7 February, 2015

Physical Differences Between the Human Races

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Oh, wait, that’s right: race doesn’t exist! But we’ll pretend, just for the sake of argument, that it does exist. (It’s not mentioned in the article, but non-Whites are also more likely to have abnormal hemoglobin, e.g., the disease Thalassemia).


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  7. 5 Responses to “Physical Differences Between the Human Races”

    1. Non Ame Says:

      Fascinating! I wish niggers could read so they could read this and understand that it’s not whitey’s racism that keeps him down. It’s just they way they are. Human racial differences are analogous to different breeds of cats and dogs, each with their own abilities, temperaments, and weaknesses. This should be so obvious to any observer of humanity and it speaks volumes about the strength and effectiveness of Jewish brainwashing that so many people deny this simple truth.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Do the Jews really expect us to believe their lies that all humans were woolly-headed niggers who walked out of Africa a mere 70,000 years ago? Like that excellent article states there may be a million years or more worth of evolutionary differences between the current races. If sparrows and robins have enough sense not to mate with each other then Whites have no excuse for mating with lower Negro primates.

    3. DMS Says:


    4. Big Man Says:

      Dr Yacub head shrunk them. That’s why they seem do de-bilitated – just kidding.


    5. Big Man Says:

      Blacks have civilizations that are 78 trillion years old