1 November, 2014

Mandatory Diversity Studies at UCLA

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Racial diversity is great. By filling up our country with third-world immigrants, we will make America safer, cleaner, more productive and more cohesive. Everything will be sunshine and rainbows! (**Cue the song “Rainbow Connection”**). What? You don’t believe that? Well, then, you’re a goose-stepping Nazi. Someone should report you to the racism police.


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  7. 13 Responses to “Mandatory Diversity Studies at UCLA”

    1. fd Says:

      Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition. If you don’t make yo White chilln play with my little black Sambo and Buckwheat, I’m gonna call duh Race Board on you.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Just keep in mind that it is White males who are the ones responsible for giving up and caving in to the Kulture Kommies. None of this madness would be taking place if the White man didn’t allow it. None of it.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Left always has to resort to lies, tantrums, threats, pressure tactics and name-calling to get their way, the public never goes along with any of their sick agenda until after it’s already been pushed through. And all the conservatives do is meekly protest, back down and then run away.

    4. Mary O Says:

      Traditionally, the university is supposed to “expose students to beliefs and backgrounds other than their own.”

      How would the course be done? What would be the curricula?

      Likely the course would not truly confront racial differences or the evolution of different races (which could be a fascinating course), but rather would only present even more political correctness to a student body already saturated with mindless leftism.

      Whites care too much about what other groups think. The reason that Canada was able to close its border to immigrants from ebola countries is that its population is now largely comprised of Asians and Asian Indians who aren’t afflicted with all this sentimentality about “helping” other races.

      Note that Australia was able to shut down the dangerous immigration from those areas, too; mainly because they have huge nonwhite Asian and Arab communities who can see that the situation is hopeless, and don’t want to die themselves.

      We are refusing to acknowledge our own limitations. We can’t stop the epidemic over there or even lessen it to any substantial degree. No one is sure how it spreads. (Is the virus in the ground water? ) Since there are so many unknowns, the risk is too great.

      Yet droves of little White do-gooders are going over there to show off how supposedly heroic they are. Jews don’t do that with intention, nor do Koreans, nor Japanese, nor any Africans.

      What causes these differences?

    5. fd Says:

      Mary O, these diseases have been unleashed because people believe they can conquer nature, i.e., White people trying to save what natural selection has placed on the perish list.

    6. Mary O Says:

      The problem with the evolution argument is that it works both ways.

      We have something wrong with our brains if we think that we must intervene, while putting ourselves at great risk; given no hope whatsoever of saving even a few lives.

      This goody-goody trait is a worse selective disadvantage than being too underdeveloped to understand the concept of virus.

    7. fd Says:

      Trumping nature with White technology to keep alive the weak and diseased cannot stop the inevitable. The eternal laws of nature reduce the herd to its strongest, whereas saving the entire herd will destroy the whole.

      “When man attempts to rebel against the iron logic of Nature, he comes into struggle with the principles to which he himself owes his existence as a man. And this attack must lead to his own doom.”

      “Even if this were hard-that is how it is ! Assuredly, however by far the harder fate is that which strikes the man who thinks he can overcome Nature, but in the last analysis only mocks her. Distress, misfortune, and diseases are her answer.”

    8. torrence Says:

      Yeah, anyone who supports or is patriotic to this country anymore can’t be a White nationalist. Correctly identify the enemy. That is the first step.

    9. Jimmy Says:

      Please, kind sirs, allow me to comment on that retched, sickening, piss stinking county called Los Angeles. I live in the county south of that cess pool and in quick fashion, O.C. is losing its trademark conservatism, the way L.A. did decades ago. I only go to L.A. if I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. I feel a Tom Petty concert falls under that need to venture into that wacky underworld so venture out I did. When work was plentiful, L.A. was the destination. I couldn’t believe the number of illegal aliens, cracked out black schizos cursing the sun as they knuckle dragged through the streets thinking it was following them. I couldn’t believe the tall skyscrapers downtown housed the best and brightest of commerce and industry juxtaposed to the ruins of a shanty town of third world status… these vagrants and foreigners, drug dealers and users, all speaking gibberish and other languages. I felt I had drifted into some horrible nightmare and found myself wondering around in the pages of 1984- but worse… 10 times worse. The subhumans were MAD. Their brains wired to receive gov’t benefits, their lost souls satiated only with substance abuse. This dystopian place littered with as much trash as there are surveillance cameras and LITTERS of abandoned, neglected “children” already feral and cruel, raised by the mean streets. I shudder to think about it. I tell myself not to think bad thoughts. Then, I am reminded to embrace the cold hard objective rational side of me… that side that has never embraced xtianity wholly despite years of Catholic school, the side that keeps me sane knowing without compromise, without a shred of doubt, that we are a byproduct of earth, a biological defect, cancerous to her and to each other. Some are more cancerous and I tend to believe the posters and contributors to this page regarding the hush hush brainwashing plague that has enveloped this country. L.A. is on the verge of Detroit, Indianapolis, Toledo, Chicago and every other great city that has succumbed to leftist ideology. I weep for this nation because I used to serve in its ranks, just as my grandfathers did. Everything i have ever known to be true is a flat out lie. If you want to see what Amerika will be in 25 years, come to L.A., I dare you.

    10. Walter Says:

      We need to fund and build our own University just for whites.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      What about some diversity in the medical, science and engineering schools? Nowadays they’re dominated by slopes and dot-heads. But I don’t hear the radical lefties whining about that. Truth be told, the most under-represented group of students on college campuses these days are White males from working-class backgrounds. But I don’t hear the lefties mentioning that fact either.

      There will have to be a great cleansing, a fumigation, of America’s schools after the Revolution. Most of them should be shut down anyway. A college education is unnecessary for 75% of the population.

    12. fd Says:

      Brick and mortar universities are going the way of the dinosaur. They’re big corporations that operate like cities which are also corporations. Isn’t the Federal government a corporation?

    13. Brit Nationalist Says:

      Reading about you nation American makes me sad because the same thing is happening to all the great western Countries and seems we can’t do anything about it.Say if some-sort of racial war does brake out what have we Whites got in the way of fighting males faggots with holes in their earlobes and other skinny leftist weaklings,I don’t know I really don’t we don’t even have guns here in England at least in America you do that’s something I suppose.14 my racial long lost cousins.