28 February, 2015

U.S. Colleges Giving Financial Aid to Illegal-Alien Students

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Not only are illegal aliens attending college, but they get tuition money, too. Why does America even have laws and borders? Why bother? (It’s against federal law to aid, abet or encourage illegal immigration).


  • 3 Responses to “U.S. Colleges Giving Financial Aid to Illegal-Alien Students”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      That article is not very well written, it gives readers the impression that illiterate wetbacks are getting free money to attend “elite” private schools like NYU. As bad as the situation with mud invaders is I don’t think the new class of students at Harvard Medical School is going to be comprised of lettuce-pickers and leaf-blowers.

    2. Big Man Says:

      Yes it is. The liberals think it’a an un-neat idea so they shall do it. They don’t want to hear the jewish whinning if they don’t. Wet-brain liberals will go along with anything.

      I heard a Spanish woman say in a New York chat room “But a Mexican is an educated person” when I was defending the Puerto-Ricans saying they were better than the Mexicans because at least they didn’t know the language, and are not the tingy Orange of the Mexican, but the average n*gger brown, so we wouldn’t have to consider them a new race. New Yorkers still hate Puerto Ricans because they feel they add no culture to the county, but the tingy Orange Mexicans add less (just kidding)

      They know it’s a terrible idea, but will go along with it to avoid the jewish whinning.

    3. Big Man Says:

      New Yorkers don’t like Puerto Ricans because they are light brown and many of them don’t speak the language, but they are under the mistake that many Mexicants do. Plus the tasteless freaks are attracted to their light Orange coloring.