9 December, 2014

Notre Dame’s White Privilege Seminar (Sociology 25850)

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First of all, Western culture is White culture, so there would be nothing wrong with “White privilege” anyway (White privilege may exist to some degree but most Whites are successful because they’re smart and were raised properly). Second of all, the field of sociology was pioneered by a Jew named Emile Durkheim.


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  7. 15 Responses to “Notre Dame’s White Privilege Seminar (Sociology 25850)”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      “most Whites are successful because they’re smart and were raised properly”

      Goddamn, you got that right.

      What the jewshits call “White Privilige” is nothing more than that!

      OUR PARENTS CARED FOR US and their parents cared for them, and their parents cared for them, all the way back.

      We are to be blamed for this???!!!!!

      Just because some black parents don’t give a shit about Travipeckerarrius and Vaginalaquisha?

      And because they don’t have the brainpower of a White twelve-year-old?

      Fuck those bastards, and the jewhorse they rode in on.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      Ya got it right, ANt. Jewshits and their jewhorses.

    3. fd Says:

      White privilege is White supremacy. The laws of nature have spoken.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Isn’t Notre Dame University supposed to be some sort of Catholic institution?
      Well, such courses in Cultural Marxism 101 is actually good news because when mid-west Catholics find out the RCC is funding their dispossession they will be more susceptible to the WN message.

    5. Johnny Paytoilet Says:

      White privilege is for the most part, bullshit. The vast majority of our race is struggling just to maintain a middle class life. Many are working poor, living paycheck to paycheck not to mention the millions who are neck deep in debt or who own houses that have been foreclosed on this past year or two.

      The few whites you see driving the $40,000+ SUVs & foreign luxury cars and who live in those upper six figure houses may be privileged to some degree but there is more to it than meets the eye. They may be high paying professionals, could have inherited it, own a very profitable business, perhaps great returns on their investments, etc. Or they just might have borrowed their asses off just to sustain that uppity life style, after the deposable income is gone. Who knows?

      Yes fd, you’re 100% right. Evolution and nature have been good to the white race. Just look at our art, architecture, inventions, scientific advancements, etc.

      As for the University of Notre Dame, it’s finished as far as a highly academic Catholic institution of higher learning is concerned. Just look at the school’s current football team roster for your first clue then proceed to the white privilege nonsense.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      All good observations/commentaries above. I only wish more people were posting here on this forum! Vanguardnewsnetwork is a free speech zone, people! Except for uppity niggras, sausage-smokers and other such untermenschen, of course.

      As I was reading that article about “White Privilege” I kept scanning it, looking for the inevitable Jewish names to pop up. I didn’t see any, although that name “Iris Outlaw” did cause my right eyebrow to be raised.

      Here’s the breakdown on financial success according to race:

      *Whites (at least those who were born without a silver spoon in their mouths) become successful through living modestly, hard work, thrift, perseverance and taking calculated risks. Their success usually comes from inventing a useful product or starting up a legitimate business that provides a useful service for normal people. They then donate large parts of their fortune to philanthropic work, like founding hospitals and universities. They almost always conduct themselves in a sober, responsible manner.

      *Jews become successful through scheming and swindling, stealing others’ ideas, unethical business practices and recruiting their fellow Jews to conspire against and ruthlessly destroy gentile competition. Their fortunes are made through extortion, speculation, acquisitions, buyouts and takeovers. They are wheelers and dealers whose work contributes nothing of value to society. They pretend to be charitable, although the so-called charities they support are really just pro-Israel terrorist organizations. Jews always use their wealth to exert power and control over non-Jews.

      *The coloreds get rich only as celebrity athletes and clown-like entertainers who have Jewish managers and a large number of White fans. They are irresponsible with their wealth and behave like fools, rocking big gold chains and wearing ridiculous pimp-style outfits. They like to surround themselves with “posses” of parasitic flatterers and coked-up, light-skinned call-girls. They have no sense of gratitude for their success and no sense of charity towards the less fortunate. Before long their fortunes are gone and they either wind up in prison or dead.

      *The Hindoos and other wogs are very clannish, they tend to make their fortunes immigrating in tightly-knit groups to White countries and monopolizing the quickie-marts and roadside motel industries. Then they use their dough to send Ganesh, Gupta and Sanjay to clog up formerly White medical schools and monopolize the medical profession. But they never show any kind of compassion towards their patients, they will hunt you down like a fugitive for every last penny a patient supposedly owes them. They also have a tendency to lust after their White female patients and beat their servants.

      *Mexicans and Arabs make their fortunes as construction contractors who manage to land no-bid contracts with corrupt third world governments that are propped up by the CIA. Their sons behave like spoiled monsters, raping village girls and attending elite universities in the West, where they engage in jet-setting lifestyles and lust after White co-eds. The Arabs also can make their fortunes through being lucky enough to have their tents situated on top of huge reserves of oil, a naturally-produced substance the Arabs were never smart enough to develop into anything. They use their wealth to build huge, tacky palaces with gold-plated toilets and to get their swarthy Arab wives and daughters nose-jobs.

    7. archer Says:

      The Indians come here with nothing and get prefered treatment to obtain no or low interest gov. loans that the average American can’t get, another case of our gov. trying to destroy the white man.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      *Japs, Chinks and Gooks make their fortunes through imitating whatever successful White people do. The Orientals cannot invent anything on their own, they have to copy White technology and then use their insect-like discipline to manufacture it cheaper and faster. The Oriental is utterly pitiless towards his unfortunate employees and expects total obedience and submission from them, like a Ming Dynasty Emperor. Unlike the foolish Blacks the wealthy Oriental would never flaunt his wealth in anyone else’s face or engage in flamboyancy of any kind. And unlike the Mexicans and Arabs both the Oriental and his sons are expected to live sober, well-ordered lives that do not bring disgrace or shame to the family.

      Philanthropy is unknown to the rich, successful Asiatic. They believe if someone is poor or unfortunate it’s because he did something dishonorable in a previous incarnation and is therefore deserving of his present fate.

      *The wild, uncivilized Red Indian can only get rich if he agrees to be a front-man for Indonesian developers or Jewish mobsters who want to open up Indian gambling casinos on reservations. The Indonesians and Jews will ply the Red Indian with fire-water and wampum to keep him quiet as the Indonesians and Jews rake in billion$ from old White people on fixed incomes who patronize the casinos and go to the nightclubs to see Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck. However, many so-called Red Indians, or Injuns, have more nigger blood in them than Injun blood. But whether full-blooded Injun or not the Red Indian tends towards shiftlessness and is therefore ill-qualified for financial success through his own efforts. He will have many offspring but never raises any of them. The children always go off on their own, like wild animals, shortly after they are born in the tee-pee.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hindoos and Yellow people also get those damn H1-B1 work visas from ZOG that allow them to take good paying hi-tech/engineering jobs away from White Americans. Female West Indian Blacks are hired in droves to work in US nursing homes, so they can beat the elderly White inmates and steal from them. Fillippinas are hired to work as dirt-cheap nursing staff, thus denying those once good-paying nursing jobs to better trained and more deserving White American females.

    10. fd Says:

      Indians of India can count money faster than any Jew

      Poor as a church mouse

      CCR–But I never saw the good side of the city,
      Until I hitched a ride on a river boat queen.


    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      I forgot, there is one other way that Mexican/Mestizo types can get rich, and that is by becoming drug-lords. But they will need to wear white suits, sunglasses and mustaches, with their silk shirts unbuttoned halfway down to reveal their gold crucifixes and muy macho hairy chests. Their light-skinned Latrina trophy wives are usually the stars of Mexican soap-operas and behave like total bitches.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, CCR was of course a great band, but that Proud Mary song is better known as being sung by the colored duo of Ike and Tina Turner. Did you know Ike Turner was “married” 14 times? Many of those so-called marriages were to trashy White cocktail waitresses.

    13. fd Says:

      Ike and Tina deserved each other, I’m sure. Tina did a good job with Proud Mary.

      John Fogerty of CCR wrote Proud Mary and CCR received first honors of that song.

      It astonishes me how CCR wrote such brilliant Southern rock music, especially Louisiana swamp rock out of California. It goes to show you that White people are in sync and there is really no dividing line among us.

      A phenomenon took place in Texas and Louisiana in the 2d half of the 1970s. i Heavy layoffs in upstate New York and Michigan motivated the White workers to seek employment in Texas and Louisiana that had a surplus of work related to an oil boom up and down the Louisiana and Texas coast. The jobs were at least 90% White. Not a dimes worth of difference between the workers. So how did the Northern workers know to come down. Answer–White pipeline–letters and phone calls

    14. Johnny Paytoilet Says:

      I remember Proud Mary, Lodi & Bad Moon Rising. Great songs from one of the memorable years of my life, 1969. Just listened to them again, on you-know-what-tube. Oh well, cheap thrills as we use to say back then. The late 60’s keeps a rolling across my mind. Gee, that’s a great line to use in a song, you might say.*

      *From “A Younger Girl” by the Critters, a pretty good band from New Jersey which had a few of hits back in ’66 & ’67. Why is I can remember what happened back then like it just happened but can’t recall what I did this past weekend?

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Johnny and fd are right, Tina Turner did a damn good job with CCR’s Proud Mary. John Fogerty was cool with it, too. BTW, he still sings, records and tours, even though CCR broke up in 1972. So did Steppenwolf, Three Dog Night and The Guess Who. 1972, the end of the hippie era.