding of who the good guys are and who are not. It very often comes down to the company you keep doesn’t it, that is something that can give one a clear look into the character and motivations of a person or group of people. NAARG goes forward on the opposing side of a charlatan, a shameless opportunist with no moral compass, and a group that has been the sworn enemy of Dr. William Pierce and the National Alliance for decades. While taken back at the events of this past Friday which truly came as a shock, I also am glad that such a clear picture has been painted and is displayed for all to see, the people involved with NAARG, our supporters, are up against not only rats and opportunists, but also people who never again want to see the NA be in hands which will ensure that it once again becomes a threat to THEM.

      Being on the right side and the side of good, especially in this era, is rarely the side to be on if you want an easy road or if you want to be in the good graces of the tyrants who rule over us, but I certainly am very glad to be on the side of NAARG, the right side, no matter how many more surprises the goons and the genetic enemy have in store for us. They will all come to know that we EMBRACE STRUGGLE and will not let them get away with treachery and dirty tricks formulated behind the scenes without a fight and a battle.

    11. vindicator06 Says:

      For what it is worth, Dr. William Pierce and regional co-coordinator Will Williams never had to resort to the use of monikers on the ‘Net. To me, that speaks volumes.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      It took all these years for the facts to be posted, by the people who knew that Mr. G. was not actually left in powerl, but that the slobs of N.A. H.Q.’s let it happened, nice.

      Then we are told here the NKVD has a pleasantries with the new bum’s, lovely.

      It appears the new out fit will please the NWO nicely.

      Say good night Gracie.

    13. Eumaeus Says:

      This is huge. Gliebe has resigned and handed over to White Will. Erich tried and bowed out. Give him credit for stepping aside even if its late.


      The Narrg lawsuit is now moot. Pack it in and get behind Will. He’s well qualified as anyone and was well regarded by Dr P.

    14. Eumaeus Says:

      Pierce chose a board. The board chose Erich. Now the board has chose Will.

      That’s how it works in a non-stock corporation.

      Pierce did appoint Erich head of CCC. And now that’s been passed as well. Sour grapes: Get behind them or get out of the way.

      Has Fred denounced this, Pierce’s executor? No. Will stood by Fred when there was conflict with Erich; now that’s done. So lets be moving on and see what value can be salvaged at this time. The Narrg crowd needs to drop the “if I can’t have NA I”ll ruin what’s left” mentality. In the end their suit has no chance of success anyhow- it’s a spoiler at best, not a saver.

    15. Eumaeus Says:

      Nobody who opposes it is going to explain why this lawsuit against Gliebe is doomed only to waste the plaintiffs money. Gliebe is pro se but isn’t in all that bad a position. Maybe Gliebe has been underestimated. Maybe he’s got law on his side that Narrg doesn’t want prospective donors to know about.

      The defects of the suit are many from many perspectives. If you know what you are looking at. Most of this audience are lay people and dont know a bailiff from a bond. It’s not an insult just a fact of our system that a bad case can look good up front and then fail miserably after a year or two or three.

      But it’s not a laughing matter. This is not funny that some well meaning folks like Sanders have been sucked into this. It’s not funny that replacing Gliebe- the goal of the original dissenters – has been WON outside of court through patience and wisdom and reconciliation – by Leadership. By White Will, who had stepped forward at great personal expense to the daring task of trying to make this foundering organization live again. Many folks who have had a conflict with Will are now pleasantly surprised by this turn of events. People who insult him are now working against Dr. P’s legacy that now may yet see an Instauration. Whose side are you on? Time to bury the hatchet.

    16. Eumaeus Says:

      Will’s a capable portrait artist. His excellent portraits of Dr P are well known to NA alte kampfen.

      Noob city here these days huh ?!

    17. John Smith Says:

      As I look into this fracas more closely, I find the NARRG effort sadder and sadder. They apparently have sued Gliebe and not the organization which would leave them in the end with a worthless judgment against someone who is reported insolvent. MISFIRE!

      It’s all rather ridiculous considering that if they are not the organization which was supposedly harmed, then, how precisely can they expect to receive damages on behalf of that organization? I have no doubt that the much maligned yet obviously clever Gliebe will not fail to make that point to the court.

      they’re also blathering about how Will Williams had nothing to do with NA for a time. Oh, that was when he was at odds with Gliebe– facts which they know damn well in spite of the gibberish about a “cabal.” Wow that is funny. THey are making themselves look silly. I hope this ends soon, what an embarrassment for Dr P’s brother and the other well meaning people who are shucking out the zogbucks for this doomed effort.

    18. John Smith Says:

      CW-2 asks a valid question. To what extent are the dreams Dr P had in his prospectus of 1970 attainable via the organization that NA became? A valid question– for the acting NA BOARD. Not former members who are now suing a former Chaiman who has resigned in good faith to let a new Chairman give it a try. Why are they doing this? I have to wonder is the NARRG just out to get the marbles?

      If people want an influence on the new organization, maybe see what you can do to help instead of hurt. And understand this. Maybe it wasn’t understood under Dr P so let’s get it straight now. Members did not vote on anything before. That was not only clear by how he ran his ship it was also clear in every set of bylaws that ever existed for NA. IF anybody ever bothered to read them. Dissolving the membership as EG did should have made that even clearer. Now WWW can take it in whatever direction seems best but I hope he will do everything possible to dispel the negative situation which is being generated by the continuing lawsut by the NARRG operating under a bad case of “mission creep.”

      Let WWW have a go of it and let’s be realistic that this is an incredibly difficult task under the best conditions. And these conditions are sure not the best.