27 January, 2015


Posted by Socrates in "gay marriage", "gay", Big Fag, egalitarianism, homosexual themes, homosexuals, Mormons, Socrates at 3:30 pm | Permanent Link

The Mormons are moving closer and closer to full fag acceptance (FFA).


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  7. 4 Responses to “LGBT? PBBBBBTT!”

    1. Tuscon Says:

      Brigham Young is one of the biggest faggot pits in the world. I had a buddy who went there and he said that you couldn’t believe the amount of sodomy that went on there. You could get cock by turning up in the shitter beating your meat and faggots would come down on you like an avalanche. My buddy didn’t get fucked, but because back then there was mohammedan gender segregation at BY, if some faggot was giving it up, he’d take it. But he wasn’t queer. Straightest dude I know.

    2. -JC Says:

      The above is what trolling looks-like.

    3. Bigduke6 Says:

      The Evangelical churches and bible colleges are a haven for faggots and dykes. There is also gender separation because the fags and yappers want to isolate the sexes. Church organizations are run by effeminate binky boyz, and fat obnoxious lesbian bullys. Evangelism has a feminizing effect on males. The Mormons are making a public relations effort to keep their numbers up, which keeps the money up. Pope Francis, the rock and roll pope was installed by the lavender mafia. The churches are reaching out to the degenerates because it’s good for business.

    4. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      We must return to the Scriptures, and the teachings of Augustine.