28 January, 2015

HollowCost Funnies

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Sol Weinbergwitz, 6-time Holocaust victim: “Then, I was sent to Auschwitz where I was gassed 3 times, and then I was sent to Treblinka and gassed 2 times. I held my breath each time. Then I was shot at Dachau, but I escaped by dodging the bullets, and finally, I made my way to America and opened a manure factory in New York City…”


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  7. 2 Responses to “HollowCost Funnies”

    1. Big Man Says:

      There had to be a “Holocaust” or Winston would look like the shithead he is, for instigating or terrorizing such a war on a prosperous and NORMAL nation such as Germany.

    2. Mel Brooks Says:

      My favorite Holycost chortle is the broad who ate and crapped out the diamonds each day..I’d always wondered why Ewes are so obsessed with their bowel movements, well, NO WONDER! Ent dose evil Nazzi bastits vouldn’t give me enee Maalox! Oy de agonies!

      Did anyone bother with the comments on this one? You’d think that with some of the corkers coming out of these old fakes, that the public would begin to wise up, but…