22 February, 2015

Desperately Needed: a Left and Right Coalition to End Internationalism

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The attitudes of sovereignty, “do-it-yourself” and “mind-your-own-business” must return to the world’s countries. Read this article: the root of the problem is global meddling, which produces global conflict, which produces wars. How to stop that? For starters, a broad coalition in the Western countries, made up of both the political Left and the political Right, needs to be formed, with one goal: stopping globalism. Free-trade agreements? End them. International corporations? Ban them. Global entities like the UN and NATO? Ban them, too. Isolationism must return to the world (there wouldn’t be a “war on terror” if America stopped meddling in the Middle East). Achieving the “new isolationism” would require major changes in attitudes, but it could happen with effort, especially once Left and Right realized that the many positives of isolationism outweigh the few negatives of it [1].


[1] the positives of isolationism include: fewer wars, less terrorism, more jobs (and therefore more productivity, less of a gap between rich and poor, less crime, and fewer social problems such as drug/alcohol abuse), less pollution, and less foreign influence upon governments and cultures

  • 4 Responses to “Desperately Needed: a Left and Right Coalition to End Internationalism”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Also, if some people need churches let them be national churches.

    2. fd Says:

      Inflation–deflation–recession–depression. It’s the ol’ shell game.

      Next time around, White people should avoid the dangers of republics and the nation state. More of the same would be a misstep.

      The author’s position on free trade in reference to America placing a closed cycle on oil and gas trade to punish outside forces makes no sense. Russia and China have a surplus of oil and gas. No problem.

      Capitalism is a fraud ruled by heavy taxes. I don’t have a problem with free trade; I have a problem with companies that lobby to place punitive tariffs on their products to avoid competition.

      The author, philosopher Alain de Benoist is a status quo dissenter, but I commend him for the effort. Revilo Oliver had the attitude of a biker. His writings were laced with a f**k off attitude. No one came forward to fill his shoes.

    3. Luke Says:

      The interesting thing about this topic is that Henry Ford, Sr. described in considerable detail what he saw would happen to America, and to the White West in general, in his book ‘The International jew’.

      When was that book first published? 1922 or thereabouts? 93 years later, just step back and survey the nightmarish consequences of our White political elites not heeding the warnings that were in that book. The carnage is as breathtaking as it is revolting.

      It is for this reason, that I refuse to give a pass to any of our modern day White political elites. I do not buy the argument that most of these idiots were just duped and didn’t realize what the long term consequences would be for America, and for the civilized Western world, when they decided that they were addicted to fellating hebrew tallywhacker.

      Whenever I am out for a Sunday drive around the town I live in, and spot a row of lamp posts along a city street – I will sometimes roll my window down a few inches and lean an ear towards those posts.

      If the breeze is blowing just right, I can actually hear them crying out for decorations.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      At the rate things are going internationalism will soon discredit itself. It’s all part of the big cycle of history, the rise and fall of empires and civilizations. When the next inevitable collapse does occur a lot of useless eaters are going to quickly die off. That’s the best part.