5 February, 2015

The Sharks of Marx: Science vs. Censorship

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To a Jew, words are weapons that are used to enslave and confuse non-Jews (for example, the ideology of communism is pure baloney. True communism, according to Karl Marx, doesn’t happen until the state “withers away.” But states don’t wither away. They just change leadership. It’s all bullshit):

“Marxism is an ideology for those who like issuing orders to reality and controlling the world with words. That is what unifies “the amazing variety of uses that can be made of Marxist doctrine…”


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    1. fd Says:

      This website is obsessed with communism. To constantly pore over communism is a right wing mentality. The Cold War was a fraud and it’s dead. I fear no perverted system. If my enemies step on my lawn, I shall repel them as best I may.

      The creature on the Potomac is fast proving itself to be the best worst government in all the pages of history.

    2. fd Says:

      correction: The creature on the Potomac is fast proving itself to be the worst government in all the pages of history.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I agreed, fd, right-wingers are always fighting the last war, not preparing for the next. But it is also true that Soviet-style Marxism has been reincarnated into Social Marxism, aka, Cultural Communism, aka, Political Correctness.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Excellent point about how the Jews uses words to deceive and enslave the goyim. Kikes are incapable of doing any actual fighting like real men, so they resort to sneaky psychological warfare using their pens, their keyboards and their printing-presses.

    5. fd Says:

      This is true, Tim McGreen. Hard-case Russian communism has transformed into a different dress, spreading the same poison.

    6. archer Says:

      I’m still worried about commies, you would be hard pressed to find greater mass murderers in recent history than commies. AS a rule they’re idiotic ideologues who have the reasoning power of sand fleas, they lack any morals or sense of decency in the pursuit of their clownish doctrine. If you’re searching for utopia you would be better served by being left alone as much as possible from any form of government.

    7. Luke Says:

      I am amazed at how easily snookered people are who share and express the sort of views as fd, with regards to communism and communists.

      I mean, for crying out loud – simply spend a modest amount of time studying the stated principles, ideologies and stated objectives and/or goals of Communists and then compare what you have learned with what has and is still unfolding before our very eyes and right under our noses in 2015.

      Communism may well have collapsed within the former Soviet Union, but anyone who thinks that the evil rats who dreamed up that poisonous, jewish invented, nightmarish wet dream of totalitarianism have changed their belief system or abandoned their obsession to rule the world is dumber than a box of rusty hammers. Communist jews are no different than chameleons, fd. They simply changed their camouflage, adopted a new name to describe themselves, assumed a new identity – but, then they just continue on with their agenda just as before.


      Jeezus, fd. We have a mulatto asshole sitting in the Oval Office who Bill Ayers wrote an autobiography for, where he openly admitted that every major mentor and influence in his life as he grew to adulthood was a card carrying, dyed in the wool. Communist. Are you reading me, here, fd?

      Have you not noticed that this guy has spent over 6 years in office, trying everything he possibly can to enact the most draconian, totalitarian gun control laws and he has tried his level best to try to ban the most effective types of semi auto sporting rifles that would be most useful in the hands of law abiding patriots who choose to resist and fight tyranny from a Communist infested government who is very clearly suffering from a profoundly painful case of blue balls as a result of their unsatisfied lust to pick up where the jews left off in Russia and mass murder another 66 million or so disarmed and defenseless White humans?

    8. fd Says:

      Thanks for the backward, status quo text, Luke. I almost threw up. Let me then take up the challenge.

      Anyone who would waste their life in fear of communism or any other form of government lives in a plastic world. They could be labeled–dumber than a box of shit.

      Jewish Democratic Capitalism on the Potomac did more to preserve communism than any country in the world.

      The Negro on the Potomac was placed there–compliments of democracy which is rooted in equality no different than communism. And why would I care about the scumbags at Washington City? I have no allegiance to the Federal government or the Constitution. The blood and soil of the folk is all that matters.

      98% of the patriots you speak of will throw their guns to the ground and beg for mercy when confronted by marauding federal agents. You’re talking about jokers who still vote.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Jewish Democratic Capitalism on the Potomac did more to preserve communism than any country in the world.”

      -fd, speaking to Jewess Barbara Walters on NBC’s Today Show, April 1976

      Surely no one denies the truth of this statement?

    10. Non Ame Says:

      Like a virus that jumps from host to host, Jews carry with them from nation to nation their virulent nation-wrecking ideas. They were Marxists/Communists in Russia. Before that illness had even finished running its course there, they had infected the US government.

      Knowing Americans had a violent revulsion to Communist ideas, they tweaked them a bit and repackaged them in a new box called democracy. The same gilded turd in a new wrapper.

      They had to re-invent themselves as well, jumping ship from the Democrap party and becoming “neo-conservatives” in the Republicunt party. Perennial shape-shifters they are, the Jews and their twisted ideas.

    11. Luke Says:

      Excellent observation, Non Ame. And, if fd would simply open his wallet, pluck out a $10 bill and buy a small bottle of liquid tears and cleanse his obviously clouded eyeballs once or twice a week, he, like the rest of us, could improve his vision and better be able to recognize the assorted disguises that jews have worn down through the decades – as they stealthily go about their evil and nefarious machinations.

      BTW: Your comment about how jews understood the violent revulsion that Americans had to Communist ideologies is right on the money. However, that recognition on the part of jews came at a time when the United States was still 85 or 95 percent majority White, meaning during the 1940s and 1950s and in the early 1960s. This realization is what motivated the jews to reinvent themselves and start this neo-conservatism movement that is based upon Trotyskite Communist ideologies. So, as I said – their ultimate goals of creating a world-wide, totalitarian, world government with them at the top and ruling over all of the lowly gentiles has not changed on iota. They just decided that they needed to create a new vehicle and adopt a new name for themselves in order to finally reach their objectives. However, as they have managed to import millions and millions of dark skinned turd worlders – I have noticed that the term ‘Communist’ is slowly beginning to lose a little bit of it’s negativity, as the black and brown races are more prone to being groomed to embrace communism.

      Incidentally, it is my strong opinion that those of us in the White Nationalist and White race realist community need to take maximum advantage of the White American revulsion to the term ‘Communism’. We need to use that word to describe our enemies as often as possible, because just as the word ‘liberal’ was so effectively demonized by the traditional conservative right that the liberals themselves were forced to run away from it and now they are trying to rename themselves as ‘progressives’ – the same thing can work with the word Communist.

      The idea is to put our enemy on the defensive and force them to retreat and spend most of their time trying to defend themselves instead of dreaming up ways to attack us.

      I say, refuse to allow our mortal enemies to rename themselves. Refuse to allow them to deny that they are liberals, or that they are communists.

      Rub their noses in it. And, make sure we sneer as we are doing it.

    12. fd Says:

      Luke, your sissy words don’t pass the laugh test. You better look under the bed before retiring. There’s a communist down there. Check the closet too. The Jews took their cloak and mask off 20 years ago, and they still have you living on the run.

      Luke wrote: “. . . like the rest of us . . .” Who authorized you to speak for all the people that visit this website?

    13. fd Says:

      International Jewry @ Washington City. It’s the home office of my enemy.

    14. Big Man Says:

      Economic liberalism is communism lite without total “state ownership” of business (why Obama is a communist – the state convisation of car bussinesses) But what we have is state sponsored communism for sort on “disadvanted” individuals.

      Why you don’t use the term liberalism on this site is beyond me. But the translation must be broken down first, if you expect anyone to understand it.

    15. Non Ame Says:

      I believe it was a Rabbi Wise who said sometime in the 1930s: ‘Some call it Communism; I’d call it Judaism.’

      The early Soviet Union was Judaism going to seed and fulfilling the Talmudic instructions to rule over the goyim. They did this with the greatest possible brutality and violence. But the goyim were still too strong physically and morally in the rest of the world, thus they were not only able, but willing, to resist. Now we have White nations who are too morally weak to resist and Muslim nations who are almost too physically weak but at least they put up a fight.

    16. fd Says:

      Another person seems to agree with Rabbi Wise: “. . . the Soviet communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for Judaism.”