5 January, 2015

Are Whites Starting to Wake Up?

Posted by Socrates in Islam, Muslims, Muslims in Europe, Socrates, Sweden at 12:51 pm | Permanent Link

Several mosques have been burned in Sweden. (Why are there mosques in Sweden in the first place?)


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  7. 13 Responses to “Are Whites Starting to Wake Up?”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Typical Jew York Times anti-White hate propaganda. I can’t stand it when they start in with their weepy, sentimental bullshit about how the non-White invaders are just refugees looking for a safe haven. Baloney, they intend to destroy and replace the native inhabitants of the White countries they invade.

    2. fd Says:

      Don’t forget about the Mongolian Jew. Fire the synagogue too.

    3. say what Says:

      To answer you question: Are white starting to wake up?
      ABSOLUTELY. There is no question about it at this point.
      Time may not be on our side, being that the USD is on its last legs, but the people of America, Europe, and elsewhere, are beginning to ask the Jewish question.

      Yes, this “awakening” is only the beginning and the Jewish bankers should be afraid, very afraid. As things begin to heat up, I have no doubt this new paradigm will continue to accelerate. The Jews that plague our media airwaves will be getting the last laugh. Over 90% of the media agencies are controlled by kikes and they are squarely focused on disenfranchising the White race because we’re threats to their hegemony.

      Hitler was right

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      You’re right, fd, let’s not confuse manifestations of the disease (the majid) with the source of that disease (the sin-o-zog).

    5. Walter Says:

      Whites are waking up, some of them anyway.

    6. Walter Says:

      Trying to buy a home but I keep getting outbid dead by Chinese investors, this sucks.

    7. fd Says:

      I don’t see any significant evidence that Whites are waking up. The sleepwalkers are staying the course.

    8. Non Ame Says:

      Slowly but surely they are, fd. Too slowly, I fear, but people are starting to smell the elephant in the room. Remember the post not long ago here about NY Times and other online news sites getting rid of the online comments sections? That speaks volumes to me…….too many comments about blacks and jews! I still see quite a few on Yahoo.

    9. J├╝rgen Says:

      It would be WONDERFUL to see ALL of Europe
      purged from everything Middle-Eastern: muslims
      and jews kicked out and sent back to the Middle East
      to simply kill one another there.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      You gentlemen should visit the politico.com website (arguably the most Establishment Jewsmedia site on the web) and look at the thread about the Alan Dershowitz child prostitution scandal he’s supposedly involved with. Anti Jew comments galore! Amazingly, the comments section has not been disabled…yet.


    11. Jan L Says:

      Long live The Marinus van der Lubbe Fire Bombing Society!

    12. Non Ame Says:

      That Politico article and the comments just served to underscore the fact that argument with Jews and their lackeys is futile at best. They are utterly impervious to logic; invulnerable to facts. They must be silenced and exterminated in the same fashions they would use on us. Us or them, plain and simple.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      That was very well said, No Name. Not that you need any approval from me, of course. But there really is no point in trying to argue with a Jew, a Black, a liar, fool or madman because they will not listen to reason and if you attempt to persuade them through reason they will only become more intransigent.