27 February, 2015

The Definition of a “Western Country”

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(Above: the West. Not shown: Canada, America, Australia)

Contrary to popular belief, a “Western country” doesn’t mean a country located in the Western hemisphere. Instead, a “Western country” means basically “a White country located west of Poland but including Finland and Greece.” You see, there are non-White countries in the Western hemisphere, e.g., parts of Africa, and also Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia, Peru.


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sorry, but I could not finish reading that article, due to the high level of right-wing dingbat-ism displayed by the hillbilly congress-broad from Tennessee. Like all good right-wingers she immediately backs down and gets defensive when confronted with her extremely moderate pro-White views. Why are there women in politics????? They shouldn’t even be allowed to vote, for crying out loud.

      And why aren’t the Czech Republic, the Baltic States, Hungary and the other central and eastern Euro countries also considered “Western”? They are every bit as White and as cultivated as Germany and France. Hmmm, must have something to do with that annoying Anglo-American supremacism, an anachronistic leftover from the Churchill-Wilson-FDR era.

    2. Socrates Says:

      I see what you mean, Tim. By now, some of those Eastern countries, like Czech or Hungary, may be “Western” in their attitudes and values. I don’t know, I’ve never been to Hungary or Czech.

    3. fd Says:

      The Baltic states (Slavic) are super White. Tough and smart too. They were some of the best NS fighters. The old Iron Curtain countries are getting Whiter as Western Europe gets darker.

    4. Big Man Says:

      Western Philosophy means European, but Western Nation can include Nation. Especially since Mexico was founded by those of the West (Spaniards)


      Is Czechezlovakia an Eastern Nation? The answer is yes. Despite it being Europoean.

    5. Big Man Says:

      “must have something to do with that annoying Anglo-American supremacism…”

      Probably, dear.

    6. Big Man Says:

      *Western Nation can include Mexico.

    7. Big Man Says:

      Here is “Eastern Philosophy” take from the Cradle of Erotica. But instead of using Arabs they use “slaves” (blacks) and then “Miami Style” to incorporate it into “Western Philosophy” they say the stupid (now) jewish (bust my nuts in a bitch’s mouth)


      Jews borrow “Western Philosophy” from blacks then incorperate into popular culture. Many claim it is “jewish philosophy” when it is not, because jews are so enterprising and annoying. This is why it can be called “jewish culture” (maybe)

      Is it a jewish conspiracy behind the lines of time? Perhaps not, they are just enterprising copy cats. As brutus once said “I think their Asian genes limitied their creativity. (Just kidding).

    8. Non Ame Says:

      Mexico a Western nation? Hardly. One might as well include the Philippines, too, since it was founded by Spaniards. Hell, all of South America as well. Unfortunately, all those nations have been utterly mongrelized over the centuries since colonization began. And one must keep in mind the genetic effects of the Moorish occupation of Spain that lasted several centuries and undoubtedly caused a great deal of genetic mongrelization in Iberia before the era of colonization even began. One can even see the effects of this in the present day in parts of the Dutch population who look a bit swarthy. Holland, if you’ll recall history, had parts of it ruled by Spain for over a hundred years.

      Does this mean Spain, Portugal, Italy and other European nations invaded by Moors and Arabs are not Western? Of course not. They still retain sufficient genetic and cultural ties to their European heritage and just as important, they still consider themselves to be Western. Mexicans do not. They are just as proud, if not more so, of their Aztec roots as they are of their European roots. The mestizos consider themselves a separate race entirely and while they can somewhat imitate the forms of Western modernity, I doubt they’d be able to maintain them very long without outside help. They are an unfortunate by-product of the Spaniards’ rampant interbreeding with the natives, a process thankfully not replicated beyond a small degree in the English or French colonies.

      I’ll give Central and South Americans credit for their imitation of Western culture but they are certainly not Western in the strictest sense. A good rule of thumb to use when considering a nation “Western”: If a substantial portion of a nation’s population (Nation X) could be absorbed by another Western nation (Nation Y) and still Y remains Western, then that Nation X is Western. If Germany were to be inundated with Swedish immigrants, Germany may not remain German, but it would still be Western. America WAS inundated by immigrants from all the Western nations and became a Western nation. Now that America is being inundated by Mexican immigrants among others, can anyone seriously argue that America will remain Western if this continues for another century or two?

      As for the Eastern European nations, of course they are Western. Russia may be an exception of sorts, owing to its vast area and populations, but I consider them more Western than not. The political and cultural interrelations of the various European states over the centuries leaves no doubt that all of them are part of one greater civilization that we collectively refer to as the West.

    9. fd Says:

      Mediterranean literally means Old European.

      The ancient White Meds are quite interesting as a subgroup. By the time waves of Nordic types began traveling into ancient Europe from the footsteps of the Caucasus Mountains, the Meds were long since up and running with great civilizations fueled by formidable technology of that time, equal and unmatched by the desert empires. It is believed that the Alpine Caucasian of Central Europe is a mixture of White Med/Nordic reproduction, saving the White Med gene pool long before it was submerged centuries later.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m going to guess that “Big Man” never finished the 9th grade. His comments make no sense to anyone except himself. Mexico is a western nation, “cradle of erotica”, “bust my nuts in a bitch’s mouth”……….


    11. Big Man Says:

      Great trolling Todd “The Money Man” McGreen. But Dk Almighty is Eastern Philosophy (biggest pole in the smallest hole – to sound bizzare) whether you like it or not. But the writers of the song were not advanced enough to know of what they were writing (to sound bizzare)
      It only becomes black slang when they say “to bust my nuts in a bitche’s mouth) or jewish slang as the VNN gang like to refer to it. Once the trophy rats incorperate it, and anything black and UNCOOL into American culture.

      Remember it was Luke who said he hates the bald pussy, and that’s why jews have women shave in their porno movies.