9 March, 2015

Global Warming/Climate Change: An Excuse to Increase Global Government

Posted by Socrates in climate change, global government, global warming, globalization, green Marxism, international socialism, internationalism, Socrates, Trotsky at 5:00 pm | Permanent Link

The ghost of Leon Trotsky (above) says: “Global government will free you and make your life better!”


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  7. 3 Responses to “Global Warming/Climate Change: An Excuse to Increase Global Government”

    1. Kevin Says:

      Ice pick anyone!

    2. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Speaking of unattractive Khazars…

    3. Maynard Says:

      Bill Gates calling for One World Government to stop “Climate Change” Here: http://www.fortruthssake.com/2015/01/globalists-blatantly-calling-for-world-government/