13 October, 2014

You Know That You Live in a Jewed Country When…

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…the inflation rate is declared to be too low! According to the Jews at the Federal Reserve, a little inflation is a good thing: they think it stimulates economic growth. Suuuuure. More borrowing-and-spending-to-create-jobs is the way to go; let’s have even more debtors. Riiiggghhhttt. What a racket [1]. You really want to stimulate economic growth? Stop sending our jobs overseas and stop over-taxing White people. (What are the Jews worried about anyway? America’s money system, i.e., fractional-reserve banking, is inflationary by default by making more money available than would normally be available. More of “X” always means it’s worth less, whether it’s money or hammers or pencils [that’s why gold and diamonds are expensive: they’re rare]. By the way, if you tried to engage in fractional-reserve banking yourself, you’d be arrested for writing bad checks, e.g., you can’t write a $1000 check if you only have $100 in the bank).


[1] More about the Federal Reserve here

  • 9 Responses to “You Know That You Live in a Jewed Country When…”

    1. fd Says:

      Jewish Democratic Capitalism. It’s the ol’ shell game. Inflation — deflation — recession — depression. When the money powers fear a collapse of the monetary system, they go to war.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      “…..that’s why gold and diamonds are expensive: they’re rare.”

      I wonder just how rare gold and diamonds really are. I think the supply of gold and diamonds on the market is tightly controlled by Jewry in order to keep their prices artificially high, I tell you what. Besides, what REAL value do gold and diamonds actually have, other than for limited use in some highly specialized industrial capacity? They’re valuable commodities only because the Jews TELL US SO.

      Inflation is much higher than the Jews are telling us. I think the actual inflation rate is about 10%. Just look at the costs of food, fuel, housing, medical care and education, they are all much higher now than they were just a few years ago. Have wages and salaries kept up with those costs?

      And the size of many consumer products, like boxes of cereal and bars of soap, have been reduced in order to hide their increased price due to inflation. The Semitic Central Bank is zapping tens of billions of dollars into existence out of thin air every month so they can be pumped into an economy that is much weaker than we are being told.

      It’s all a Jewish illusion, a Jewish lie. If the tranquilized goy cattle ever wake up to what’s really going on the Jews are going to be in big trouble. But what’s the chance of that happening anytime soon?

    3. S.U.N. Says:

      Not just banking, diamonds and precious metals Tim, add global oil control to the kike’s wishlist. And then 99% of consumer products are branded with weird kosher symbols.

    4. Sean Gruber Says:

      It’s said that if we had the same “minimum wage” today that we had in 1968 (adjusted for inflation), it would be about $20/hour. Think about it. Many people, most people, pull down less than $20/hour today at regular jobs. They are working for *less than what the minimum wage was 46 ago.*

      But Obamacoons and the Republicans alike assert that the US has experienced an “economic recovery,” so get back to work you lazy slave, er, bastard!

    5. Sean Gruber Says:

      S/b “46 years”. Apologies.

    6. Sean Gruber Says:

      Here’s another inflation-related thought. We were promised all through the 1950s and later that the work week would shrink, leisure time would expand, disposable income would skyrocket, because technology. Compare these projections of the past to the realities of the present. Rather a gap between them, n’est-ce pas? I would call it a chasm. Where is the 30-hour work week for a regular person? For that matter, where is my flying car?

      Regular people do have 30-hour work weeks now, if they’re lucky. It’s called a part-time job, for minimum wage or near it. (See above for what that means.)

      We keep asking, When will the collapse occur? I ask you, What do you think a collapse looks like? Riots in the streets. Check. A fifth of people out of work. Check. Rumblings of genocide (of White people) openly broadcast in the media. Check. Maybe collapse isn’t a bang, but a whimper. Look around, this is what collapse looks like.

    7. kevin Says:

      As George C said “they’ve got us by the balls.” They don’t need fema camps amerika is one big fema camp. Don’t go along with the game it’ll be fearporn injection time!

    8. CW-2 Says:

      Diamonds of all types and colors are pretty common place, they were formed deep in the interiors of ancient volcanoes. The volcanoes have long since eroded and the diamonds they contained are scattered along ancient water courses. Jew controlled De Beers keeps the prices artificially high. During the 1930’s De Beers made mega $ by forcing hordes of darkies in South West Africa (Namibia) to crawl along the deserts with a tin can tied to their necks and pick up any green colored pebbles.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      Quiet on the Senate front, Senator Sessions utube site has very few viewers, Whites are defeated or US borders would have been closed when CA. voted in proposition 187 in 1995 with a60% majority, but it was nullified with out a whimper as NOT one CA. PROP 187 supporter stood at the Capital door closing it with his body to close the capital, nothing.

      Almost 6 million less voted in the 2012 election than the 2008 election, fact.