24 January, 2015

Good News: the EU is Becoming Unpopular

Posted by Socrates in EU, Euro, Europe, global government, globalization, internationalism, Leo Pasvolsky, NATO, Socrates, UN, UN Charter, UN founders, UNESCO at 3:13 pm | Permanent Link

People are starting to realize that global government sucks. It’s completely unnatural. It doesn’t help the citizens. It only helps the rich bureaucrats. (Global government has Jewish roots. The League of Nations, the UN, NATO, the EU – all have Jewish connections).


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  7. One Response to “Good News: the EU is Becoming Unpopular”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      The EU is no “union” of European states it’s just another version of the old Holy Roman Empire, when the Franks attempted to rule over the rest of Europe after the fall of the original Roman Empire. In other words just more of the same old Western European imperialist arrogance that the rest of Europe has resented for over a thousand years. And rightly so.