13 January, 2015

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Monday, January 19

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(Above: Jewish communist Stanley Levison was King’s right-hand man and speech-writer)

King was so dangerous that the FBI had him under surveillance for 13 years (1955-1968). King also plagiarized his doctoral thesis, meaning that he shouldn’t be called “Dr. King.” Today, King is an American icon, thanks to the media.


  • 4 Responses to “Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Monday, January 19”

    1. fd Says:

      MLK Day falls on a Texas state holiday this year: January 19 – Confederate Heroes Day–R.E. Lee’s birthday. Original state holiday June 3d Jefferson Davis birthday until the two were combined.

      MLK Day should be in the summer. You can’t buy a watermelon in January.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Almost every European city has a MLK Boulevard. There is even a church in Italy with mosaic pictures of “I’m fuckin’ for God tonight”-King, along with other secular ‘saints’ on its walls.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Michael King was right about two things: 1) His opposition to the Vietnam War and 2) His statement that the US govt is the biggest purveyor of violence in the world.

      Isn’t it curious that a guy like King, who has an FBI file on him that’s so damning it won’t be made public for another 75 years, gets to have a National holiday named after him? Of course only government employees and bankers will get the day off. For all the galley-slaves it will be just another day of work, so they can support the aforementioned government employees and bankers.

    4. fd Says:

      I believe it was the absent-minded professor Ronald Reagan who signed into law MLK DAY.

      Anybody looking for nigger town in a big city need only ask for directions to MLK Boulevard.