30 November, 2014

Swiss Voters Reject Immigration Law

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They want more brown immigrants, apparently. [Article].

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  7. 11 Responses to “Swiss Voters Reject Immigration Law”

    1. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      A majority of White people in Europe and America, or at least a majority of White people who vote, are severely damaged mentally, spiritually, ideologically, intellectually, and in other ways. The terrible results of decades of a calculated Jewish and ultraliberal/internationalist psychological war through the controlled media and corrupted educational and indoctrination institutions have produced the current suicidal generation. Even if the Jews and immigrants disappeared overnight, degenerate Whites in western and central Europe and in the Anglosphere have been so thoroughly jewed that it would take decades of reeducation, under Hitler-quality leadership, to bring society back to a healthy mindset and value system. And that is assuming a best case scenario.

      25% of Switzerland’s population is already composed of immigrants, and the picture is the same or worse across Europe. Real Europeans are unemployed and suffering under austerity, the immigrants will automatically go on welfare and breed 7 or 8 kids. And despite the media lies, the immigrants bring no valuable skills, no real culture, and no benefits to society whatsoever. It’s quite a sight to behold graffiti and gang violence in Europe, while the Whites, specially the “educated” English-speaking younger generations pretend that this time period is the height of European “progress”. Perhaps as the immigrants drain welfare resources which would have gone to Whites it will help spread discontent faster, but it is quite a sad observation that modern western man is too lazy and gutless to take action until his comfortable life is yanked away from him. There is hope in Russia and some of its eastern protectorates like Belarus, Armenia, and potentially even some of the former Yugoslavian states like Serbia and Montenegro. But the Nordics, Germanics, Celtics, and Mediterranean Europeans are in very serious trouble.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      I don’t believe the Swiss who are famed for their prudence and common sense could have voted this way. Electoral fraud on a massive scale is one conclusion.

    3. Sean Gruber Says:

      VC, you are right. I especially like your reference to “economic austerity” policies. It turns out that “austerity” means the same old, same old: belt-tightening for the payers, welfare bonanza for the parasites (muds, jew elites, green niggers). Squeezing the good people for the sake of the bad people, in the name of “capitalism.” Every kahn-servative and libertoonian piously supports “austerity” as being “fiscally responsible” just like they support nigger-worship as moral.

      The jews must be killed.

    4. Mary O Says:

      Early results by polling agency gfs.bern, published by public broadcaster RTS, showed that 74 percent of Swiss voters turned down the anti-immigration initiative by Ecopop (‘ecology’ and ‘population’). The organization had ambitious plans to cap immigration growth at 0.2 percent of the population, allowing just 16,000 new immigrants to settle in the country annually.

      They are only reporting early results so far. Hopefully the people will get out and vote. Switzerland is so beautiful.

      If a referendum were held here in the US in support of continued immigration, it would certainly fail. A referendum in support of continuing the wars would fail; a referendum in support of continuing the “alliance” with Israel would fail; a referendum in support of Affirmative Action would fail, and in support of continuing to outsource jobs would also fail.

      We were actually better off with monarchs.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      With the possible exceptions of the Spanish and Portugese most western Europeans are too far gone, too brainwashed and mentally emasculated to be saved from the Mud Flood. It’s like they are willingly committing racial suicide, those decadent, degenerate liberal faggots.

      Of course if the Swiss voters approved stricter controls on Mud invaders the EU, the UN and the Jew-controlled media would condemn the Swiss as “xenophobic” and “racist” and then the sanctions, boycotts and embargoes would inevitably follow; A no-win, lose-lose situation. Switzerland should just remain as insular and as isolated from the rest of the world as possible, like those other mountainous countries Nepal and Bhutan.

    6. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      There have been small protests across the county in solidarity with the rioting blacks of Ferguson . All of the footage I have seen of these trendy/idiot/bandwagon protestors, holding signs saying “black lives matter”, feature mostly White crowds. For every single “awake” White American, there are several more jewed-out White idiots. The self-destructiveness of these people is mind-boggling. Their grasp on reality is so twisted that they can watch chimp-outs and official race-baiting in the mainstream media, and willfully misinterpret it as some “glorious manifestation of the human desire for justice in the face of oppression” or other liberal crap like that. It’s obvious a significant portion of these Whites are total losses for the race and need to be written off.

      If I was a Muslim, Asian, or Hispanic I would be rolling on the floor laughing at how impotent and pathetic these Whites have become. I wonder what goes through the Jew’s mind when they see a White college student holding a “black lives matter” sign; my guess is an even mixture of glee with absolute contempt.

    7. Thom McQueen Says:

      The days are dark.
      If ever I needed you, my Hitler, it’s now.
      Dr. James Watson made a pariah, when he should be heralded.
      Europe being conquered by alien penises and wombs. Incredible.
      Good news anywhere? Anywhere at all?

    8. Sean Gruber Says:

      Thom, Rudy Giuliani has been pretty good on Ferguson lately. And only 3 weeks till the days start getting longer again. And we’re awake, and there’s a few more of us.

      That’s about it right now.

    9. Thom McQueen Says:

      Gruber, do you know that Rush Limbo was talking about how the blacks would be 36% of the poplulation, if so many of them had not been aborted?

      Abortion for them is good news, very good news. Christoids who want to end it are bad news. Fools and deadheads.

    10. Sean Gruber Says:

      Here’s another good news item.

      Apparently, there are some White men who are sane and able-bodied. Oath Keepers are guarding Ferguson’s streets and rooftops from the stinking black savages.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Oath Keepers”…pppfffthththppppt. A bunch of man-ginas. If you were to ask them who are they protecting Ferguson’s streets from, they would probably say “Extremists and outside agitators, regardless of their race, color or religion.” How gay. Besides, Ferguson is mostly a coon-town. Why should Whites put their lives on the line to defend a Black ghetto from itself? Whites should be protecting their own communities, and they should state in no uncertain terms that they are protecting their communities from the Blacks.

      You want good news? The sales of guns to White customers in the St. Louis area has increased dramatically of late, as have White applications for gun permits. Glad to know that decades of liberal/ Jew gun-grabbing laws and media propaganda are having no effect at all on many White citizens. Only Whites should be considered American citizens. Jews and coloreds are just here as moochers and free-riders.

      In NYC another grand jury has decided not to indict another White police officer for killing another Black suspect. That too is good news. I saw the footage of the incident and wouldn’t you know it….yet another oversized Black nigger-boy out of control, putting up a useless, pointless struggle against a cop just trying to do his job. The cop had no choice but to bring the buck down with a choke-hold.

      Now, using a choke-hold on a human suspect is not deadly. But when used on a nigger or a dark-skinned spic it is often fatal, because there is some kind of weak, vulnerable spot in the cardio-vascular system of ape-people that is not present in fully evolved humans. You can also kill an ape-man with one strong, well-placed blow to the side of its neck or in the center of its chest. I would strongly recommend that we all of us look into this anatomical phenomenon to understand how it works, as it may very well come in handy.