1 February, 2015

Will David Duke Run for Congress?

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Now would be a great time (i.e., post-Ferguson) for Duke to run for Congress. If he gets enough support, he might. That could be a big political breakthrough for White nationalists, or, at least it would be good publicity for nationalists.

[Article] and [Article].

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    1. J├╝rgen Says:

      Go for it, Dr. Duke!

      And thank you for totally dismantling that jew-schmekel-sucker Bill O’reilly, right there on his own show two weeks ago. A great spokesman for our cause.

    2. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Run, Duke, RUN. Hammer the open borders that’s dispossessing Whites; outsourcing, which destroys good White jobs, and the jew media that stirs up hyper-violent niggers whenever one of their thugs gets rightfully killed.

      Vastly more Whites are awakened to the dangers of these issues than in ’91: they can now see the hordes of cucarachas in their formerly White communities (and hear the media kikes gleefully rubbing it in as an inevitable force of nature); they’ve either lost their jobs to the spics, China & India, or have family & friends who have.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Hi everyone, I’m Doctor David Duke. When addressing me please make sure to call me “Doctor”, otherwise I might ignore you. I received my Doctorate from some kind of school in the Ukraine but I can’t go into any details. I was affiliated with the KKK in Louisiana for many years but now I’m ashamed of that affiliation and don’t want to talk about it.

      “I’m considering a run for Congress (again), but naturally I’ll need your financial support. Whenever I decide to do anything, it requires someone elses’ financial support. I always rely on my loyal followers to pay for my vacations, I mean my very serious speech-making tours, around the world. I enjoy going to places like Japan, Morocco and Germany, places most of my loyal followers can only dream of visiting. So I visit those places for them.

      “My speeches are about protecting and preserving the White European race, but if confronted by a hostile liberal, Black or Jewish person I will become apologetic and defensive, claiming that I am not a racist, bigot or anti Semite and that I do not condone hatred towards anyone. I will then ask Bill O’Reilly if I can please appear on his FOX TV show to promote my latest book. My books go into great detail about things that most people already know about. But my loyal followers are willing to pay $35 for autographed copies of them. Truth be told it’s my very attractive 19 year old female “office assistant” who actually signs most of the books. Do ever discuss my personal life? No, I don’t think I do. Maybe that’s because it’s kinda sordid?

      “So come on, all you loyal followers, it’s time to once again provide me, Doctor David Duke, with the funds I need to run for office, even though we all know I don’t have a Chinamen’s chance of winning. I’m sorry, I meant to say a Chinese person’s chance of winning. Thank you in advance for your money.”


      DOCTOR David Duke, PhD.

      Metairie, Louisiana

    4. kevin Says:

      Running for office in a de facto corporate government? Why would he participate in the fraud unless he’s part of it. Didn’t I already post something to this effect?

    5. fd Says:

      Good observation, kevin. A healthy White man wouldn’t take up with a poisonous, plastic government that wages war on nature.