28 December, 2014

Russia vs. NATO and the NWO, or, America: a Mothership of a Different Kind

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Back in the old days (circa 1950), the Soviet Union was the “mothership” of world communism. Today, America is also a mothership, but not of communism. America is the mothership of the New World Order (which could also be called the Jew World Order). America is using NATO to build a New World Order where all countries will do whatever America says, or else. Russia doesn’t like that idea. This Russia-vs.-America-and-NATO conflict may eventually result in WWIII.


  • 3 Responses to “Russia vs. NATO and the NWO, or, America: a Mothership of a Different Kind”

    1. fd Says:

      Guerilla warfare defeated the Federals in Vietnam, and repulsed the Federals in the Middle East including Afghanistan. Russia can do the same thing.

      Federals withdraw from Afghanistan in ignoble defeat.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s a shame that the Zionist Jews, their controlled politicians and the military-industrial war machine insist that trillions be spent on war and preparation for war. There are a lot of important projects that all of that money could have been spent on, like rebuilding our highways, water pipelines, schools. It could have been spent on establishing a national health care system, or even on sending a robot ship to Mars to pick up rock and soil samples and return them to Earth.

      So many worthwhile and interesting things COULD have been done with all of that money. But instead it’s going to be pissed away on killing people, bombing their countries and making war-profiteers even richer than they already are.


    3. DrBilbo Says:

      You mean “follow the orders of the Jews”, right? I despise Russia lovers also as much as I hate Jews.