13 December, 2014

Blacks Rally and Demand Change

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Yes, we need change: we need Blacks to stop acting like Blacks and to obey the commands of police officers. (Apparently, in the Black community, cooperating with the police is “optional”).


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  7. 17 Responses to “Blacks Rally and Demand Change”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      When I see those overfed Black mammies waddle in front of the TV cameras, with their fancy hair and nail extensions, wailing “Ize done lost muh baby cuz of dem raciss po-lice!” all I hear is “Where my muthafukkin’ free money at?” And standing right next to Beulah are the usual sleazebags like Reberend Al Sharpcoon and Shylock Jew lawyers rubbing their claws in anticipation of a big payout from a carefully selected White-hating all-Black jury.

      Now, some might say “How can you ridicule a mother’s loss?” I would respond by saying she obviously didn’t give two shits if her little Antwon/DuShaun/NuShaun was raping, robbing and assaulting victims left and right. She only cares when the Black beast is killed by a White cop and she and her Jew lawyers stand to make a fortune as a result. And then, all of sudden, the dead nigger’s “father” suddenly re-appears too, because he be wantin’ sum o’ dat muthafukkin’ free money fo’ his own self.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      Al Crapton: “No mother should have to fear for her son’s life every time he rob a store!”

      Niggers: “Ya, ya!”

      Al Crapton: “We might do it with guns, but the white people do it with computers!”

      Niggers: “ya, ya!”

      Al Crapton: “And how can we be condemned for violence when this country was founded on violence! George Washington was a violent man! He killed people!”

      Niggers: “ya, ya!”

      Al Crdapton: “Everybody out to get what they want! We just more open and honest about it!”

      Niggers: “Ya, ya!”

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Do we really need Blacks to stop acting like Blacks?? No! We want a White revolution and White homelands. Those two non-negotiables aren’t going to happen if Tyroon and Latashia behave like good lil boys and girls.

    4. Sean Gruber Says:

      If any non-nihilistic White liberals exist, then they can’t fail to see that blacks are a failed population, and the unprecedented amount aid (material or otherwise) given to them by Whites is a sunk cost. To double down on nig-aid is suicide. If they claim that nig-aid is a necessary pacification measure, a bribe given to blacks to keep them from going full ape, then surely they can see that the measure isn’t working: niggers are not pacified for long; they keep demanding a bigger and bigger bribe. If the non-nihilistic White liberals that I’m hypothesizing here respond to that by wringing their hands and saying that the bribes simply must continue, that the specter of “full ape” is too horrible to contemplate, then I ask them: Why? Aren’t these same liberals (and “civil libertarians” and the like) always sounding the alarm about the massive power of the militarized domestic police forces — the “black helicopters,” the “massive detention centers,” the “black sites,” the “secret concentration camps,” the “coming FEMA tyranny,” etc.? It would seem as though the government has the physical policing resources to handle “full ape” pretty well.

      From all that, I conclude two things:
      1. There are no non-nihilistic liberals. Liberals are all anti-White jews or jew-puppets, period.
      2. There is an immense, panicky economic fear that the apes will break a few expensive storefront windows, or burn down a few more bicycle shops than usual, and this panicky fear must take precedence over racial survival and having a future.

    5. Non Ame Says:

      The change we need is for White people to wake up and realize our own cops are our enemy. Whites need to cease cooperation with our corrupt police forces. American police, first and foremost, protect our Jew overlords and their puppets. They could easily handle any full blown chimp-out IF they were allowed to take the gloves off. But to do so would harm far too many of ZOG’s precious niggers and it would show Whites just what this despicable regime was truly capable of. The race traitor police are here to keep Whitey “feeling safe” while allowing ZOG’s niggers to continue slaughtering us in the low intensity race war they are waging against us.

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      nd standing right next to Beulah are the usual sleazebags like Reberend Al Sharpcoon and Shylock Jew lawyers rubbing their claws in anticipation of a big payout from a carefully selected White-hating all-Black jury.


      Notice how the enemy alien media has dropped that kike liar/lawyer Sharpyton had who was raping and making making jungle love with out permission, haa.

      The entire 1964-65 interspecies act forces Whites to live with them was a plan to quickly lower quality of the schools and dumb down Whites, adding violence big time in the cities at first. Of course lower class poor and children of divorced parents would be the firs prey for niggers to go for and they did.

      War on the South under LBJ got hot and very brutal when LBJ came in.

      Following his history from a leftist teacher in Texas and through his political career I just don’t understand how LBJ could not have been a closet crypto kike ! He never went to church either. Perhaps his handlers early were all kikes ! One thing for sure he was insane, a crook, and big time liar who got US in a hot war and the enemy has been looting and killing US to this day.

      NOW what kind of White man would do all that. M.O. is what Sherlock Holmes would say along with “Elementary my dear Dr. Watson.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      Non Ame Says:
      13 December, 2014 at 11:49 pm
      Cops number one goal donuts, number two goal women, number three, make they read the latest intelligence report from the NKVD about evil Nazi Whites, and make sure divorced dads get run in for any complaints whether a dentist or brick mason or no many how nice they are any compliant get action.

      Really cops are public goon servants, they have to do what our cowardly perverts in office and on commies on the bench want. In way White cops have masters like all Whites do, as we have not leaders, only war mongers looting US and big time lieing to US.

    8. Luke Says:

      Non Ame said:

      “The change we need is for White people to wake up and realize our own cops are our enemy.”

      Never have truer words or advice been written or given.

      This bizarre, nauseating, emasculated, blind and zombie-like subservience and eager. no-questions-asked pusillanimous ‘obedience’ and child-like worship for authority – which includes an inexplicable, sickening willingness to lick the boots of these out of control jackbooted thugs with badges and a belt full of ZOG’s latest torture toys – literally turns my stomach.

      Kwaps today cannot even be remotely considered to be a ‘friend’ or ‘ally’ of anyone in the White race realist world – and, if anything, they pose an even greater threat to our survival and well-being than they do to these IQ of 70, always bellying-aching and misbehaving black minorities.

      Why do I say this? Simple. Kwaps know full well that they can abuse someone who is White and who might have a tiny ounce of pro-White consciousness within them – and there will be no riots, no cities or businesses will get burned down, and there will be no White Civil Rights agitator arriving on the scene to stir up passions and demand their heads on a platter.

      One recent example – is a story I saw the other day where some less than upstanding White guy challenged a cop who had parked his cop car in such a way as to block traffic which needed to exit a parking lot. This guy asked the cop to please move his car, so he could drive his vehicle out of the parking lot and proceed along his way. The jackbooted thug went full blown psychopath and proceeded to taser the White guy several times, knock him to the concrete, and then was video taped by a passerby beating the shit out of the guy with his nightstick and stomping on his head while the guy’s head was lying on the pavement.

      Last I read, this kwap was placed on temporary leave with pay – and when a news reporter interviewed his skin-headed White boss, this asshole was mealy mouthing around and only grudgingly did he admit that ‘there were some things’ in the video that disturbed him a little bit, but then arrogantly added that the victim could have avoided the savage and brutal beating he got by simply ‘OBEYING’ the officer’s orders.

      Realistically, it must be clearly understood by every White Nationalist and White race realist – that kwaps are ALL on a huge and very dangerous power trip these days and that these savage sonsabitches are very dangerous psychopaths who spend every waking second of their work day looking for any excuse to snap and beat the shit out of someone or, if the circumstances are exceptionally favorable – have the orgasmic and ejaculatory pleasure of being able to kill someone.

      That is what these psychopathic assholes fantasize about. Spending their evenings watching their favorite jackbooted Thug Kwap TV shows where their ‘hero’ gets to kill a ‘bad guy’ or three in every week’s episode, and then when they go to work the next day – the one thing that is on their pea-sized sadistic minds is that they have to ‘replicate’ the murders and beatings that their TV kwap role model did on their 32 inch wide electronic jew asshole, or else they feel like they are not living up to the standard that ZOG has programmed them to follow.

      Monkey See, Monkey do. Which is why anyone who has ever spent time as a kwap needs to get special attention, when and if, we ever manage to kick off the Second American Revolution.

    9. Luke Says:

      Here is another example of jackbooted thuggery by psycho kwaps where they are savagely beating a White guy, who according to the news reporter, wasn’t even charged with having committed any crime and was released after he had had the snot beat out of him.


      Notice how the kwaps shown in the video are all wearing what appear to be bullet proof vests.

      Also notice how those vests do not cover their miniscule sized balls or provide any bullet proof protection for that very vulnerable femoral artery that is located in the upper part of their thigh.

      That’s a curious thing to overlook, because I believe that I have read that if that femoral artery is somehow punctured – that someone can bleed out and win a very fast elevator ticket straight to Hell in a matter of a few minutes.

    10. Luke Says:

      Here is the story and link to the video of the first example of jackbooted thuggery being inflicted upon a White man – in my first comment.



    11. Non Ame Says:

      A very astute observation Luke. Typical armor vests leave the hips and legs totally unprotected. A serious puncture wound there might leave one able to shoot back for a few minutes if the pain is less than unbearable, but they’d be pretty much immobile and leaking like a sieve. Any good shooting school teaches one to target the hips if torso and head shots fail for some reason.

    12. Sean Gruber Says:

      I had always assumed that cops basically protected Whites from full-ape riots (the theory of the “thin blue line” protecting us against the “zombie apocalypse”). But considering the latest unrest around the country, I am beginning to think that cops may actually be in place more to protect criminal nigger activities from White retaliation. Consider. If all cops quit their jobs now, and the two races were allowed to deal with each other on a no-holds-barred basis, which race would benefit most? Whites would. Whites would make mincemeat of the most violent dusky retards and end the problem by re-instituting segregation, Jim Crow, or whatever you want to call it, overnight. It’s only ZOG that prevents this. ZOG tyranny (enforced by kwaps with all their weapons) is killing the White race.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Racial segregation and apartheid don’t work, Sean. Only racial separation, as in sending the niggers back to Africa in leaking barges, will succeed.

    14. Sean Gruber Says:

      Vous avez raison, Tim.

    15. Sean Gruber Says:

      Anyone else find it humorous that Socrates wrote, “Blacks need to stop acting like blacks”? How can a thing stop acting like itself? “Water needs to stop acting like water and flow uphill.” “Lions need to lie down with lambs.” I think our man Socrates was being ironic….

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Exactly. Blacks can never and will never stop acting like themselves. They have proven over and over again that they are unwilling and unable to behave in a civilized manner, so out they go. Besides, we didn’t want ’em here in the first place.

      But the biggest problem will be Jew removal. It’s not an insurmountable problem, but it will be more difficult to accomplish.

    17. CW-2 Says:

      The office of ‘Jew Finder General’ is looking for public spirited Aryan men to fill its ranks. Sounds like an interesting job, probably a lot of fun too.