17 March, 2015

Conservatives: They Don’t Think Racially, So What Are They “Conserving”?

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“Immigration policy should be forged with one consideration in mind: America‚Äôs economic self-interest.”

Huh?? Is America’s Western culture about economics? No. It’s about race, which is the foundation of all of Western culture. Without White people, you have no Western culture/values, and therefore economics is an insignificant issue.


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  7. 14 Responses to “Conservatives: They Don’t Think Racially, So What Are They “Conserving”?”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mizz McDonald means well, with her call for the restoration of the rule of law. But her ZOG courts and legislatures are no longer capable of saving this Republic from destruction. It’s now time for the rule of the club and the fist.

    2. Thor Says:

      conservatives are conserving status-quo, democracy, his private ownership, injustice, zionism, capitalism and so on, and so on…
      they are crap.

      racial nationalism is traditionalist, not ‘conservative’.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      ‘Conservatives’ are a ball-less bunch, the only things they really care about conserving are their bank accounts and stock portfolio.

    4. Justin Huber Says:

      The above posts hit the nail on the head. The conservative movement in this country is a dead end. Avoid it like the plague.

    5. Thor Says:

      Nazism was Third Position, not rightist or leftist…

    6. fd Says:

      I dissent. The New Reich as Uncle A. called it was leftist racism which is the most virulent. The ol’ Southern Confederacy was also leftist racism. Backward right wing conservative racism went out of style with nickel cokes The 3d position is amusing. It has nothing behind it but air.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      No, Big Mangina, it’s not the conservatives that people are laughing at, it’s YOU. Stupid, moronic low-life.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Just a few years ago this site attracted large numbers of interesting people who left dozens if not hundreds of comments on almost every thread. Now there’s just a few good regular visitors left. And one asshole with a borderline moron IQ that calls itself Big Man. Wow, with a name like that he must be one tough hombre. But it’s more likely he’s just a fat loser on parole who dropped out of the 7th grade. Right, Big Moron? Right.

    9. fd Says:

      I agree, Tim McGreen . This website seems to be off center. Normally it would have bounced back by now. Your knowledge of the history of this website far exceeds mine.

    10. Socrates Says:

      “But Right Wing intellectualism is not dead, even though Nazism was a left wing one.”

      What?? Nazism wasn’t left-wing.

    11. Socrates Says:

      Tim, a lot of WNs seem to have given up and quit the movement. They see no progress being made.

    12. Non Ame Says:

      I think a lot of us have become resigned to the fact that our efforts are often squandered trying to awaken people. Most people don’t want to be unplugged from the Matrix. Many of us who have been unplugged wish we could be plugged back in and remember nothing. Those of us who will continue to seek and spread truth will continue to be disappointed for a long time to come. Most people just don’t have the capability to see beyond the media brainwashing, and White people are utterly gullible and defenseless against it. Those who are worth saving should have awakened by now of their own accord, by their desire to know the truth and their innate revulsion at our corrupted governments and culture.

      Those of us who know the truth have a duty to spread it, but we should put the most effort into preparing for the inevitable collapse of the unsustainable fiat money economy, for that is what will lead to revolution and the emergence of some new order. That event will awaken more people than any WN organization could ever hope to in the present social environment. That is when our seeds of truth will find fertile soil. The NSDAP was born out of a lost world war and a decade of starvation and hyperinflation and the unique German view of the world. I fear the privations we will endure will be much worse before we see the successes of the 1930s repeated.

      As for me, I’m mostly finished casting pearls before swine. Most Whites aren’t worth a shit anymore. Any that are should already be awake. Our race is due a deep cleansing, a vicious debriding of the necrotic tissue that has been festering. Our best and brightest must live to see it through.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      Non Ame Says:
      21 March, 2015 at 4:11 am


      So right you are.

      No matter the age of White men alive today the majority have honor, no sense of right and wrong or fair play.

      Just plain decency is in short supply.

      Things got high balling when JFK was ventilated with LBJ the criminal going full Monty to get the Vietnam war going like Eugene Rostow worked on full time from 1960.

      Vietnam was a cover for the open borders, media/movie filthy, porn, self doubt, PBS and NPR got in to kicking US in balls by 1969 with dope and free ranging niggers perverts let loos on the country.

      Today we do have a neo NKVD ruling, and private insurance companies running health care getting us more savage medicine. Turd Worlders are in every clinic in the regime.

      The noose was slowyly put on US with movies, dope, porn, car’s and bs to distract US.

      Jimmy Carter was ousted for two reasons letting the http://www.ussliberty.org book by Ennis be published in 1977, and his buying peace. The Iran hostage shit with Ted kikeople day 143 on ABC Night Line.

      This bastards still bring up McCarthyism for the imbeciles to stay stupid.

      Right you are those who not awake now are defectives and willfully arrogantly ignorant.

      The eviljellycultists are another fifth column looking for peace and answers so they play with reality by denying history and blood.

      Great post thank you.

      It is for me no good to say to anything any more when older educated in cooliege’s can’t fathom anything and one told me he read Tom Clancy, haa.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      Correction from above

      So right you are.

      No matter the age of White men alive today the majority have NO honor, no sense of right and wrong or fair play.

      Just plain decency is in short supply.