8 February, 2015

Another Mass Shooting: 5 Dead in Georgia

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Shootings are common in America. But mass shootings were uncommon until rather recently. Why are there so many mass shootings today? One reason is that many people in America feel disconnected and lost. Alienated. They don’t feel like they’re a part of a unified community. And one reason for those feelings of alienation is multiculturalism. It’s hard to feel connected to people who aren’t like you, who don’t share your values and beliefs. Another reason for those feelings of alienation is that America doesn’t have a real culture. It has a pop culture (or media culture) that changes every 15 minutes. Who can feel like they’re a part of that? How could you be a part of that?


  • 6 Responses to “Another Mass Shooting: 5 Dead in Georgia”

    1. fd Says:

      Another day at the office. The criminal government at Washington perverted the states.

    2. Dick Says:

      Media Crazed Bruce Jenner wanting a sex change killed a woman in Malibu and injured 7 more. Another example of disconnect in America.

    3. Non Ame Says:

      And the straw the breaks the camel’s back in virtually every mass shooting is the mind altering pharmaceuticals these shooters invariably have in their histories. Big Pharma has us all drugged up to treat the depression most likely brought on by the aforementioned alienation our sewer of a culture causes. So tens of millions are put on anti-depressants and odds are a few hundred will go truly bonkers if and when they stop taking their lithium pills.

      Pretty clever that there’s a way to make billions getting us all hooked on meds we don’t need while creating mass shooters every month they can use as an excuse to further restrict our rights. Imagine if Jews could use their talents for good instead of evil……

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Lemme ax you something……Why is it when a nigger flips out and goes on a killing spree he always targets White people he didn’t know? But when a White guy goes on a killing spree it never once occurs to him to go to Black ghetto and open fire, he goes to the home of his his White ex, kills her, the kids and grandma?

      In a similar vein why is it a nigger rapist will always try to find a White victim, but a White rapist will NEVER look for any Black victims?

      That’s why I think violent White criminals should be dealt with far more harshly than violent niggers.

    5. mrcrouton Says:

      The perp was a real piece of crap for shooting the kids. That’s a scumbag move.

      A real man would go and beat the crap out of the new boyfriend in front of his wife and leave it at that. It’s tough on divorced men when all their money is taken for child support and they’re dicked around by their ex.

      I have a feeling this guy was also on prescription meds.

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      The drug companies have done as much damage and more than the filthy illegal drug trade, and media has always done all they can to promote asinine excessive life destroying drinking too.

      Of course drug companies, regime pols, media filth, bankers they are all on the same team.

      The team to enslave and war till till the World is one big USSR all over again.