11 December, 2014

Britain: White Woman is Too Blonde for TV

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Here’s more proof that Britain is, culturally speaking, in big trouble. Of course, there are way too many Jews in the BBC management [1], just like there are way too many Jews in the American media companies.


[1] a Jew, Danny Cohen, became Director of BBC Television in 2013

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    1. fd Says:

      There must be a production mistake. Jews in American media front blondes to give the appearance of pro-White media by artifice. Jews are all over the board.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      I hardly watch any TV anymore, but the other night I did watch the overnight ABC News broadcast…..for about 11 seconds. No more White anchors to be seen, just two specimens of mystery meat, one a female, the other, presumably, a male of some sort. Then on the Today show you’ve got Kathy Lee Jewess and that colored humanoid called “Hoda”. So the Jews, I’m sorry, I meant to say the Kikes, are really starting to ramp up their Kill the Goyim campaign. Good thing the ratings for those shitty programs continue to drop like a stone.

    3. fd Says:

      Nevertheless, Fox news is famous from fronting blondes.

      You made a good point Tim McGreen . The Jews have removed their mask. Blondes are no longer needed.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      TV blondes are no longer needed, except on FOX, because they are obviously trying to get horny old White dudes like us to watch.

    5. fd Says:

      Fox and watch — that’s a rhyme — give me dime.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      That girl is a pleasant and enthusiastic presenter of countryside and farming concerns to the general public. I hope the jew bosses do stick a Paki or Nig in the job, then there will be even less viewers.
      I forgot to say, fuck the jewtube and BBC.

    7. kevin Says:

      I quit watching jew news on tv after 911 and quit watching tv altogether in 2006. Man it feels good! The dumb down masses can’t believe my family and I don’t watch tv. It’s unreal the stupidity out there, and the number of tvs illuminated through the windows while driving down the street.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Excellent observations, Kevin. A long time ago daytime American TV was actually enjoyable to watch…once in a while, of course. The Hollywood Squares, the Gong Show, the $10,000 Pyramid, Dinah Shore, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas….Even the soap operas were pretty good. True, those shows and the ads that paid for them were silly but at least they were entertaining. And they were never obnoxious or offensive. But all that’s changed. It seems that daytime TV is now geared towards meth addicts, the mentally ill and paroled niggers on welfare.

      Well, I certainly hope that nice White English girl gets a better job doing something worthwhile, a job that doesn’t involve pleasing any Jew masters. By royal decree of of his majesty Edward I, the Jews aren’t even supposed to be in England, god damn it. He kicked them out over 700 years ago with the intention that they were never to return.

    9. CW-2 Says:

      I detest the jewtube. All the programming is designed to make Whitie feel guilty, inadequate, ignorant and….RACIST!
      The BBC scum until a couple of years ago were housed in a purpose built production facility in a district of west London called White City. Pretty ironic since propaganda central was surrounded by mudzville. Anyway, rising costs have forced the technical staff to relocate to cheaper areas. Of course the jew managers still have their posh offices near Reagents Park, all paid for by scaring and threatening lonely pensioners (seniors) into coughing up £145 a year ‘license fee’.

    10. kevin Says:

      The story of King Edward I expelling the jews should be example. Anyone who honors cromwell should be hanged from a lamp post on site!

    11. kevin Says:

      The story of King Edward I expelling the jews should be the example. Anyone who honors cromwell should be hanged from a lamp post on site!

    12. mrcrouton Says:

      This isn’t all bad news. Bad new is her being a materialistic public cunt, and going on to marry a Jew or a negro.

      It’s better she marry a white man and having many pretty blond children like herself.

      That’s the real happy ending.

    13. Big Man Says:

      Fox is based on the Gingrich Revolution – that never occured.

      It never happened because everytime a newcaster on one of the 3 broadcasting stations would bring up “social security cuts” to a Republican Congressional or Senitorial incumbent – especially Newt “Gingrich” they would not deny it. Only on the Rush Limbaugh TV and Radio show- would you learn at the same time it was not a cut but a 5 1/2 – 7 1/2% raise.

      The reason for this Republican dis-denial, and need or hunger for conspiracy theories – like that which will involve the jews. Is the question why would they not just politely correct them. So along comes Fox to supposively eliminate that biased Rush Limbaugh constanly mentioned on his telivision and radio shows that would prompt them to ask such questions to begin with, with a silent admission or lack of denial that would let them be true, and a “natural disgust” to follow it…

      …to be continued…
      The only thing

    14. Big Man Says:

      The accusal of a social security cut and “robbing” of old people is what allowed Bill Clinton to call himself a centrist, and claim a major part in the “Bills” that constituted the “Revolution” simply by passing (some of) it. Was the nonsense to start with.

      Would there be a revolution, a full “Republican Revolution” there would be no need for the large government or need for the jews (in it) If anyone can pinpoint there involvement in it, that would nail them (the involvement in the Federal Reserve – not enough to convict)

      If Newt Gingrich would simply say when accused, as he was several times, while sickenly smiling, rather than denying, a cut in social security, would allow for the “Revolution” that he promised.

      The whole half empty stomach phenomeneon is based in the Republican victory and then unfulfilled promise of 95. Who and what operated the media at the time that allowed Bill Clinton to be claimed as a “centrist” rather than a far out leftist he should be named as the artitect of the Hillary heath care plan (which he was not even the author of – but rather his un-elected wife – which sparked the anti Democratic scare that led to the Republican victory) to begin with – is another question. The answer is the jews, who currently own 80-95% of the national press and media which shows such visible liberalism is the query.

      If Fox would simply re-ask “where are the cuts” this would give them a much deserved “Real (American) Republicanism” they are so falsely congradulated on by thier detractors.

      The question remains: Why did Gingrich – as the leader and said artetect simply deny the cuts, another than a supposed involvment with little boys (The Franklin coverup) or favor with said group, is another question.