15 November, 2014

“Mississippi Burning” Activists (Two Jews, One Black) Get Posthumous Medal of Freedom Awards

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(Above: a 1964 FBI bulletin about the missing “civil-rights workers”)

Did you try to ruin the South by registering Blacks to vote (i.e., to vote for liberal candidates)? Well, then, you get an important award, called the “Presidential Medal of Freedom.” It’s funny: the three “civil-rights workers” were warned by Klansmen about meddling in the South’s political business – a warning that went unheeded.


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    1. fd Says:

      My previous statement that White Southern juries refuse to convict their kind stands correct. The state of Mississippi refused to charge the Klansmen involved in the killing of the wretches. The outraged Federals were forced to transfer the case to a Federal court and obtain convictions that resulted in minor sentences.

      The out of touch authoritarians in Washington city deluded themselves into believing the pale faces of Mississippi would vote against the folk in a state court.

    2. Non Ame Says:

      Funny how I’ve never seen the “civil rights workers” referred to as the New York Jews they are. They’re ALWAYS referred to as white. Goodman and Schwerner……Nice Irish boys to be sure.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Isn’t it funny how the latest recipients of the “Presidential Freedom Award” -Meryl Streep, Stevie Wonder and Tom Brokaw- just happen to be very wealthy limousense liberals who donated millions to the DNC and to the Barry Soetero campaign?

      Yes, it’s very funny. That bullshit award is supposed to be for people who have advanced the cause of peace and freedom in the world, you know, people like Robert Snowden, “Chelsea” Manning and Julian Assange, not Hollywood liberals and Marxist “intellectuals”, god damn it.

      I hate all awards and all award ceremonies. They’re just about vanity as well as being payback for political supporters. People who have made real contributions to society almost never get the credit or recognition they deserve.

      And I don’t like the idea of cemeteries for “heroes”, like Arlington National Cemetery. A lot of the people buried there were not heroes at all, they were just rich and politically well-connected. For example, does Jackie Onassis really deserve to be buried there? Was she an American “hero”?
      Of course not.

      And you know why the Nobel Prize Committee created a prize for “peace”? So that the niggers could have something to win. They’re certainly never going to win any Nobel prizes for science, mathematics or medicine.

      “There’s so much bullshit in the world I wouldn’t even know where to start shoveling through it.”
      -Pope John XXXIII

    4. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Tim McGreen you have hit the nail right on the head with your statements. Couldn’t of said it better myself!

    5. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen, the Arlington National Cemetery was built to insult Lee’s family by making Arlington House (The Lee-Custis Mansion) uninhabitable. The Federal General who occupied the place was more interested in revenge than honoring the Federal dead. Sadly, the great cemetery is not stainless because of a dark production.

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      Lets see what we have here, 60 years years, no really since 1945 of inciting niggers to harm White’s in all kinds of ways, and more!

      104,000 Haitians being taken to N.A. to help phuck US over, and now the regime is helping the media to incite more violence against White daily.

      It was just the press not too long ago, but now itz the regime itself bloating Congoid bastards ego even more and inciting these emotional criminals from Africa.

      Millions of nigger crimes against Whites have been ignored and covered up.

      Portland Oregon White hater bastards are complaining that White parents are fleeing the filthy joo controlled schools, oh wow.

      I attended nigger schools, and it was HORROR, no matter how tough you were. It is a CRIME to send White children to school with niggers.

      Sciopath White hating bastards have got rid of ever decent straight officer from the military by now, so we can expect anything.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:


      Media and regime bring this incitement against Whites today who defended back then against nigger crime, but won’t mention at all the threats to US since then, look at that link, remember Pollard, remember that http://www.ussliberty.org was keep 100% secret from US for over ten years when when had those valiant reporters like Carl Bernstien getting Nixon, haa. http://www.watergate.com

      Are they are any straight White non evanjellycultists left in the alphabet NKVD outfits, I doubt it except for those looking for retirement in a broken invaded regime of today.

      Enjoy your retirement govt workers.

    8. fd Says:

      Presidential Medal Of Freedom. Who invented that?

      After the 3 civil rights workers were put down, Price told the Knights:

      “Well, boys, you’ve done a good job. You’ve struck a blow for the white man. Mississippi can be proud of you. You’ve let those agitating outsiders know where this state stands.”

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well, I certainly have no problem with the Mississippi state flag. Whites down there know better than any snooty liberal from Boston, San Fransisco or Jew York what it takes to keep the colored folks in line. http://www.50states.com/flag/image/nunst039.gif

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      The major anti White news paper there is kike. Last I read of that paper one of the reporters was true White hating bastard, kike,or what ever it was.

      White’s IMO are now under siege to accept any perversion, open border, war, aid for the bandit state you name it. The NKVD years ago said White male’s are the most suspect enemy of the state. Retired retard partiotards have not see that memo, and FLOX is going to mention it other than in passing.

      NO Whites is not under invasion nor is with out kike media and political oppression and threat to be only anti White.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, you know what is a great song? Long Black Veil, as sung by Johnny Cash and The Band.

      From the old Johnny Cash Show on ABC, with Joni Mitchell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pALSKcWcVEk

    12. fd Says:

      Good song. Johnny Cash did several duets with Joni Mitchell. Britney Spears and Taylor Swift are not strong singers. They would embarrass themselves exposing their voice without excessive background music.

      The Emmylou Harris rendition of Pancho and Lefty is good as any.


    13. -jc Says:

      Thomas Sowell would make a better B.R.A. Attorney General than Holder

      Voter Fraud and Voter I.D.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      How could the FBI describe those Jew-boys as “White” when the Jews are forever whining about “anti semites” and “anti semitism”? Semites are Afro-Asiatic, not White. Yet another example of how the Jews want it both ways. They are the biggest pain-in-the-asses who ever lived.