25 January, 2015

Oklahoma: Negro Shot by Police, Pearly-Gates Bound

Posted by Socrates in black behavior, black behavior vs. white behavior, black crime, black culture, police, Socrates at 6:40 pm | Permanent Link

On the bright side, this negro will finally discover if Elvis is really dead! [Video].

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  7. 4 Responses to “Oklahoma: Negro Shot by Police, Pearly-Gates Bound”

    1. Thom McQueen Says:

      Elvis just might give him a second ass-kicking. Him and Jim Morrison.
      “Get out of our heaven, boy. Your coon-ass heaven is down the road, a lot more hotter than here.”

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      One less Black rapist/killer/inmate for society to deal with. The cop earned his pay. Unfortunately for every violent Negro savage that gets bagged and tagged ten more take its place.

    3. Topkea Says:

      This time I was inside, one of my cellmates was an AB heavy who was doing a long stretch for tagging a queer. Some trucker faggot tried to cruise him in a toilet down on Freemont. The AB bruiser whipped out his .38 and blasted both the faggot’s kneecaps and left him there smoking.

    4. L. Edwards Says:

      Not too bad for three rounds at 25 yards and while both parties are running top speed under extreme pressure. Best part was seeing the bitch topple into the ditch. But who the f was the crazy white liberal screaming at the cop for shooting a snake head. An animal activist I suppose.